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Essays on Addictions

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Why Smoking Should Be Banned: Essay

Should smoking be banned? Do you want to land in a hospital? Smoking can bring many problems to you. Some are even permanent problems, such as being fed from a feeding tube. Smoking has so many negative effects on you and the people around you....
2 Pages 771 Words

Essay on Gambling

In this day in age, where faster is better, many people find that gaining certain things like money should not take forever. There are apps like HQ that give you money for playing games or doing surveys and there are new businesses that make a...
3 Pages 1476 Words

Essay on Why Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places

People who smoke are increasing in number day by day. Although they will be prepared with the information of strategies dangerous smoking can be, humans however select to smoke. It is a personal preference and a particularly addictive dependency. Smokers pick to mission themselves to...
2 Pages 865 Words

Essay on Why Is Weed Bad for You

Drugs are definitely an epidemic in the world. People partake in lots of different types for many different reasons. Some are legal and prescribed by doctors, and others are not. Some drugs can be helpful but are overused, and others have no practical use at...
1 Page 461 Words

Essay on Why Is Vaping Bad

Vaping and the Health Risks Behind It Vaping is just another method for smoking, and in order to reduce the number of uses, laws should restrict all advertising for vaping products. This would be very complicated, and it will take time for the government to...
3 Pages 1150 Words

Harmful Effects of Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is the term we use for ethanol the substance reasonable for individuals to drink. Another kind of alcohol is methanol and it is hurtful to individuals. It is the result of solidifying sustenance substances like grapes or grain with sugar and yeast which allow...
1 Page 539 Words

Food Addiction to Chocolate

Addictions are a very serious topic of discussion which has recently flooded the media. There are several types of addiction, each with a respective magnitude, and food addictions fall into this category. Food addiction is often pushed to the side by addictions deemed more detrimental...
2 Pages 994 Words

Alcohol as the Most Dangerous Drug

Alcohol is, in my point of view, the most dangerous drug in our society. Its effects are potent, and the main reason for it being incredibly dangerous is that we don’t see it as a drug. We see it as a tasty beverage, something to...
2 Pages 861 Words

Argumentative Essay on Legalizing Weed

Marijuana’s banning is as useless as the prohibition of alcohol in the U.S. because money is wasted to control what the government has almost no real control over because the transport and use go underground with other illegal actions like human trafficking. The ban on...
1 Page 525 Words

Argumentative Essay about Smoking

Argumentative essay: Should the smoking age be changed to 21? Smoking is a really bad habit that engulfs millions of people each year and is killing many lives despite attempts by the government and individuals trying to stop it. Smoking is the cause of many...
2 Pages 1083 Words
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