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Should Doping Be Legalized Or Not?

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Nowadays, doping is everywhere in athletic world. Professional athletes are tested almost every week or month and they cannot escape from doping control, it is their life routine. Every athlete has his or her own doctor, or medical group that helps athletes to choose, which type of medicine is the best to use, or what kind of vitamins athlete should take. Athletes must trust their personal medical crew and follow, what kind of medicine or vitamins they recommend to athlete, because medical crew can use medicine or vitamins that are PEDs (Performance-Enhancing Drugs) or doping. Some athletes, if they are caught by the World Anti-doping Agency, athletes blame their medical crew, however, it is also an athlete’s fault too.

Athletes after long recovery process, which can be an injury, uses medicine or vitamins that can be doping, however, if athlete really needs it to heal the injured part with medicine or vitamins that is doping, athlete can still do it, but the risk of getting caught by using doping is very high. Here the problem starts, if athlete really needs to use medicine or vitamins that are includes in doping to heal the injury and no other medicine can help or replace it, is it doping or not? Some will say it is, some will say it is not.

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In the article, “Performance-Enhancing Drugs Should Not Be Legalized” by Michael Rosenberg, he shows why he is against PEDs or doping legalization and how it will change sport if athletes who takes an advantage of doping legalization, and athletes who stay clean and that will be their disadvantage. Rosenberg states, that if PEDs or doping are legal, the world records and athletes’ performances would enormous and artificially, which is not humanly achieved without using PEDs or doping. Of course, legalization of PEDs would make any sport more watchable and enjoyable, for example, Lance Armstrong (cyclist) would be an unbelievable hero in cycling world with seven Tour de France victories. Also, it would make almost everyone as a professional athlete, everyone, probably, would take steroids, PEDs, or doping until their body starts to be unhealthy, or in the worst scenario, their organs starts to fall out. Rosenberg goes on to say if people will start to use PEDs or doping that will be their only chance to will and there will be no other way to beat someone else. Another thing is, in the world there will be athletes that want to be the best in his or her sport in a natural way, without using PEDs. Then the World Anti-doping Agency or performance-enhancing drug test comes in handy. Finally, Rosenberg goes on to say that if athletes or organizations come all together and get rid of the performance-enhancing drug test, it will punish athletes who are not using PEDs and will forgive athletes who are using. Elite sports, which is all Olympic sports, are about the best human or the team, what can they do, but it is not about which are the best drugs to use to win.

In contrast, an article titled “Performance-Enhancing Drugs Should Be Legalized” by Stephen Wang points out that he supports PEDs legalization in professional sports or athletics. He says, that only way to become a champion or win an event is to use PEDs or doping. Making PEDs legal, athletes have less health risks, PEDs makers or developers would develop medicine that will make athletes avoid or pass the performance-enhancing drug test. Wang reviewed an interview on the French newspaper “Le Monde” and he found out that winning Tour de France (road cycling event) it is impossible to win without using PEDs or doping, like Lance Armstrong (cyclist) did seven times. In some certain sports where PEDs are used a lot, becomes a necessary to be competitive and win event, or do good at practices. Some of the athletes take part in many doping techniques that are becoming difficult to catch, if an athlete is using PEDs or not. Wang point out that when the latest and the newest PEDs are created, there is a minimal chance that the performance-enhancing drug test can caught athlete for using it. Wangs goes on by saying, especially, pattern shows that before major event, such as world championship, Olympic Games, officials, like World Anti-doping Agency, clear out athletes who used PEDs to eliminate as mush athletes as possible, which leads to change to policy to legalize PEDs.

In conclusion, after reading both articles I felt that both authors have a very good idea and made their point about why performance-enhancing drugs should be legalized or not. Doping nowadays is becoming popular and difficult to not use PEDs when athletes are practicing and doing workouts. I agree about the fact that it is not fare that it will punish athletes who are not using PEDs and forgive those who are using, however, I disagree, when athlete is caught after a long injury period while the only medicine that athlete can use is included in PEDs system. That should not be against the PEDs using rules or called as “Athlete is using PEDs to become faster”, it is a completely different story. Although, PEDs do not affect all the sports, every athlete should be careful and knowledgeable, if an athlete is at the risk of getting caught by using PEDs or if an athlete is clear of PEDs.

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