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If I have to give my personal definition of the word “justice”, I would say that justice means equality, fairness, and entitlement to our rights. That means, whenever we make a decision or do something, the result has to equal and be enjoyable for both agents and receivers. Moreover, in the political sector, the government has to rule equally between minority groups and majority groups. For instance, the majority group gets special health care, the minority group has to access special health care, the government should not discriminate against even the minority or majority, and have to give equal opportunity to them. Therefore, all people have to be entitled to equal rights not only rich but also poor. On the other hand, most scholars regard justice as the fundamental moral concept of ethics, rationality, law, religion, and so forth (Civics Academy, 2019). Furthermore, justice is the principle of balancing human relations in society (K.K Ghai, n.d). Thus, justice is very crucial in our lives and our society to be well. For example, if a country does not have justice for citizens or the public, and when people feel unfair, the country will have rebellions, and violence against citizens, and the country will go down and delay reaching a developed country. In addition, the country will face crises, like economic. That’s why, we have to analyze, is our society is just or unjust.

Justice is to harmonize different values of people in society and to join, organize, and bond of people's rights or fairs in the order of relationships (K.K Ghai, n.d). In justice, there are four kinds of justice, such as social justice, economic justice, political justice, and legal justice.

Social Justice

Social justice is based on individuals' needs, property rights, and equal access to opportunities and rights, like wealth, health, well-being, and so on (W Kenton, 2019). Thus, it is focused on human well-being. Social justice is respect, and no discrimination the individual rights and self-interest, such as gender, rich, poor, religion, and so forth. So, C.JP.B Gajendragadkar stated that social justice is to end the inequalities of society in society. To illustrate with our society, our society is still injustice for me. The reason is that we have still gender inequalities. For illustrate, the head of the house has to be a man, and the woman has to be responsible in the kitchen room, and the woman has to respect the man. In that case, women are still discriminated against in our society. And Myanmar military abuses the human rights of ethnic minorities and many people are forced to live far from their homes as IDPs due to conflict between military and ethnic arms, however, the government does not take responsibility for them. Thus, most children drop out of school because they do not have sufficient money to continue their education. That kind of situation can cause human trafficking, prostitution, and so on. In that situation, the government is still discriminating and injustice against ethnic minorities.

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Economic Justice

Economic justice is essential to well-being and preventing poverty in society. Economic justice means that every person can engage freely and creatively with unlimited work beyond economics (Center for Economic and Social Justice, 2019). Every person should access dependable and adequate to avoid hunger, housing, homelessness, pay equity, living, and fair wages (Jewish Life, 2019). Therefore, all citizen should access enough opportunities to earn and achieve fair wages from their livelihood. Moreover, the public has to gain equally widespread well-being in society without exploitation from a person or group (K.K Ghai, n.d). Economic justice is one part of social justice, society's health in wealth also indicate economic justice (Harrell, 2009 and Kenton, 2019). The government should support citizens' economic security during illness, old age, and so on (K.K Ghai, n.d). All citizens should be balanced wages without discrimination, and the government should create new jobs for lack of job person in society. In discussions with Myanmar, the government does not take responsibility for creating new job opportunities to lacks job persons to be social welfare. We do not have fair wages so we have to work at least 8 hours per day in Myanmar. Thus, the lack of jobs is increasing day by day even for educated people. The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, 2018, claimed that women from Myanmar wages are 30% less than men.

Political Justice

Political justice means that all citizens can take part in the country's administration with equal political rights and opportunities. All the public should have to participate in the election vote without discrimination based on gender status, religion status, ethnic status, and so on (K.K Ghai, n.d). To discuss with our society, we cannot do assembly whenever we do not like the government policy. When we assemble, the government always arrests the assembly leaders, and they constrain the assembly. We do not have the right to speech, or assembly related to politics. The military and most of the government abuse power in every sector, participation of citizens in the political sector is as much as government and military. Moreover, ethnic minorities cannot undertake many seats in Congress due to the 2008 constitution, and the election is also first past the post system. Those kinds of activities cannot be called political justice; hence, our society is not just political.

Legal Justice

Legal justice is put together with two dimensions, such as justice laws and doing justice according to laws (K.K Ghai, 2019). However, the laws should be based on the public perceptions when making the law; it must be demonstrated by advocacy of the public. Hence, Aristotle argued that if the whole society takes benefits from the law except for selfish interest (Heywood, 2004). To examine our societies, the state does not take public opinions, they never demonstrate to the public when they make laws and policy processes such 2008 constitution. Additionally, whenever, the government and count never solve and prove good results according to the laws in many crime cases, they always cover to perpetrators, like the two teachers case, U Ko Ni case, and so forth.

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