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Is Marijuana should be Legalize or Not

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It is said that Marijuana is a very harmful plant that can put people's lives in peril when used and it will be a problem that we will encounter in our society if ever it will be legalized. However, it has also numerous positive outcomes. Based on its economic value and medical benefits and purposes, it is a very helpful plant.

Since then, the issue of the legalization of Marijuana is always on the center stage. This drug is more topical, it is for the reason that people are debating whether to legalize it or not. Many reports said that Marijuana is helpful in an individual’s health. It can help cure some diseases and some people claim that it is a great stress reliever. But other people said that it has numerous negative outcomes in someone’s behavior, safety, and health but Marijuana has not caused any death yet. There’s no single report that one person died due to Marijuana overdose. Alcohol and tobacco which is both legal here in our country are the two primary causes of death. Even though Marijuana has a positive effect in our society, but still our government didn’t approve despite all the efforts of the citizens, it is due to some unfavorable outcomes of this drug.


Cannabis also known as Marijuana is a cultivated commercially or grows wild in warm and tropical areas all over the world. This plant, material to make Marijuana, has appeared for a long time, and other countries used this cannabis seed as one of their food sources. USA’s government has defined that Marijuana is the mixture of gray or green cannabis leaves, flowers, which had been dried; after terminologies are Mary and Jane which was originated in Mexico. The chance of users be addicted to Marijuana is the lowest, with only a little percentage became addicted to it. Marijuana is constantly creating temptations for individuals. The problem of Marijuana used is increasing and this is the most used illegal drug in the world. Friends of users and users are constantly surrounded by this drug but don’t have any idea of its harmful effects.

Almost all people think that cancer is a condition of uncontrolled cell, the division is the unsecured disease. Normally when cells are old, mutated or endured, the process of programmed death cell will set off to prevent these cells from dividing. Scientists now have found that Marijuana can help people who are suffering from cancer. Marijuana is indeed beneficial. Another relevant is to glaucoma, an eye disease which reduces people’s side version that even leads to blindness. Therefore patients have to use Marijuana seven times a day.

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Marijuana is considered as one of the addictive substance in the world that can lead to many bad effects on the user’s health. One of the consequences of this drug is the mental aspect. The result shows that there are changes in terms of how humans deal in the environment upon the excessive use of marijuana. The abnormal factory of the brain usually affects how people socialized and look around them. Even some famous people due to peer pressure and the ideas of its medical benefits suddenly ruin the substantial evidence to demonstrate that marijuana is very harmful to user's health, especially to their brain and social life. Blocking memory formation, increasing the risk of depression and psychological disorders are the main consequences of too much expose and use of this drug

First, it is not a dangerous drug. Yes, it can also affect the physical and mental health, but if used well, it can also be beneficial to the user. Well, alcohol and cigarettes are more harmful. Second, of course, Marijuana can be used for medical purposes. It is believed that it can help a person who has struggles in eating and sleeping. This drug can also be a great help in an individual who's suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, it is said to prevent memory loss and proven that it prevents brain inflammation which is the cause of the said disease. Third, Marijuana not just benefit the body of the user, it can also grow an economy of one country. Its legalization can have a huge amount of profit, which our country badly needs in these economic times. Finally, it is environment-friendly and is easy to grow. This drug provides the fiber that can be used to make paper products and it can help reduce to chop down trees in the forest.

However, there are also reasons not to legalize this drug. Even though it can help the economy, it can also ruin the society. People would become Marijuana dependent instead of a group of smart, hardworking and positive minded people.


After collecting some information from social media, this drug should still be illegal but researching the correct data about Marijuana gave us an understanding that this kind of drug serves as the temporary cure for those people who are suffering from cancer and any diseases that this drug can help cure. It’s just wonderful how Marijuana can make a person feel better and free from sickness. Cannabis is a very helpful drug and it should be legal. Its legalization can help our country in many ways such as it can help our economy boost. Based on its outcomes, the positive outweighs its negative.

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