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Why Medea Is The Villain In The Quest For The Golden Fleece

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The Story of the Quest for the Golden Fleece focuses on the dangers of selfishness and jealousy one may have. In the Quest for the Golden Fleece, Medea played a huge role and left a huge impact in this popular myth. This tale focuses on Jason who sets out on a quest for the fleece by order of King Pelias. All set in order to place Jason on the throne of Iolcus in Thessaly. From the help of Medea, they acquire the Golden Fleece.

A Greek king named Pelias had stolen a crown from his brother. An oracle had told him that he would die at the hands of a kinsman and that he shall be wary of a man wearing only one sandal. His name was Jason, the king’s nephew. He came to visit to claim his rightful place as King. Pelias had told Jason that he would give up the throne if Jason would go out and retrieve the golden fleece. Jason had set off and overcame many obstacles and adventures on his way to Colchis. With the help of Hera, he finally reaches King Etes. Hera and Aphrodite had arranged for Cupid to make King Etes’ daughter, Medea, fall in love with Jason. Jason had asked Etes for the fleece, but Etes told him that he should plow a field of dragon’s teeth, which would eventually spring up into a crop of armed men who would be cut down as they advanced and attacked. Jason had agreed although he believed the task would result in his death.

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Thanks to Cupid’s bow, however, Medea had given Jason a magical potion that gave him invincibility for one day. Medea had also told him to throw a rock into the middle of the army because it would lead the armed men to kill each other. The following day, Jason did as ordered. However, the treacherous king would not give him the fleece. He planned to kill Jason. Medea had helped him again. She had led him to the fleece, she charmed the serpent guarding it, and fled with Jason back home. On the journey home, Medea had killed her brother in the idea that she was protecting Jason. This, however, was just the first sign of her madness. When they returned to Greece, she arranged for King Pelias to be killed by his own daughters, which would fulfill the oracle. Later, Jason had married another woman, and Medea had became so angry that she killed both the bride and her own two sons fathered by Jason.

Some may argue that it’s Jason’s fault for what happened to Medea and her children. However, even though Jason married another woman, it was still Medea’s choice to kill her children. No feeling of jealousy, hatred, or sadness should be enough to cause a mother to kill her own children. However, for Medea, it was. Not only did she kill her children, but she also killed her brother as well. Medea was so stuck up with doing everything she could for Jason, that she didn’t realize that she was hurting her own family.

In conclusion, Medea was the villain in the Quest for the Golden Fleece. While some may say that it was right for her to do everything in her power to help Jason, it wasn’t. Medea’s family should have come first. She should’ve never hurt and killed her own family in order to help a guy.

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