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The Issue of Drug Cheating in Competitive Sports

The issue of drug cheating in competitive sports has ignited the debate on whether harsher penalties should apply due to the effect of drug cheating? So should their be harsher penalties, yes of course there should be! How would you like it if you were racing against an 18 year old and you were only 7? Unfair advantage I believe. Well it’s the same as racing against someone who is taking banned substances even though you’re the same age. Unfair...
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A Review On Synthesis Of Polyaniline And Its Doping With Lewis Acid And Base

ABSTRACT During last few years, many researchers have worked and are working in the field of conducting polymers . This review article focuses on conducting polymers and their applications. Conducting polymers (CPs) have drawn considerable attention because of their economical importance, good environmental stability and electrical conductivity as well as due to their useful mechanical, optical and electronic properties. The effect of this oxidation or reduction on polymer is called doping. INTRODUCTION Intrinsically conducting polymers (ICPs) are organic polymers that...
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An Evaluation Into The Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sport

Introduction Sport throughout the years has changed dramatically with athletes now bigger faster and stronger than ever. Not only that but sport overall is much more competitive with every second, inch and play heavily changing the outcome of competition. In this battle for an edge in competition some resort to the use of drugs in order to increase physical performance in a process now commonly known as doping. Doping is the illicit use of artificial enhancements and methods to gain...
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Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs by Athletes

Some athletes take a form of steroids, acknowledged as anabolic-androgenic steroids or just anabolic steroids, to enlarge their muscle mass and strength. The important anabolic steroid hormone produced by your body is testosterone. Testosterone has two most important outcomes on your body. Anabolic consequences promote muscle building. Androgenic consequences are responsible for male traits, such as facial hair and a deeper voice’s athletes take straight testosterone to raise their performance. The anabolic steroids used by athletes are frequently synthetic modifications...
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Doping As A Major Problem In Sports

Why are athletes not being tested more frequently in professional sports? As to many people, professional athletes serve as role models, idols, and heroes to them. However, the use of performance enhancing drugs taken by professional athletes have led to doubt on wondering if they’re truly the best or not. A 2017 quote by Tom Murray, says that “The first hard truth about elite sports is that it’s relentless competitiveness, and the tiny margins that separate winners from also-rans, press...
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Is Doping A Solution?

Drug, its effect on human its is any substance which when consumed causes bad effect on human physiology and health . To begin with the topic, first I would like to elaborate on what doping is. The very meaning of doping says that it is an illegal and banned product or drug that can be used to enhance once ability in the sport. So the basic point that can be drawn out from this definition is negative as it involves...
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The Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports

The performance enhancing drugs are not a new thing for the world made for the 21 st century. It dates back to the ancient gladiators and Olympic athletes and Greek gladiators. They have been used to control or alter a person’s physical, and psychological functions. The performance enhancing drugs are used for different functions like quick recovery, enhanced concentration, and boosted muscle endurance. The modern sports industry has biased perspective on the use of these drugs as some are considered...
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Sports Doping Should Be Permitted For Elite Athletes

As a matter of first importance, what is sports doping? Sports doping is the point at which a competitor takes a medication that improves his/her playing capacity. Such a large number of competitors around the globe have been blamed for doing this which raises the inquiry. Should competitors who have been found doping be permitted to keep their trophies and awards? (Essays, UK. November 2018) Numerous fans dread that doping is subverting the very idea of games. They might be...
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Athletes Who Dope Should Forfeit Their Titles And Medals

Should Athletes Who dope forfeit their Titles and Medals? Some people think that they should not, because the athletes work hard to keep their reputation, they are expected to be good at any sports, and that puts pressure on them that they have to be better and that leads to serious matters, they want something that can come to their nerves and be good at the sports activities they play, and the only thing to do is to dope. I...
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What Is The Use Of Steroids And Drugs On Sports?

Steroids and medications occurs in all games and most dimension of the challenge. In focused games, ‘doping’ is the utilize of restricted Athletic Performance Enhancing Drugs by the athletic contenders. Doping is an oversee sedates so as to hinder or improve wearing execution. Utilizing an execution improving medications on games had turned into an expanding issue in the wide scope of games and when they utilize this on the competitors they gain an uncalled for preferred standpoint in respect to...
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Genetic Doping Has No Place In Professional Sports

The usage of performance-enhancement substances in sports has always been strictly monitored and prohibited. The assortment of cheating methods in sports has recently spread to a new field, biotechnology. As gene therapy is slowly becoming a reality, we will soon be forced to decide what we most value in sports. Will we choose to value the displays of physical excellence athletes develop through years of dedication, or will we chose to value the feat of victory, regardless of the cost....
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Ethical Dilemma Of Doping In Sports

The use of drugs in sport is a very controversial and ethical topic. Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are substances, commonly used by athletes to improve their performance. There is evidence of PEDs existing in sports from as early as the ancient Olympic games held in Olympia, Greece from 776BC – 393 AD. However, during the mid-1900s, particularly after the Second World War, doping and PEDS started to become more common amongst athletes. Today doping is quite popular in the sporting world,...
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The Definition Of Academic Doping

The “academic doping” trend of Adderall (Ritalin) has specifically affected high school and college students. Many students are engaged in this trend to perform better in their studies. Students believe Adderall is helpful in their schoolwork because of the positive results they have gotten from it. Adderall can easily negatively impact an individual as it impacts one in a positive way short-term. Prescriptions like Adderall are used for the treatment of ADHD in individuals. Many students are using Adderall without...
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Legalizing Anabolic Steroids In Sports

Introduction Let’s stop feigning that the halls of fame measure a real-life fairyland, an area wherever we tend to celebrate solely the individuals and events. We can all agree it should be celebrated and remodeled it into an institution that offers athletes a wider vary of equal choices on the way to physically enhance themselves. Body Currently, some individuals might say that performance enhancers like steroids and different kinds of doping have a negative result on health long terms. However,...
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How Do The Influences Of Doping And Blood Doping Affect Athletes?

Introduction The term doping refers to the administration of drugs into a person’s bloodstream, this is mainly done to enhance the performance of any type. Anti-doping agencies, such as WADA, have been enforced to regulate and prevent drugs from being a common factor in sporting events. The drugs are being used to enable better performance, therefore, heightening an athlete’s ability to execute a sporting task/skill for longer at a better rate. This consequently leads to that specific athlete having an...
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The Peculiarities Of Anti-doping Education

The key functions and development environments of sport are comprised of regard for the defeated, identifying the most capable and making sure and offering equal opportunity for all in the environment of justice, democracy, fair play and rules (Arvaniti, 2006). However, over the past years, doping scandals have been on the rise (“New Wada report shows rise in doping cases”, 2019), which is detrimental to essential functions and developing environment of sport. To curb the utilization of performance enhancing medications...
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Doping: How It Damages The Odds

Sports throughout the world are absolutely stunning. Anything from backyard horseplay all the way up to the professional level, athletics bring out the raw amount of talent people have. Yet, what would happen if people were to take away the natural skill that someone worked for? That’s exactly what doping does; it takes away from hardwork and dedication, and adds a unworked for and unfair advantage that causes several problems. In competitive sports, doping is the use of banned athletic...
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Drug Testing Among Elite Athletes

Drug testing should be more conscientiously enforced among elite athletes, as it will prevent cheating, settle arguments about whether athletes are using these drugs or not. Enforcing these laws and rules will also help keep elite competitions a safe and fair environment. Many athletes at high levels use PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) to help with physical fitness and endurance. Some athletes do not follow the World Anti-Doping Agency, and do not get correct consequences in return. Although these drugs can...
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Should Doping Be Legalized Or Not?

Nowadays, doping is everywhere in athletic world. Professional athletes are tested almost every week or month and they cannot escape from doping control, it is their life routine. Every athlete has his or her own doctor, or medical group that helps athletes to choose, which type of medicine is the best to use, or what kind of vitamins athlete should take. Athletes must trust their personal medical crew and follow, what kind of medicine or vitamins they recommend to athlete,...
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What Is Peculiar In Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal?

The last acts of justice finally have been handed down in the Lance Armstrong doping scandal of more than 12 years ago. A cognitive bias, on the other hand, is a genuine deficiency or limitation in our thinking which is a flaw in judgment that arises from errors of memory, social attribution, and miscalculations. Although there are several Cognitive Biases in the Lance Armstrong doping scandal. The main cognitive biases here, is the flaw in his judgment and reasoning as...
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