Marijuana Addiction: Effects On Human Brain And Financial Problems

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Cannabis which is also known as marijuana is a drug that some individuals use for medical reasons or just for enjoyment. Marijuana is often a mix of dried green, brown, or gray crumbled parts from the marijuana plant. Marijuana can be used in many different ways such as mixing it in food and eating it, using vaporizers, brewing it as a tea, smoking it from a pipe, rolling it up, and smoking it as if it’s a cigar or cigarette. Medical marijuana is used to treat many conditions such as cancer, pain, Alzheimer’s disease, appetite loss, etc. Some individuals use marijuana just for the fun of it and to get high. Some feel like it calms their nerves and makes them forget about all their worries for a short period of time. Marijuana has short and long-term effects on an individual. The drug contains chemicals that act on your brain and can transition your moods and consciousness. What are the effects of marijuana?

Marijuana produces short-term effects on the human brain. There are various short-term effects marijuana users feel when they are on a “high”. If you are a marijuana user, you may experience changes in your mood, forget certain events, have trouble figuring things out, and have trouble thinking. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, “When a person smokes marijuana, THC quickly passes from the lungs into the bloodstream. The blood carries the chemical to the brain and other organs throughout the body. The body absorbs THC more slowly when the person eats or drinks it. In that case, they generally feel the effects after 30 minutes to 1 hour.” Marijuana users may feel the side effects of marijuana usage quickly after using it or up to an hour later depending on how they use the product. Some other side effects that you are more than likely to feel are hunger and cravings for specific junk foods such as cake, ice cream, chips, etc. or you may have no appetite at all. You possibly will feel a sense of drowsiness and start to get sleepy. Your appearance will change, your sclera which is the white part of the eye, turns red, and your eyelids will start to get low.

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Marijuana can become an addictive drug even if your intentions are to use it once. According to TeensHealth: Marijuana, “Marijuana can be addictive. About 1 in 10 people who use the drug regularly can develop a 'marijuana use disorder.' These people can't stop using marijuana even though it causing problems in their lives. This is much more likely to happen in people who start using marijuana before age 18.” Individuals who use marijuana at a young age such as their early teens are more likely to become addicted to marijuana because they are basically prone to the drug. People may use marijuana to fill a void in their hearts, to calm their nerves, or for any other personal reasons. While they may come up with reasons why they use marijuana and may see those reasons as justification when it isn’t, they fail to realize that they’re facing an addiction. When they do realize they’re facing addiction and try to quit using marijuana, they suffer from marijuana withdrawal. Some symptoms of marijuana withdrawal are depression, difficulty sleeping, low appetite, aggravation, or anxiousness.

Marijuana can cause an individual to face financial problems. As stated before, marijuana is an addictive drug, those addicted to the drug would rather spend their last twenty dollars on a bag of marijuana rather than spending it on something beneficial. It may be hard for individuals to find a job or they may end up in low-class, low-paying jobs because they will need to be drug tested which many jobs require. If you don’t pass a drug test, you won’t be hired. According to The Cabin Ground, Consequences of a Marijuana Addiction: Financial, “One of the biggest costs of marijuana addiction is the drug itself. When a person is addicted to this drug and is forced with the decision of purchasing a bag of weed or putting the money in the bank, they will most likely purchase the weed. As with any addiction, an addict’s tolerance will become greater and they will need more of this drug to feel the same desired high. Over time, the monetary cost will only continue to rise.” When an individual is addicted to marijuana, they often feel like they need the drug and it’s impossible to stop using it. The more they use the drug, the more they will feel like they need it. Those who are addicted to marijuana will want to get a higher and higher dosage of the drug to feel the type of high that satisfies them without noticing it’s costing more money out of their pockets.

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