Marijuana Should Be Illegal Again

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Table of contents

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The legalization of Marijuana created more problems than expected. The Purpose of legalizing Marijuana was to help the ones that need it to survive. Instead, It turned into a vast usage among many in different aspects of life. The media and researchers believe that marijuana would fix many problems like lowering the incarceration rate and free up cap space for harsher offenses. Turns out that they were wrong, Due to the fact that the DUI rate has gone tremendously up. People started being more careless and driving while intoxicated. They felt like just because it is legal, it means that they can not get arrested for it nor can they get a DUI. Although that is going on, teen smoking has increased over a short time. The selling of Marijuana illegally makes it easy for teens to get ahold of it. Also, marijuana stores are growing at a mass rate.

“With the passing of Amendment 64, adults 21 or older in Colorado can legally possess one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana or THC”(Marijuana Laws in Colorado,2019) anything past that is considered a crime and you can be arrested for it or the cops can take possession of the drug by law. Not just in Colorado but worldwide. Getting pulled over for being intoxicated will lead to a DUI, “Considering that marijuana is a drug, which by definition changes the way the human body works, its use would lead users to experience a high that alters their perception while under the influence. For instance, low to moderate doses distort perception that is enough to cause traffic accidents. In fact, study shows that weed is one of the most prevalent illegal drugs found in fatally injured and impaired drivers.”(Cons of Legalizing Weed,23 June 2015) There are two cases when it comes to a DUI, In the first one is the underage driver, when kids get convicted of a DUI, they are either put on probation for an exceeded amount of time or forced to pay a fine. The second case is for adults and the DUI law differences due to the fact that adults can handle more responsibilities. If caught with a DUI as an adult, cops are forced to take you to the nearest jail to get booked and put on bail your license will get taken away, you will have to appear in court.


There is one fine print that some neglect to focus on If you're a non-U.S citizen it is considered a felony to use marijuana.”Although marijuana is legal in Colorado, if you’re not a U.S. citizen you can get in serious trouble with the federal government. Permanent legal residents and those with immigrant status should know how the law affects them.” (Responsibility starts with knowing the laws,2019) you can get jailed for trying to leave the country with marijuana, or if you try to mail marijuana out of the country. Carrying marijuana around an airport will get you in trouble. People still do it because they feel like just because it is legal, means that they are free to walk around with it. So that leads to being arrested, and right back to the incarceration rate being added to. Using marijuana will get you addicted dependency treatment professionals to agree that weed is a gateway drug that doubtlessly introduces customers to extra severe unlawful materials of abuse. research even indicates that its use might be connected to a better chance of prescription drug use. a set of juvenile boys who abused weed, in conjunction with alcohol and cigarettes, had been observed to be 2-three times more likely to abuse pharmaceuticals once they grow to be young adults. Marijuana legalization, then, may want to increase societal and economic changes for the treatment of those delivered to heavier tablets by using smoking it.

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The kid is also going to be using Marijuana, Kids tend to buy it illegally and use it every day. It's harder to detect in kids versus adults. Indeed, even undesirable things that are legitimate, for example, liquor and cigarettes, are disallowed from being offered to underage kids. The essential explanation behind this is on the grounds that kids, by and large, don't display a similar obligation, thinking, and judgment as adults, and their bodies are not as prepared to deal with the admission of such substances. The issue would be far more atrocious for cannabis use, which can bargain genuine hits to creating brains and bodies. In this way, whenever Marijuana use is made lawful, the medications available to kids will increment. While very regularly kids and young adults are getting their hands on cigarettes and liquor, it is focused on that specialists should twice over sanctioning this drug. Schools do not see that kids sharing and passing around drugs, they are more focused on education and not kids' health and well-being.


Marijuana should be illegal again. There are too many people getting in unnecessary trouble with law enforcement, schools are having the most problems with kids getting ahold of the drug. It affects kids the most due to the fact that their bodies can not contain such substances. The problem with schools that should be addressed, is that they do not have the proper training to help the kids see the dangerous end of a substance that could impair their thinking and make them addicted or even sluggish over time. If marijuana is made illegal again, there would be no need to try and save kids from hitting rock bottom. The drug would be harder to obtain and the marijuana business would have to change the way they hand out drugs to people. People would need to prove that they are in need of the drug instead of sitting there getting high all day just because they may think it is cool.


Marijuana is harmful to the brain and can lead to mental issues in the future, but there is still time to save the youth with a cry for help. Getting parents involved in their kid's everyday activities, giving them more attention so their minds could be active and not on a drug that is not going to do any good for them unless they are seriously ill. There is a difference between medical and recreational marijuana. If people can prove they need the drug to live, then it should be okay, sending people to rehab so they would make the best decision in the future for a better life and to keep kids safe and out of trouble for the greater good. Fining adults instead of making them spend time in jail for half their lifetime or making them go to rehab to help them be out sooner and ready to function in society. The main point that is being addressed is that, either give the people proper training to deal with it or just make it illegal so the abuse rate could drop sooner than later.

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