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The Legalization of Marijuana as the Painkiller

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The author Perry Daniel Strausbaugh (March 21, 1886 - May 3, 1965) was an American botanist and expert in the flora of West Virginia. The standard author abbreviation Strausb is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name. After his graduation, Strausbaugh returned to Wooster College as an assistant professor of botany, becoming a full professor of botany from 1921 to 1923. In 1923, Strausbaugh accepted the position as head of the department of botany at West Virginia University. The other author which was Perry’s colleague, Earl Lemley Core (January 20, 1902 – December 8, 1984) was a botanist and botanical educator, researcher, and author as well as a local West Virginia historian. He was the founder of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Club and editor of its journal, Castanea, for thirty-five years.

There is always a discussion about marijuana, some are pro and some are cons based on their knowledge and their research. From these discussions, research and articles, shows more of the pros where marjuana is considered a painkiller and framing the issue based on the articles by analyzing them. The purpose is to legalize marijuana, because by reading two articles pros and cons and two news online where they talked about marijuana, which the pros articles and legalizing marijuana, made more sense, and were more clear about the effects, which the framing is about. One of the articles talked about marijuana as a healthy medication, the other article talked bad about marijuana, and not agreeing to make marijuana a legal or a medical. In the articles analysis, with more potential and more medical word was the pro article, that marijuana is safe, and healthy. “Marijuana could be beneficial in the treatment of a number of health conditions.” There is a lot of treatments that can be cured from the pot, and now there is a lot of ways how to take it to cure the disease or the pain.

Humans have consumed marijuana for years and the narcotic ingredients of marijuana have stimulating effects and its purported medical efficacious. Also marijuana Is beneficial and treat a lot of diseases, pain and cancers. In a lot of states marijuana is legal. Analyzing these two articles, the pros article made more sense because there is a lot of research by doctors that are making and talking big words and facts about effects, which is stimulating effects. The other article it didn’t have to much research because the only thing what they wrote was the effects while we are high but that is completely wrong because the other article wrote that there are stimulating effects. Stimulating effects make everything clear but for some other doctors, think that there is a lot of problems afterwards, having a dry mouth, memory etc. but this is not a strong explanation or conclusion, sometimes we got to think the positive effects because weed came from mother nature and logically that is a hemp plant to treat diseases and sickness. Why is alcohol legal, and alcohol is not that addictive, it just kills your body and decreases blood pressure, or maybe “they” don't want to compare it because they know it’s wrong. “I see families that come in together and shop for pain relief, I think people are opening their eyes to the fact that this isn’t some evil drug.” Using marijuana it helps public health too, most of the people say that marijuana reveals yourself, and revealing yourself, also helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world. “Marijuana remains as the most common illicit drug in the world. After smoking two or three marijuana cigarettes, the experienced smoker often has a feeling of well-being and increased power and ability.” Getting high can help most of the people because we see a lot of stressful people or they got pain but maybe not for all because someone who got everything in life he probably doesn’t need it because someone who is good healthy maybe they shouldn’t smoke marijuana, it might leave side effects after.

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Approximately half of the American public now believes marijuana should be legal. And although legalization is not a part of either major party's political platform, there are those in the government who are grappling with the issue.

Framing this issue and articulate it is that first people who think cons marijuana should look into the positive effects and having a lot of people trying it for the first time and giving thoughts about it, there is videos that helps some people with diseases but making a video with all them together it will be the value for that and from my thoughts and researching there are going to be positive thoughts and good answers. Solution of the issue and framing this it’s if we get good thoughts maybe other people are interested on trying and that how make people dive in, and there is not any side effects because if we get a good conclusion of the framing it might be a good frame. I don’t see any framing from both sides because the other side talks more about the momentum effects and they don't have any information for a big conclusion of the issue. The data is strong for this framing are a lot making marijuana a safe medication and treatment drug. People listen to the news, but that is a different story because this topic is not in a political platform, and they always tell the story using a deep metaphor and using also a tone which is the key, which makes people doubt, using marijuana.

Scientific investigations have focused on the therapeutic uses of cannabinoids found in medical marijuana to treat and ease the symptoms of various health conditions, including some diseases. “THC and cannabidiol (CBD) could be beneficial in the treatment of a number of health conditions, including autoimmune diseases, cancers, pain, inflammation, seizures, and psychiatric disorders.” This shows that there is more beneficial information than actually bad for our health, but there is no conclusion yet, if it’s really legal drug or not. Marijuana is legal in the United States in more than 25 states. But from doctors there is not enough information to make it legal in the entire country.

Marijuana affects people's health in a bad and good way but in a bad way, there is no information that there is any risk to use it, which leads to a good effects, and making people pros marijuana and there is some of these conclusions of the thesis, patients who were treated with cannabis or cannabinoids were more likely to experience a significant reduction in pain symptoms. Oral cannabinoids were associated with improved reported symptoms of adults with multiple sclerosis-related muscle spasms.

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