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Marijuana History Overview: Effects And Risks

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Cannabis which originated and evolved 65 million years ago. It was the earliest plant domesticated by human. It was cultivated by 10000 years ago. It is also known by its other names as dope, grass, herb, dried buds, Marijuana, weed or pot. Cannabis was having its own category as it was used in many ways, as it was having sedative like effects, it was also used to provide pain relief, when taken in large doses it also acts like halogenic.

Cannabis was known by its various properties that were the reason it was sold over the counter back in the days as medication prescribed by doctors. Whereas cannabis was consumed by Americans from the late 1840s. Cannabis became controversial in the 1900s when a large number of Mexicans migrated to America. When Mexicans came to America, they brought marijuana which was the most popularized expression used by the director of the federal bureau of narcotics from 1930 to 1962 Harry Anslinger. He believed that cannabis also known as marijuana has a much higher effect on black people or darker skin people as compared to other people to commit violent crimes like murder. Along these lines, he propelled a horrible publicity battle against marijuana partner it with low-level races and social distortions. This resulted in Congress to passing the Tax on marijuana known as the Marijuana Tax Act which made a purchase of marijuana illegal. The term Marijuana should not be used in pop culture as it spreads against the dark people and Mexicans especially. In another way it is not at all a good way to promote drugs whether illegal or legal as especially teenagers follow pop culture get influenced by it.

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US Government plays an important role as in the earlier times they made cannabis illegal and put taxes on it whereas people was not able to get it. Whereas in Canada It has a different scenario as the drug is legal everyone has access to it. Yes, the term marijuana carry broader impacts/ stereotypes/stigma when it comes to cannabis and society as cannabis was a name given to it earlier but after the Mexicans being migrated to America and they brought cannabis with them and hence Americans named it marijuana which was a racist word and then crimes was associated with the Mexican people intaking cannabis.

Hence cannabis brings stereotypes in society. Whereas the stigma which was popular was the cannabis addicts loses all sense of moral responsibility and more stigmas and stereotypes were there in the society. Currently, cannabis is used for medical purposes. The most common use is for pain control. Cannabis is also used to manage weight loss, nausea, and many other diseases. Cannabis have many more medical uses if taken in proper quantity. In some countries it is legal and in some countries it is illegal. It can be taken into various forms whether by smoking or drinking.

Taking cannabis long time create an addiction to body and it produces long term as well as short health effects in the body. Short effects can be impaired memory, impaired body movements, changes in mood, hallucinations. Long term effects can be cannabis effects a brain a lot than other body parts continue use of cannabis can impair memory and thinking and can build brain diseases also. There are physical effects also if a person use cannabis breathing problem as it taken in the body by smoking which effects lung and create problem while breathing. Cannabis intake in large doses taking regularly can impact persons mental health also. Which will impact persons work and then he will be short of money which create another problem in life. So, cannabis taken prescribed by doctors can help improving body functions but taking cannabis regularly in large quantities can impact persons physical, mentally and socially.

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