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Addiction as a Problem of Modern Society and Ways to Deal With it

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Addiction is the feeling of wanting more and more of something to satisfy yourself. It is when one cannot control themselves from doing something repetitively. Drug addiction for example is a issue that is widespread in our world, it has a huge impact on the mind, and tends to influence a person’s emotional and physical states. Nowadays, anyone can easily get a hold of addictive substances. They are wide-spread in schools, parks, between people and much more. It all starts with a simple “try” then you feel you cannot hold yourself back and want more. It’s like a loop, once you’re in it, it’s very hard to get out. The big question is, who is responsible for this addiction? Is it the person himself or the society we live in? If so, how can we resolve this problem. If you are a parent, have you ever asked yourself who your children are friends with? Have you met your children’s friends and made sure they are the right people for your children to be around? Do you know what your children do with their friends? Do you know what your children spend their money on? All these are very important questions you need to ask yourself to make sure your children don’t fall in the “drug addiction” loop.

The society plays a big role on being the influencers, but it depends on how the person can resist the influence and the peer pressure that’s applied by the society. It all starts with the people who the person decides to surround himself with. There are many types of addictions out there. The most famous type of addiction is drug addiction. Drug addiction is the most common addiction worldwide and the hardest to deal with. There are many ways this type of addiction can start. Such as when an individual is invited to a party and different types of drugs are available for the individual to try. The individual can be a good person that hasn’t tried drugs before and doesn’t feel the need to try them, but due to the peer pressure and the community around him/her, they feel the need to do what everyone else around them is doing just to fit in. Many substances can be addicting on its first dosage. Hardcore drugs similar to cocaine and heroine are chemically addictive, meaning the substances that they have are very addictive and can cause many difficult type of withdrawals that can make a person go insane. As mentioned before, it all starts with a simply try, then the addiction begins. This is where an individual is blinded by the idea that they need drugs to feel satisfied. A person can lose their money, job, family, and everything around them from this dirty addiction.

Apart from drug addiction, another type of addiction is gaming addiction. In our today’s society, gaming is found everywhere whether it was at homes, tablets, iPhones, computers, etc. it is found everywhere and made easy to be accessed. Gaming addiction has many effects on the mental and physical health of an individual. This type of addiction can hurt you without your realization, and the individual who is the victim gets the downfall. The victim of a gaming addiction would want to isolate him/herself from society. All he/she would want to do is to be on their devices playing 24/7. This isolation that a person is putting themselves in leads to depression. In addition to the depression state that gaming leads to, the attention span of a person can also decrease dramatically and their eyesight will drastically become weaker. Who would have ever thought that all this could happen just from being addicted to gaming?

Furthermore, another famous type of addiction that’s also very famous worldwide is gambling addiction. Gambling is more like a “older men’s thing”. It is a very addictive activity which plays with the emotions of the person, because it’s simply a win or lose situation, and normally when people win, they feel very satisfied and the feeling of wanting more keeps haunting them down so they can’t hold themselves back. When a gambler loses however, he/she keeps playing to make up for the loss they have made, and they simply can’t stop themselves. The term people usually say to someone who is addicted to gambling is “go big or go home”. People are usually addicted to the thrill and excitement of the games they play.

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Addiction is a complex problem and it is not easy to deal with. A huge number of people are addicts; whether they are addicted to drugs, gaming, gambling, or whatever it is, they are still addicted to something and they are considered addicts. It is a very serious issue that should be solved. As mentioned, the society plays a big role in this addiction loop which makes it a societal problem. Addicts are not responsible for their addiction because they were influenced into being addicts. Drug addiction is also considered a form of social disease, like prostitution. Not so long ago HIV was also regarded a social disease. That is why Law No. 35/2009 on narcotics and addictive drugs provides treatment and rehabilitation for drug addicts, but not for drug traffickers or dealers. Victims are the ones that were influenced and the society should take the responsibility for them. The society can help solve this issue firstly by providing rehabilitation programs for the victims. After that, the society should look into the reasons into why these people became victims of drug addiction. Is it because of poverty? Is it because the lack of jobs? Whatever the reason is, the society should look into it and find a solution. As victims they deserve empathy, treatment and assistance to get rid of their addiction through rehabilitation.

Recovering from addiction is not easy. A person should be very patient and committed to recover because it is a long, and sometimes painful journey. Although it differs from one addict to the other, for some it might take weeks or months and for others it might even take years. Even though there is a difference between those who intentionally hook up other people to become addicts, and those who are the victim of the former group, however in the end of the day, they are both addicts and should both be treated. After treatment, the society can choose what to do with them and how to punish them, but to start with, all addicts should be treated. Prison is not always the most suitable sort of punishment. Prison, she says, just makes people more miserable and more dependent on drugs when they are released. “This bit about ‘I learned my lesson’ — no, it doesn’t work that way,” she said. “People are hurting inside. That’s why they’re using in the first place.” To put an end to drug addiction, the most important thing is to find out the root causes of drug addiction. We should know the main building block of why individuals decide to start drugs. To avoid drug addiction, we should ensure an education for everyone. This way they will be educated and learn to stay away from these toxic substances. They will learn to spend their time doing healthy things. If we can provide a future that isn’t depressing, that will make people look forward for the future to come, then the majority of drug addicts will disappear.

As a country, we also must tackle root causes, which means ensuring that every kid graduates from high school and that job training and apprenticeships usher disadvantaged young people into decent jobs. The most important kind of drug policy is preventive: It’s about providing a future that isn’t so depressing that people numb themselves with opioids or meth.

Friends can have a huge impact of the behavior of an individual. They can either encourage this toxic behavior or try to protect the individual by pointing out the addiction and try to help the person.

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