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Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon: The Features Of Work

The start of sports medicine dates back to the 5th century, where Ancient Greek physicians educated athletes on how important it was to protect their body while exercising. Sports medicine continued to develop, with different scientists and physicians studying how exercise affects the body. In 1928, the first committee was formed to help individuals prevent sports injuries. Then, the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine was established to treat and prevent injuries. The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine was...
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Most Common Injuries In Sports Medicine

Strains A strain is a tear that occurs in a muscle, and is commonly referred to as a “pulled” muscle by athletes. This soft tissue injury can be caused by internal force, poor technique, or overuse. For instance, a hamstring strain can occur from an athlete sprinting repetitively in AFL resulting as an overuse injury. Muscle Strains can cause discomfort, and bleeding may show discolouration surrounding the injury. Other indicators of strains on the muscle can vary from limited range...
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Athletic Training And Sport Medicine: Prevention And Rehabilitation For The ACL Injury

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most common, yet heartbreaking injuries of the knee. The ACL controls the rotational stability of the knee. This injury is most often caused when the knee comes in contact with the ground and is still twisting. This means it is possible when basketball players or soccer players pivot while running or a gymnast is twisting in the air and doesn’t quite make it completely around. It is also common to injure...
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Sports Medicine Considerations Specific To Female Athletes

Whilst females in sport are becoming a lot more common and accepted, female athletes must take into consideration many aspects when preparing or training for fitness. These considerations include; eating disorders which affect energy levels, iron levels which get altered due to menstruation, and bone density due to the amount of calcium in the bones. It is also important to be aware of risk factors when participating in exercise whilst pregnant. EATING DISORDERS Due to the pressure from the media...
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The Legalization Of Weed In Sports

You see it all the time in sports. Professional athletes getting suspended from competition because marijuana was found in their system. The question is why are they getting disciplined over this drug? Professional athletes should be allowed to use marijuana as a way to ease the pain of their injuries and relax after tough competitions. Whether it is the NFL, NBA , MLB, or any other professional or Olympic sport, athletes do use medicinal marijuana. Athletes are people too, and...
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The Importance Of Athletic Training And Sports Medicine

In sports medicine, the most widely accepted method for treating lateral ankle sprains is the PRICE method. In an article by Lucas Bianco, Smokey Fermin, Robert Oates, James May, Scott Cheatham, and Alan Nasypany they assessed the relationship between the Mulligan concept and the Protect Rest Ice Compress Elevate method (PRICE), to determine whether the mulligan method is more useful. For this study, they searched for people in their community who lead an active healthy lifestyle, sustained a lateral ankle...
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Muscle Memory In Sports: Theoretical Background

Abstract Psychological concepts and its interventions are essential in understanding Science of physical movements and sports. One of the important psychological concepts was memory. Muscle memory may be a type of procedural memory that involves consolidating a selected motor task into memory through repetition that has been used synonymously with motor learning. Once collaborating in any sport, new motor skills and movement mixtures square measure often getting used and perennial. Long-term memory associated with strength coaching involves parts of each...
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Concussions In Modern Sports

In Today’s sports, concussions have become very serious and it is most definitely a topic parents should consider. Concussions tend to get more common each year, they have rose 60% within the last decade. This is because people aren’t worried or even aware of them and may every think their harmless. Some of this may even fall back on how hard the child is being pushed to do good by the parent. If the child feels that they might disappoint...
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Sports Science Report: Ergogenic Aids On Sporting Performance

Introduction Many athletes use caffeine as an ergogenic aid to increase performance. There has been lots of research for Caffeine as the ergogenic aid for endurance athlete and the consensus is that it is effective, however, when applied to strength, power and anaerobic activities there seems to be some mixed findings, resulting in inconclusive opinions (1). Caffeine is a substance that accelerates the central nervous system (CNS). It has the effect of reducing the perception of fatigue in individuals. It...
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The Peculiarities Of Sports Medicine Physician

A typical day in the life of sports medicine physician is recording medical information athletes. Coordinate and creating workouts for the athlete. I would also talk with other specialist and coordinate certain activities for the athlete or whoever and supervise the rehabilitation process. I would do a lot of treating and diagnosing injuries relating to the musculoskeletal system. I would also attend games and evaluate the athlete to see whether I need to set restrictions. When I go to the...
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