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Drug Addiction's Socio-Economic Impact

Addiction has seemingly become more prevalent in todays society. The most prominent addictions being drug addiction with its long and extensive history of shaping society and social media which is a relatively new phenomenon. There is plenty of different ways addiction can affect society. It affects everyone psychologically having a massive impact culturally, potentially changing the decision making of the populous dramatically. Addiction can also impact society in many ways economically. Either this be through the incentivisation of taxation to...
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Why Drugs Are Bad? Essay

Introduction Abusing drugs appears to be a common problem in the modern world, and the overuse of drugs is getting unsafe and out of hand. There are numerous ways this dilemma can be handled or solved. The most popular solutions would be treating abuse of drugs as a crime, or alternatively, treating them as a health problem and providing treatment to the abuser. Currently, the United States’ policy considers drug abuse as a crime, but some European countries successfully treating...
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Addiction as a Problem of Modern Society and Ways to Deal With it

Addiction is the feeling of wanting more and more of something to satisfy yourself. It is when one cannot control themselves from doing something repetitively. Drug addiction for example is a issue that is widespread in our world, it has a huge impact on the mind, and tends to influence a person’s emotional and physical states. Nowadays, anyone can easily get a hold of addictive substances. They are wide-spread in schools, parks, between people and much more. It all starts...
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Drug Addiction As One of the Most Important and Serious Problems of Society: Opinion Essay

Drug addiction which is also known as substance use disorder is a chronic disease in which a person cannot stop or control the consumption of illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroine, crack, etc. Drug addiction has terrible consequences socially and economically plus it severely affects your mental and physical health and in the worst cases this can lead to death. People who become addicted to drugs will be unable to control the consumption of drugs and their desire for them,...
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Essay about Smoking

Introduction Smoking is a really bad habit that engulfs millions of people each year and is killing many lives despite attempts by the government and individuals trying to stop it. Smoking is the cause of many cancers and causes permanent damage to the human body. So why don’t we change the legal age to have cigarettes? Sadly, this idea will not only work against itself but also against nature. First of all, one of the biggest facts of the natural...
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Food Addiction to Chocolate

Addictions are a very serious topic of discussion which has recently flooded the media. There are several types of addiction, each with a respective magnitude, and food addictions fall into this category. Food addiction is often pushed to the side by addictions deemed more detrimental by society. This accusation of food addictions not being detrimental does not accurately represent the magnitude of the situation. There are several categories of food addiction and one of these is the addiction to sweets,...
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Comparison of Alcohol Addiction to Addictive Shopping

According to the American Psychiatric Association addiction is a multiplex condition, a brain disease that manifests itself as compulsive substance use despite detrimental consequences. It is an urge to indulge in something for the pleasure it provides despite its destructive outcome. Addiction can be physical like drug and alcohol abuse or behavioral like shopping, gambling, eating etc. Out of all addictions alcoholism and drug dependency are the most destructive forms with great intensity and cataclysmic outturn. It is mind boggling...
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Evaluation Extreme Sports As The Addiction

Evaluation When looking back at the content of the research I have put together for my study on Extreme Sports , I have come across a question of what motivates Athletes to participate in Extreme Sports. The website addicted to success suggests the following: Money: In some cases. Yet only a few chosen ones will ever make a decent living out of their chosen sport. In triathlons for example the majority of participants are amateurs, who for some non-financial reason...
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Utilitarianism and Marijuana Essay

It is 2019. America is the land of the free, and when it comes to marijuana that means thirty-three states allowing medical marijuana and eleven states legalizing it for recreational use. This, however, has not brought freedom back to the tens of thousands of Americans who have been charged with marijuana possession. Many of these people are incarcerated in private for-profit prisons that lobby their interests to government representatives. This industry has a heavy interest in keeping as many prisoners...
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Essay on Teenage Pregnancy Caused by Drugs and Alcohol

My research My Research Topic is Teenage Pregnancy My research title is the study of Factors Influencing Teenage Pregnancy in Africa Background information on teenage pregnancy Africa remains one of the landmasses with the most elevated levels of adolescent pregnancies in the world. In showing disdain toward this, there are constrained experimental inquiries about ponders on determinants of young pregnancy in Africa. Research has shown that Africa is the leading nation with the highest number of teenage pregnancy cases. This...
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Evaluation Essay on Marijuana

Marijuana is widespread in Bhutan and is often regarded as a weed, rather than a beneficial plant. Over time, there have been significant changes in the variety, availability, production, distribution, use, and user(s) of psychoactive substances, the meaning of substance use, and its impact on users and their social or social environment(s). Before the 1970s, marijuana was not considered a drug by the government of Bhutan. The first ever marijuana-related arrest in the country wasn’t made until 1989 when a...
5 Pages 2259 Words

Should Pregnant Drug Users Be Prosecuted: Persuasive Essay

Seizures, fever, diarrhea, irritability, muscle spasms, feeding difficulties, vomiting, sleeping problems, and rapid breathing. All this is what an infant that suffers from neonatal abstinence syndrome experiences as soon as they're out of the womb. Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is the withdrawal of drugs in babies, and it is caused due to the addiction that the mother suffers from while carrying her child. According to the National Institute of Health blog team, the number of babies born with NAS has...
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College Essay on Alcoholic Parents and How They Affect a Child's Life

Alcoholics, people addicted to drinking alcohol to get intoxicated, have been around about as long as the drink itself. These people drink for several reasons – from just liking the feeling to trying to escape from emotions or the current situation of their family life. No matter what the cause is, the aftermath is usually pretty much the same. Having grown up most of my childhood with an alcoholic mother, I can confidently say that not only is the person...
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Synthesis Essay on Drugs

Introduction It has been designed to assess reasons, consequences, and context for the use of drugs in clubs by adults in the city of U.S. There was a report from the adults for the utilization of drugs like GHB, Ecstasy, Rohypnol, LSD Ketamine, etc., in club under the interview discussion which included the measures of qualitative and quantitative. The drug that is most frequently used in the club is Ecstasy along with LSD, and ketamine. Most of the participants have...
5 Pages 2379 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Use of Meth

The Origins of Methamphetamine Japan 1893, just six years after the discovery of amphetamines, a Japanese scientist Nagai Nagayoshi was working on the identification of the active component ephedrine from the ephedra plant. He discovered and produced for the first time desoxyephedrine or Methamphetamine (METH), primarily used against obesity, asthma, and major depressive disorder until World War II when Germany, the USA, and Japan forced the use of METH to keep their troops awake without taking into consideration its highly...
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Cause and Effect Essay on Smoking Cigarettes

The Smoking Ban was introduced in England in July 2007 (with similar bans being introduced in Scotland in March 2006, Wales in April 2007 and Northern Ireland in April 2007). This was introduced as a result of the Health Act 2006. The British government passed this Health Act which brought with it the prohibition of smoking in an enclosed public place and within the workplace, with fines and other legal punishments applicable for non-compliance. The aim of this ban was...
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Cause and Effect Essay on Drinking Alcohol

Abstract Drinking alcohol is the main risk factor causing health problems, especially for old people. In the United States, cirrhosis is a health issue that is mostly caused by drinking alcohol. However, it is hard to stop drinking alcohol as it causes old people addicted to it and they cannot escape from it. The interventions that will be addressed are television, the Internet, and social campaigns using social psychological theories and concepts such as the elaboration likelihood model, vividness effect,...
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Cause and Effect Essay about Drug Addiction

Introduction Drug addiction is defined as a lack of control over the taking of drugs to the point where it becomes harmful to the individual. Drug addiction in the UK is renowned for being an expenditure on the NHS's time and resources as well as the cause of more than 4,000 deaths a year. Being such a prevalent issue, drug addiction sparks large debates in the media and politics on whether addiction should be classed as a disease or a...
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Exemplification Essay on Legalization of Drugs

The process that perhaps should begin by obliteration of the term ‘evil’ from drugs, as such term may be very ‘evaluative-destructive’; hence allowing very little room, if any, for deviation, thus stamping ‘Evil’ forever as ‘Evil; which consequently has blinded those endeavoring to destroy drugs influence, by ignoring many benefits that such industry could possibly bring to society, had it been properly controlled by serious institutions under government supervision. On that account, it could possibly contribute to stimulating social development...
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Why I Want to Be a Substance Abuse Counsellor: Essay

The American School Counselor Association’s (ASCA) purpose is to support school counselors in their efforts to help aid students in their academic endeavors, this includes future goals such as career planning and higher education. It also means providing the students an outlet to discuss their social and emotional expansion so that they may do the utmost best in their education and be prepared for the future. ASCA’s membership is diverse, made up of practicing school counselors, counseling and guidance Directors,...
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Substance Abuse During Pregnancy: Essay

Substance abuse during pregnancy is when an expecting mother takes in harmful chemicals such as prescribed drugs or street drugs. It’s a relatively poorly researched topic due to underreporting of this condition. This paper will describe possible signs and symptoms as well as treatments used to treat this condition. It is also vitally important for the nurse to understand her role and what they can do to help with this condition for positive outcomes. Substance Abuse during Pregnancy Substance abuse...
3 Pages 1264 Words

Substance Abuse by Athletes: Essay

Hypothesis There are many controversial issues in the world, and many people have stances. The certainty or uncertainty of an issue can be determined by one’s ethical view. As for the Christian worldview, truth, glory, character, and being consistent with the mind are components an individual should adhere to. Introduction Molarity is of the highest importance – but for us, not for God (Albert Einstein). Christian ethics are guided by scripture and religious traditions through the Biblical sacred text (Langerak,...
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Substance Abuse among Healthcare Professionals: Essay

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are the providers of our communities. They use their knowledge, skills, and technology to heal our wounded and treat our ill. Even with so much education and experience gained from their hard work, there is still the problem of some of these professionals succumbing to alcohol and/or drug dependency. Most with these substance dependencies are in dire need of fighting this addiction in order to reduce the chances of a work-related incident happening to...
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Spiritual, Mental, and Substance Abuse Essay

Introduction Drug abuse or substance abuse refers to the use of certain chemicals for the purpose of creating pleasurable effects on the brain, Drug and Substance Abuse has been talked about worldwide and Kenya is part of that globe. Teachers, parents, church officials, and other stakeholders have been at the forefront of trying to find out the causes and ways of controlling it. Therefore, there is a need to curb this vice. Drugs pose a very big problem in the...
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Social Effect of Marijuana Use: Essay

Why did the US prohibit marijuana? Marijuana prohibition in the US was the result of a political and social context created by the triumph of New Deal forces in the 1930s. Harry Anslinger’s role in the prohibition of marijuana has been seriously overstated by historians such as Michael Schaller and Howard Becker. Anslinger was a representation rather than an aberration of the political consensus at the time. There is little evidence of a national moral panic “serviced and fed by...
4 Pages 1599 Words

Psychology and Substance Abuse Essay

Substance Abuse Counseling: Definition This term describes therapeutic coaching offered to an alcohol or substance addict as a way of encouraging, supporting, and even guiding them on better ways to shun their addictive life. Similar to how sports persons need training to achieve a definite goal, so is this initiative. The procedure cooperates with the presence of a highly trained professional with proper experience in human philosophy. Mental disorders manifest differently among different people and also vary in their types...
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Prevention of Substance Abuse Essay

This project aims to define and establish issues presented by substance abuse and relapse. It will then be discussed that an intervention is needed, followed by the estimated financial impact the intervention in question will have on the organization. Substance abuse is the immoderate consumption of a substance, especially alcohol or a drug over a prolonged amount of time (Shriel, 2018). This phenomenon has many consequences including but not limited to social withdrawal, poor work or school performance, inability to...
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Prescription Drugs Vs Marijuana: Essay

Unlike prescription pills, medical marijuana is a topic full of controversy in today's society. It has a heavy stigma and stereotype, where its consumers are viewed as American “pot smokers” who have been lazy and unmotivated for years dealing with their problems through consuming marijuana. Even though prescription pills are viewed as miracle workers, chosen by a doctor; prescribing the patient, the best and most expensive drug isn’t the best option for the patient unless it's necessary. While both (prescription...
2 Pages 773 Words

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Essay

Abstract Many people know someone who abuses substances or someone who has gone through addiction recovery. Even though many people have had this connection with substance abuse, they don’t understand what people go through. It is important to what people who have abused substances or are abusing substances are going through. It is also important to understand what people experience when they go through addiction recovery. Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery In 2004 my dad decided it was time to...
3 Pages 1453 Words

Marijuana: Compare and Contrast Essay

Marijuana is one of the most common drugs used on a day-to-day basis in our society. Marijuana is cannabis, it is also often known as weed, herb, pot, grass, and ganja. It is no secret that our society is loving this drug, in fact, people are not ashamed of it. It is now regularly referenced in rap songs, clothing items, and photographs, as it is seen everywhere peer pressure seems to be affecting all ages. People have very good reasons...
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