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Lowering The Age Of Juvenile Delinquency From 15 To 12 Years Old

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Diokno, there is one dream that we all Filipino share: that our children may have a better life than we have had. To make this country, our country, a nation for our children.

Parents are busy with their jobs, so they are having a hard time taking care of their children, because of the absence of their parents, their children find their happiness and care from the people who are surrounded. Eventually, some people whom they are together with are the people that bring them to danger, they were being used to do the things that are against the law. The generation today was way too far from what yesterday had because in this generation teenagers are more engage in pre-marital sex so they lack the knowledge of how they could raise their newborn children. So, when the children grow older, they are lacking with the knowledge also on how they could deal with society. In that part of their life, they more likely to engage and involve different kinds of bad habits, worse things when it becomes crime and hard for them to escape.

As I observed nowadays, children tend to do it because of peer pressure. So, most of them are encouraged to do several things that could put them in crime. Also, when I’ve watch television there are much news about a crime that many children are involved. Many articles also posted on the internet, that this bill should be accepted as law, even though the criminality rate was not yet surpassed unlike other crime that the Philippines was dealing with, we should take action of it because the safety of the children in our country was involved here. We should have a fast action of it before it blow-up and hard to solve because every small wound will grow big if it doesn’t be healed. There was a statistic that in the year 2018 the criminality rate of the children ages nine to eleven years old was decreased by fifty-two percent. But it wouldn’t say that we should stop proposing this bill because of the lower the crime rate of the children. We should always care for their safety because there are many people would want to abuse them. The most presenting crime that minors do was theft, it was recorded that there 6,535 of it. This can say that the problem of our country in the economic was increasing. Even children can also do this kind of crime. I can say that because of our economic status children couldn’t deal with it and think of a way that even their life could put in danger. This problem should be first to be solved because it was the most pressing issue and the start of many crimes here in the Philippines.

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Juvenile delinquency was one of the problems here in the Philippines that we should deal with because it involves the minors that are needed assistance for the world full of danger. It was a root to some parents that have children and don’t take care of them. So, their children find it to the wrong people and abused them for a selfish act of some people. Having this kind of problem, the parents should take more responsibility of it because they were the ones who is helping their children to be nurtured and teaching it on what is good and right, on how they will deal with society. They were also the one who was being with the children in their everyday life before going outside. When the children are been caught from any kind of crime the parents also suffer from it because they were responsible for repairing the damage s that their children have done. A child was being said to be juvenile when their life was being seen was too dark and gloomy so they couldn’t deal with it. And because of it their attitude was changing and started to be rude.

Our government should take action for this because the generation now was different from yesterday. Children nowadays were too much engaged in finding happiness and care, but sometimes when they find those things, they don’t assess it and always grab it without knowing the possible danger when they get involved to some people that only try to abuse them and afterward lose them and put them on crime. The reason why children could do this such thing because of the absence presence of their parents in guiding them. so, they couldn’t know if the things they do were right. For some, instances children do it because of poverty, we all know that here in the Philippines it was one of many problems that people are dealing with. The children try to help their parents but for their age, it is not accepted that they can get a job. So, most of them do them do an illegal way. As a lesson for their parents, they should take care of their children, and it will not be involved in any crime. Lowering the age of juvenile delinquency to help the children not to do any crimes and for their parent they should guide their children. Also, some of the teenagers become parents. So, they have a lack of knowledge about how they would guide their children.

Approving this will lessen the crime that the children will be involve because they could build up fear from going to jail when they commit a crime. Giving also a lesson for their parents to take good care of their children and giving them much attention to preventing them from engaging in different kinds of crimes and being abuse also by the people. And according to Jose Rizal, the youth is the hope of our future. Because of it, we should be more responsible for raising them, they are carrying the hope we needed soon. The parents also are the one will nurture their children before it came out in the society to face the many struggles in life.

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