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Marijuana Abuse And Economic Benefits From Its Legalisation

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Marijuana is a double edge sword. While having some benefits to the health industry, it can have detrimental health effects on long term user. Many developed countries such as Canada, Austria and the United States has increasingly adopting and legalize marijuana for medical use. Many people abuse marijuana benefits and become addictive. Young people from age 18-25 are more likely to abuse marijuana. These young adults could certainly try marijuana due to peer pressure or just want to try new things. They tend to care about the short-term benefit but neglecting the catastrophic effect on health in the long term. Once addicted, it’s almost impossible to get off. Long term abuse of Marijuana has devastated effect on the nervous system, causing hallucinations, paranoia, lack of self-control and various mental disorders. It’s very difficult to restore long time users’ sanity to pre-marijuana usage state.

The United Nations Children’s Fund study indicate that about twenty eight percent of teenagers aged from 11 to 15 have used marijuana at least once in the previous year. Netherlands, easy-going countries with marijuana only has seventeen percent usage. The United States has twenty three percent usage. Canadian Center for Drug Abuse reported that up to ten percent of seniors in high school and up to five percent of all teenagers’ smokes marijuana daily. In the United States, California alone spend 2.7 times more money in prisons than on higher education. Each year, about 750K Americans were arrested for possession of marijuana. Each juvenile detainee costs the government at least $216K per year. California has legalized marijuana for medical purposes to reduce the illegal traffic of marijuana traffic in black market. It also provides more monetary supports to help lower income kids to go to school. According to Jeffrey A. Micron, a Harvard economist, Legalized Marijuana can generate about $8.7 billion in tax revenue which is enough to send all low-income kids to a high-quality preschool.

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Marijuana interacts with the user brain which in turn affects the mind and the behavior of its users. It can temporarily alter the users feeling and thought. The effect can be both positive and negative. It gives the users the good feeling but can causes hallucination and loss of self-control. Marijuana users can be extremely dangerous in such state as they will not recognize anyone, even their loves one. They can cause bodily harm or murder others without remorse (at least while under marijuana influence). In teenagers, long term usage can lead to lower IQ resulted in poor results in school. About sixty percent of marijuana teenage users cannot finish high school or drop out of college. They also have anxiety paranoia and depression. It can also have negative effects on existing mental illness. When addicted, marijuana users feel lack of energy, lack of motivation and loss of interest in their daily activities. It also impacts its user’s memory and concentration for life. Alcohol drastically increase the effect of marijuana. These lead to higher risks of being delusional that can lead to violent behavior. The users will become impatient and belligerent to everyone close to them. Those who use marijuana with alcohol are 2.7 times more likely to engage in violent crime.

Marijuana addiction is highly treatable. However, the long-term effect on the user health and mental capacities are irreversible. Short term usage is beneficial in certain condition. People who abuses marijuana in long term must live with a mental handicap for the rest of their lives.

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