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Should The Use Of All Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Unprohibited For Use In Sports?

Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) are usually perceived to be dangerous and unfair to other participants in all sports. Whenever PEDs are referred to, they are often seen in a negative light due to social stigmas. People tend to also disregard dangers within a sport that are completely unrelated to drug use such as concussions and focus entirely on keeping sport drug free rather than injury-free. The prominence of PEDs in sport is ever increasing, with 57% of world class athletes...
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Drugs As A Factor Of Evil In The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

GULP gulps, gulp GULP! What is consumed can make a person change. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson 133 years ago. My topics are drug substance, effects on relationships, and good vs evil. Drug abuse can change you which can lead to good vs evil. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ by Robert Louis Stevenson a predominant theme that is perpetuated throughout the novel is that of good versus...
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Illicit Drugs And The Normalization Of Violence

As noted previously, no simple explanation exists to define the cause and effect of illicit drugs and violence. For many centuries throughout time, certain drugs, even when prohibited or illegal, did not lead to significant violence. Only over the last half-century has there been a marked increase in violence connected to illegal drugs. Goin (2012), Reuter (2009) and Thoumi (2009) all suggest the illicit drug trade is generally nonviolent outside of certain markets. While Columbia and Mexico have experienced significant...
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Drugs And Kidney Reciprocal Relationship

The Role of the Kidney in Drug Elimination Recent advances in the identification and characterization of renal drug transporters and drug‐metabolizing enzymes has led to greater understanding of their roles in drug and chemical elimination and in modulation of the intrarenal exposure and response to drugs, nephrotoxic compounds, and physiological mediators. Furthermore, there is increasing awareness of the potential importance of drug–drug interactions (DDIs) arising from inhibition of renal transporters, and regulatory agencies now provide recommendations for the evaluation of...
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An Evaluation Into The Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sport

Introduction Sport throughout the years has changed dramatically with athletes now bigger faster and stronger than ever. Not only that but sport overall is much more competitive with every second, inch and play heavily changing the outcome of competition. In this battle for an edge in competition some resort to the use of drugs in order to increase physical performance in a process now commonly known as doping. Doping is the illicit use of artificial enhancements and methods to gain...
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Drug Testing Among Elite Athletes

Drug testing should be more conscientiously enforced among elite athletes, as it will prevent cheating, settle arguments about whether athletes are using these drugs or not. Enforcing these laws and rules will also help keep elite competitions a safe and fair environment. Many athletes at high levels use PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) to help with physical fitness and endurance. Some athletes do not follow the World Anti-Doping Agency, and do not get correct consequences in return. Although these drugs can...
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Knowledge, Attitude, Awareness Of Rational Use Of Drugs Among Non-Medical Students

ABSTRACT Introduction: The term “drugs” include prescription and non-prescription medicines, including complementary healthcare products. Rational use of drugs, as per directions will result in safer and better outcome for the patients. Rational use of drug requires the patient receive medications appropriate to their clinical needs. The concept of rational use of drug is new to the younger generations. It is important to know the usage of drugs and traditional medicine. The result of the study can be used to understand,...
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Drug Formulation: A Science Or Not A Science?

What is drug formulation? The definition of the drug (pharmaceutical) formulation states that it is the process in which different chemical substances and/or biochemical substances, such as active chemical substances will be combined together to produce a final medical compound i.e., medical drug . The term ‘formulation’ can however mean not only the inputs and process of manufacturing the drug, but include also the final product dosage form, which is what the patient eventually experiences and what at the same...
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What Is The Use Of Steroids And Drugs On Sports?

Steroids and medications occurs in all games and most dimension of the challenge. In focused games, ‘doping’ is the utilize of restricted Athletic Performance Enhancing Drugs by the athletic contenders. Doping is an oversee sedates so as to hinder or improve wearing execution. Utilizing an execution improving medications on games had turned into an expanding issue in the wide scope of games and when they utilize this on the competitors they gain an uncalled for preferred standpoint in respect to...
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Drugs And Alcohol Abuse In Quran

Introduction This is the main thing which is facing by Muslims in current social challenges. Muslims are facing now many of problems but it is first and main problem around them. The Holy Quran which is the book of Allah and only Muslims read this book. According to Muslims all the things which are written in this book is all of Allah and we took Islam so we are Muslims and we all about of Allah. Allah asks in this...
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Drug Trafficking: European Union’s Responses To The Drug Trade In West Africa

Introduction The topic of this research is European Union’s responses to the drug trade in West Africa. The drug trade in West Africa is growing annually and as a direct consequence the drug markets in the countries included in the European Union are also getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, the EU has a motive to help combat this issues even if it is not inside their borders. The object of the research is to find out what policies and legislations...
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The Harlem Heroin Plague: The Biggest Heroin Dealers Frank Lucas And Nicky Barnes

During the Harlem heroin plague of the seventh century Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes were seen as the biggest heroin dealers. Both of them made millions selling dope. Nicholas Barnes is an American former crime boss, Born on October 15, 1933, in New York City, and was called Mr. Untouchable, Nicky Barnes became one of the most famous people in the community of Harlem. He helped found a criminal organization known as ‘The Council” which were a (group of people...
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Paradigm Shift In Opioids: Heroin

History of the opioid crisis: There is a long history of opioid dependencies, dating back to 1806 when German chemist Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Sertürner isolated a substance from opium. This was later named “morphine” after the god of dreams, Morpheus. Morphine soon became a regular treatment for doctors in the United States when treating pain, anxiety and respiratory problems. Frequently used as an aid for consumption and female ailments, Morphine became a common painkiller during the Civil War. However, many...
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Heroin: General Characteristics And Problems Of Addiction

For a long time, the likelihood of non-reliant and controlled heroin use has been generally disregarded. There can be types of dependant heroin utilize that bring few of the issues typically connected with the drug. The exceptionally politicized nature of drug strategy implies that, in their clear explanations, government officials and their guides in general pressure that all types of unlawful drug use are problematic. Given the media treatment of heroin and open worries about drug use, it is not...
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Drug Use And Its Effects Of Juvenile Delinquency

Introduction The best way to ensure that there is a decline in juvenile offending is by making effective drug treatment a priority. Drug and substance use are common among the juvenile offenders, and it relates to the likelihood of crime in adulthood. It is possible for individuals to embrace the use of drug treatment to ensure there is a decline in juvenile offending. As such, there is a need for the criminal justice system to ensure that they screen all...
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Antipsychotics as the Treatment for Schizophrenia

Mental health disorders appear in a variety of forms that affect’s individual’s characteristics and the way they interact with others. Schizophrenia is one of the most common forms of mental health disorder, that comes from the Greek words ‘split’ and ‘mind’. Someone with schizophrenia is often known to have a split personality. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition (DSM-V) schizophrenia is defined as a severe and chronic mental health disorder described by disturbances in thought,...
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The Relationship of Crime and Drug Use

There is a strong relationship present between criminal activity and drug use which consistently appears within academic literature (Moore et al, 2007). Several academics have made numerous arguments that the volume of crime is linked directly to the use of drugs. Although, it must be noted that the drug use and crime relationship isn’t as simple as it seems. It is regularly linked to unemployment problems, health issues and inequalities within the socio-economic state. Additionally, the relationship between drug use...
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Juvenile Drug Crimes And Conviction

There has been an increase over the years where our juveniles have experienced the use of narcotic drugs. Sometimes it is a one-time use, or they can become addicted. Furthermore, drugs and violence both has an effect on our juveniles and causes them to demonstrate criminal behavior. Secondly, juveniles have varied of ways to get access to illicit substances. Most of the time at school or though their peers. Some juveniles have access to substances in their own home such...
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Gender Plays a Role in How our Society Defines and Perceives Drug Abuse as a Crime

Introduction The misuse of substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, marijuana, illegal drugs, and other such stimulants has augmented at an extreme level. The illegal trafficking of harmful drugs is also common these days. Many of such cases have been identified while many of them still exist, which is why the population, especially the youth is getting affected and addicted to it. Drug abuse does not only affect the person taking it but also harms others (Stasby et al. 2017)...
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Drugs And Human Rights

This essay will not confirm or deny its concern to the use of drugs by anyone who wishes to do so; However, it will endeavour in elaborate an argument that compares different alternatives, which could possibly introduce a more fruitful way to deal with the violation of human rights of individuals arising from drugs influence; thus highlighting some well-known disadvantages, currently present in the efforts so far made to tackle the so called destruction of society by the existing ‘evil’...
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Reflection on Human Immortality and Longevity Drugs

’Immortality is eternal life, being exempt from death, unending existence. ’ Wikipedia, 2003. Human immortality is humans being able to live indefinitely and overcome death. In the 1800s, the average life expectancy was only 25 years. This has increased dramatically as we are now able to live longer, with an average life expectancy of 82 years. This is because of the continuous scientific research, medical solutions and progressions in technology. There have been many scientific experiments carried out around the...
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Criminology Assignment on Driving under the Influence of Booze or Drugs

Many of today’s youth turn to alcohol or drugs as a form of tranquility or simply to just have fun. The reason this topic was chosen is because many of the youth in our society today are destroying their lives due to these harmful substances. Driving under the influence is known to be one of the largest risk factors that lead to traffic accidents. This puts many lives in danger and it needs to be eradicated from our society. The...
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A Review on “Mexico’s Drug War’

Mexicans were killed in Mexico in August 2011 when members of the Zetas drug cartel entered through the door of a Monterrey based casino and poured gasoline and set it on fire. Former Mexican President Felipe Calderón responded to the killing by condemning it as an “aberrant act of terror and barbarity.” Also, he later asserted that “it is evident that we are not faced with ordinary delinquents but by actual terrorists who know no boundaries.”[ Jennifer Gonzales, Mexico Offers...
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Failure the War On Drugs in Vietnam

Drug users have increased both nationally and internationally. Drugs/illicit drugs are substances that have both positive and negative impacts on the human body. Tye indicates the seven types of drugs include the following; stimulants, depressant, hallucinogens, dissociatives, opioids and lastly cannabis the worst of all. Each year millions of people die using illicit drugs. Drugs come in many shapes and forms, from illegal drugs to synthetic drugs which are easily accessed from the counter. Throughout this report, there will be...
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Harm Reduction Techniques Used in the Management of Drug Dependent Persons

The number of drug dependent persons in Nigeria has continued to be on the increase as observed by the number of clients who visit the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency centers for treatment and rehabilitation. Efforts by the Nigeria police force, offices of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Civil defence, customs and other law enforcement agencies to curb drug use have proved abortive. Most youths in the universities have subscribed to the use and abuse of drugs to an...
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Alcohol and Drugs as Challenges for University Students

From juggling deadlines to a part time job student life is not as easy as it seems. Money is in short supply and a considerable number of students leave home and move into student accommodation to get the freedom that adolescents desire. There are many new challenges individuals face when becoming independent for the first time such as experiencing a drug and alcohol culture. Freshers’ week is the week before university official starts filled with sociable events immersing all years...
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Psychotropic Drugs: Great Treatment Solution to Mental Illness

Mental illness has evolved over the last couple hundred years. From the theological model of the Middle Ages to today’s modern medicine, it is very clear that the understanding of mental illness has become better understood with time. According to the American Psychiatric Association (2018), “Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking or behavior (or a combination of these). Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities” (para., 1). When...
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Drug Related Factors Affecting Medication Adherence among Egyptian Asthma Patients

Background: Optimal asthma management has been found largely due to patients’ medication adherence and correct inhaler technique. This study aimed to examine drug-related factors affecting medication adherence among Egyptian asthma patients Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out among 110 clinically diagnosed asthma patients attending at a university hospital, in Sohag, Egypt. Inhaler criteria and adherence were evaluated by a standardized tool “Morisky Medication Adherence Scale, 2008′. Results: Findings of the study revealed that out of 110 patients 22.9%...
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Optimization of Drug Delivery System with Experimental Design: Analytical Essay

Introduction Some calculations will not get easy solutions in one step or immediately or by placing the values in one formula, so in that type of cases we pave the way towards different optimization methods for getting the solution. And this optimization is not that much easy in finding the solutions why because at the end we have to give a perfect conclusion. If we fail there means the entire batch will get fails. This optimization is easy in finding...
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Possibility of Application of Natural Treatments for ADHD instead of Drug-based Approach: Analytical Essay

This combined with the fact that the companies that provide these types of medication, essentially that they all have a significant amount of resources to invest into research, both meaning that the information around medication is very clear and well understood universally. Therefore, people can make educated decisions with the breadth of knowledge that is available to them and there is not going to be any confusion that could cause patients to experience any problems. Another positive of medication in...
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