Legalization of Weed: Medical Considerations

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We’re in a momentous time where a plant has attracted the attention of the American people. The legalization of marijuana has been an ongoing controversy that has created headway in policy-making, but by doing so has disrupted the relationship between state and federal government. There has been a change in attitude towards marijuana that has transformed the systematics of present-day politics, as some states are making decisions independently from laws set forth by the federal government. The consequences of its misrepresentation have halted its legalization nationally, but states that have legalized its use have reaped the benefits of economic prosperity. By legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, states have been able to decrease their unemployment rates due to an increase in businesses and have been able to fund state programs with the millions of dollars in tax revenue made by the cannabis industry. Many have argued that cannabis has destructive qualities that deteriorates your mental and physical health and can lead to addiction when ill-used outside the scope of medicinal purposes, but its effectiveness and success as a medicinal drug has escalated its popularity with patients suffering from a variety of different illnesses. Although we are faced with the threat of drug misuse, I will discuss how the legalization of marijuana is beneficial and ultimately inevitable.

Throughout most of my life, I was raised to believe that marijuana was detrimental and harmful to our health until I read an article over the benefits of its medicinal use in a nursing clinical class. I started to question its actual impact on a person's well-being. After the first states, Colorado and Washington, legalized recreational use, I started to become more interested in the shift in ideology towards cannabis. Marijuana is often interpreted as a drug that is used by “undesirables” creating an unfavorable perspective, but I realized a trend over time, the increase in education of marijuana has diminished the negative light that casts over it. Throughout my research, I learned of the medical and economic benefits that marijuana has and because of this, I want to bring awareness to what potential legalizing marijuana can have on America.

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32 states have legalized the use of marijuana in some form, either recreationally or medicinally, and have seen a favorable outcome of economic success. The demand for the cannabis industry has given more opportunity for independent businesses to flourish. An influx of jobs has reduced unemployment rates substantially. Colorado, being the first state to legalize marijuana, has the nation’s lowest jobless rate at only 2.3%. Most states have been using their tax revenue from the marijuana industry to fund programs such as education, health, and public safety. Nevada is able to fund education and rehabilitation programs with the tax revenue it makes from the marijuana industry. With the exponential growth of profit made from this industry, the federal government would have the ability to eliminate a lot of financial burdens that delay the progress of repairing problems and satisfying our needs.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug known for inducing euphoria, relieving pain, and promoting hunger. It creates a feeling of satisfaction that can cause overuse and misuse. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug that is believed to be a gateway to addiction and abuse, but these problems are also exhibited with common legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco. All these substances have addictive properties that can lead to problems with your health and have a bad impact on your life. Smoking a cigarette is similar to smoking a joint, they both do damage to your lungs and could ultimately worsen your health when used excessively.

Unlike tobacco and alcohol, marijuana has been proven to have medicinal benefits such as treating muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis, nausea from cancer chemotherapy, poor appetite and weight loss caused by chronic illness, and seizure disorders. It could be your family, your friend, someone you love, or even yourself who could benefit from using marijuana. There shouldn’t be such harsh attitudes towards cannabis as it has been the reason for others coping and relief when it comes treating to illness. It is up to us to set boundaries and be cautious when using any type of drug or substance. Education is an important necessity that is essential for managing cases involving drug addiction and dependence. Encouraging people to learn the consequences of any type of substance abuse is a great start to countering misuse and misinterpretation of marijuana.

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