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Social Justice As The Attribute Of Modern Society

Social Justice Social justice is a complex and contested term (Morgaine, 2014). Although it is universally accepted and adopted in community work it holds different meanings and interpretations (Watts & Hodgson, 2019). According to Morgaine (2014), social justice refers to the view that every individual deserves the same economic, social, and political rights and opportunities. This definition is consistent with the one described by Austin (2014) that social justice involves arranging economic, social, and political organizations in a manner that...
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What Does Justice Mean to You: Opinion Essay

In my opinion, justice is an act of giving freedom to an individual through the means of proper rules and regulations and promoting equality. It aims to provide equal rights, opportunities, and facilities to an individual and society in a fair way. However, according to Merriam 2018, “justice means securing and protecting of rights of all in a fair way. It stands for harmony among all the people, orderly living, and securing of rights of all in a just and...
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Essay on Plato Theory of Justice

Plato’s ‘Nature of Justice: A Critical Analysis This essay is a culmination of personal opinions along with reference to several other works on a similar topic all of which have been cited duly. Abstract There are several takes on the nature and theories of justice. However, Plato in his Republic provides some very famous arguments for what justice means and what it is to be a just individual living in a just state. He has criticized the already existing theories...
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Concept of Justice in ‘12 Angry Men’ and ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

Justice is not a simple issue of right or wrong. When you look at it more closely, it is far more complicated. Justice is defined as “the quality of being just or fair, the act of determining rights and assigning rewards or punishment.” This may generalize the meaning of justice but when it is further looked at it arises different concepts, as to why it is so complex. There are many aspects of justice that we may question; i.e. Do...
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Dr. Martin Luther King's Ideas Concerning Justice, Equality, Love, Faith, and Nonviolence

Introduction: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (15th January 1929-4th April 1968) was one of the activists and prominent leaders in America. He was known for his African-American civil rights movement. Unlike many philosophers, Martin Luther King not only posed ideas just for the sake of displaying intellectual ability, but he believed only in the philosophies which have a substantial impact on human beings. He believed in equality, and justice and was against racism, violence, etc. He was head of the...
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Relationship between Equality and Justice Essay

The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. This quote by Aristotle sums up David Miller’s conjecture in the article, Against Global Egalitarianism. Miller’s work confronts and dismantles the view that there needs to be substantial equality between humans as a matter of justice irrespective of the society they belong to. As a nationalist and minimalist, he does not fail to acknowledge and support the value of equality within individual societies but rejects the idea...
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Chief Justice Research Paper: Analysis of Thurgood Marshall

Chief Justice Research Paper (Warren Court 1953-1969) Introduction: The Warren Court led by Chief Justice Earl Warren was effective after the passing of Fred M. Vinson the former Chief Justice. Chief Justice During the Warren Court Era, the court handled several landmark cases that would transform area of laws in racial segregation, criminal procedures, and free speech to name a few. Many of the cases that the Supreme Court reviewed during this time are well known to the public, this...
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Activity of Benjamin Banneker As a Slave Justice Activist

From the late 1700s to the mid-1800s is when slavery saw the largest growth in racial injustice. Innocent men, women, and children were forced into hard manual labor with unhumanitarian working conditions in which many would face malicious abuse by their “slave owners.” During this time of suffering there were not nearly enough people advocating for the lives of these slaves, but Benjamin Banneker, a slave justice activist fought for the abolishment of slavery. When evaluating American history, we see...
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Rogerian Argument on Serving Justice by Killing a Murder

The first established death penalty laws date as far back as the Eighteenth Century B.C. in the Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon, which codified the death penalty for 25 different crimes. The vast majority of individuals facing execution were convicted of crimes that are indistinguishable from crimes committed by others who are serving prison sentences, crimes such as murder committed in the course of an armed robbery. Since then, the debate if capital punishment should be allowed in our...
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Revenge and Justice in the Round House

When discussing the topics of justice and revenge, we find that these acts are usually on the opposite side of a spectrum. In Louise Erdrich’s novel, The Round House, Erdrich uses her main character Joe, to show the effects of how justice and revenge can work together to help him rebuild the damage that has been put on his family. Her main focus is not so much the attacker but more on the survivor and the effects that can happen...
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The Crucible: The Invisible Connection of Justice to Mercy and Forgiveness

Justice has this invisible string that ties itself with mercy and forgiveness. In The Crucible, there are a lot of innocent people who die due to false accusations that don’t receive any justice from the Salem court. They were sentenced to death because of accusations of them being witches and practicing witchcraft. They were killed without having any definite evidence that proves the court’s claims. Justice often quarrels between law and people’s rights. Real justice will not occur if there’s...
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Social Justice and Decolonization in South African Education

The purpose of this paper is to sum up ideas that contribute to unjust education in South Africa. And ways or ideas that can be taken to bring just education in South African schools. Just education, is making sure that every learner in school have an opportunity to explore their ideas, to find themselves and to develop their own skills and abilities based on their values and their communities’ values (Joseph, 2016). Justice also, needs to be promoted in South...
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Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All

In Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All, James N. Leiker argues that the U.S. was not truly fighting for democracy and freedom during World War II. Many people drew comparison between the Jim Crow laws and Nazism, which is ironic considering the United States were fighting against it. During wars such as World War I and World War II African Americans were still discriminated against and even African American soldiers were segregated from white soldiers. African American soldiers stayed in...
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Dr. Ambedkar’s Thoughts on Women’s Reservation for Establishing Gender Justice

Abstract The relevance of Dr. Ambedkar at present day India is due to the Inequalities rise in the status of women and men. Discriminatory in all sphere of Indian Society through its Traditions more equal than the Rule of Law. Dr. Ambedkar saw women as the victims of the oppressive, caste- based and rigid hierarchical social system. The issues of class, caste and gender in the contemporary socio-economic and political set up Gender Justice is Derailed in Indian Society. The...
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Mental Illness and the Justice System

This paper will identify how and why mentally ill individuals have come to be overrepresented in the criminal justice system and highlight the remarkable challenges this has become for police, corrections, and courts. Mentally ill individuals are characterized incorrectly in all aspects of the justice system, from being apprehended to incarcerated. It’s been discovered that 20% of state prisoners and 21 percent of federal prisoners have a continuous history of psychological instability. Upwards of 70% of adolescence in the juvenile...
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The Correlation of Justice and Forgiveness

People are asking, can justice and forgiveness go hand in hand? This is mostly depending on the situation, like if somebody killed someone that you knew for a really long time or they killed a family member of yours then in that case it would be justice. That’s just my opinion because I don’t think I would be able to forgive a person that killed someone I knew my entire life. It sucks to think about someone you knew and...
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Is The English Legal System Sufficient In Providing Justice For Victims Of Domestic Violence?

The topic of domestic abuse is a quite antagonistic topic. Police, Campaigners and victims all agree for its immediate stop, but are unable to determine how to do so. A consultation done by the recent government chose to concentrate it efforts on harder convictions, sentences as well as expanding restrictive civil orders. However according to The College of Policing it is said that there is no substantial evidence which proves that the use of criminal sanctions will stop abusers from...
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The Concept of Special Interest Group and Methods used in influencing Criminal Justice Public Policy

According to Webster Dictionary, a special interest group is an individual or group of individuals looking to effect or bring impact to the law-making process to make it more defined. They locate a particular thematic area and help in setting the objectives and trajectory that the identified topic will follow while seeking to influence a given course in the system of justice. Marion and Oliver (2012) characterize a special interest group as having a persuasive impact, numbers and resources to...
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Color of Justice: does it Matter?

80-90% of blacks and Latino Americans are put behind bars for a drug bust. A drug bust is to seize of illegal drugs by law enforcement. A drug bust also can wrongfully incriminate people of color including blacks and Latino Americans. By wrongfully incriminating people of color one can lose their homes, jobs, and even children as a result. This is just a normal day for many people of color where no one would even bat an eye, but for...
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The Ideas Of Justice, Law And Morality In The Tempest, Republic And Medea

Throughout time, there have been many different controversial ideas debated throughout different writings. Today, I am discussing the ideas of justice, law and morality as they are discussed within The Tempest by William Shakespeare, Republic by Plato, and Medea by Euripides. These three ideas can all be connected with each other. Justice is not as widely discussed in Medea, but it is the main focus in The Tempest and Republic, while the other 2 ideas connect to it. With the...
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The Relationship of Justice and Righteousness

To every single country in the world, justice and righteousness among its citizens have become one of the top requirements. Psychologically, human instinct prefers fairness, in another way, people consider being treated equally as an instinctive demand. Therefore, justice during social’s establishment is a manifestation of impartiality as well as an inviolable privilege. To protect justice, societies build up laws and regulations to treat people fairly. The differences between history and cultural contexts generate different values, therefore, each society has...
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Aristotle’s Justice Interpretations

In book V of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, the entire theme of this section is directly dedicated towards the different aspects of justice. It seems odd, considering justice isn’t listed in the virtues that Aristotle underlines, that it gets its own book dedicated toward its importance. Aristotle says that Justice is special in this aspect. Justice is the compilation of all of the virtues working in accordance with one another. It is the ultimate virtue. Aristotle categorizes different kinds of justice...
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American Civil Liberties Union on Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice is the area of criminal law applicable to persons not old enough to be held responsible for criminal acts. (Wex Legal Dictionary). It is a justice system for criminal offenders under the age of 18. In the United States youth are incarcerated at an increasingly alarming rate, according to the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU), 60,000 kids are incarcerated in juvenile facilities in any given day. These young criminal offenders for crimes such as robbery, possession of drugs or...
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Morality and Global Justice

Introduction Since the end of World War II, global inequalities have been increasing exponentially. The developing nations have been left behind even as most countries across the world are gearing towards sustainable economies (Habermas, 2018). Due to unequal growth, developing countries are still faced with limited resources to participate proportionately in global economic growth (Dorsey, 2005). There are many issues such as corruption, illiteracy, tribal wars, and trade barriers that still affect the developing countries (Cheru, 2016). The international relations...
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The Idea of Judiciary in Relation to the Themes of Justice and Revenge in The Spanish Tragedy

The Spanish Tragedy is considered the best revenge play of its time and to this day, critics are analyzing its various aspects like justice, revenge, divinity etc. The most dominant subject matter throughout the play was the idea of judiciary. In this essay, it will be examined how justice played out through the characters of The Spanish tragedy and its relation to the theme of justice and revenge. While reading several articles associated to the play, the above-mentioned topic commanded...
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The Drawbacks of Criminal Justice System

The terms justice, sin, and redemption are complex and their definitions mainly contested. What one person may consider just or a sin is not the same as another individual’s definition. Nonetheless, grounding our human pursuit of justice in the understanding of sin and redemption is a critical starting point towards putting to right all that is perceived wrong. It is through justice that we mend all that criminal activities and other types of sin had broken. This synthesis essay used...
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The Meaning of Justice as Equity

The word justice is associated with many aspects of society today; social justice, criminal justice and environmental justice just to name a few. However, all of these subsections have one thing in common, a societal outlook past individual gratification or concern. All of these groups or movements seek changes within their communities to reach a state of justice from a societal standpoint. Justice may only be achieved when all aspects of society are in fact made to be just. As...
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Theme of Justice in To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is set in Maycomb town in the U.S. State of Alabama. The fictional town is home to the Finches. Atticus Finch, a widower, lives with his daughter, Scout Finch, and son, Jem Atticus, during the Great Depression. Racism is a vital hallmark of life in Maycomb. As a prominent lawyer, Atticus understands the issue of race in Alabama. He reminds his children not to “kill a mocking bird” because they do not harm people...
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Transitional Justice Processes and Victim Centre

Families expressed the view that the most reparative act the authorities could undertake was to reveal the truth about the disappeared. They were concerned that compensation through reparation payments was designed to divert families from pursuing the “truth about their loved ones” . Therefore, in this specific case, the value of truth and acknowledgement for victims and their families cannot be emphasised enough. The first thing needed in addressing their needs was ensuring they were known, acknowledged and “part of...
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Is Justice Always the Same for all?

Have you ever been treated equal? Have you ever met ethical considerations and fair process? A view of recent research over thirty years ago, demonstrates that justice is the first virtue of social institutions describing the nature of transaction costs and their consequences for institutional governance. This elevates decision-making procedure, provides equity and develops acceptance of rules and decisions that depart from individual or group self-interest. The basic problem that has to be solved via social cooperation is that everyone...
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