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Rehabilitation Programs Essays

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Challenges of Achieving Recovery Based on Rehabilitation Services in Employment

Lots of policies and vocational rehabilitation programs have been set up to encourage people with psychiatric conditions to positively participate in employment. Both rehabilitation services providers and business representatives show their efforts in asserting workers’ rights and promoting a healthier workplace for employees and prospective employees. However, these efforts are not meant to cover up the visible challenges and barriers that still exist in disabilities’ employment. This reviewed paper will explore barriers through three main dimensions: vocational programs, disclosing health...
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The Overview of the Addiction to Games, Sugar, Drugs and Main Methods of Treatment

Based on research, there are 166,000 direct deaths caused by the drug abuse in year 2017. Besides that, there are 0.9% of the global population had a drug use disorder. On the contrary, sugary drinks are responsible for 184,000 deaths each year and research found 133,000 annual deaths happen at the hand of type 2 diabetes. More than 2 billion people worldwide regularly play video games. Studies have found anywhere from 1-10% of gamers struggle with compulsive addiction issues. Example...
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Procedures Regarding Rehabilitation of Juvenile Offenders in the Justice System

Juvenile justice systems are getting rehabilitation wrong by indirectly telling young offenders that they are bad and criminals for life. The contents of this report will offer insight on current procedures regarding rehabilitation of juvenile offenders in the justice system. In order to understand the negative current processes, I took a look at professors and researchers findings on the effects of criminalising and coercing these young people, by limited diversionary programs and low governance. I also dove into the portrayal...
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Actions of the Malaysian Society for the Prevention of Drug Addiction among Youth

Before we effectively deal with drug addiction, we must get a clearer picture of the problem as it stands in the current social context. The development of technology and the transformation of Malaysian society have caused the effort of the government, public institutions and parents in solving the drugs abuse among the young break off. The development of technology is allowing the increase of production of drug, the opening of new trafficking routes, and new markets. But, we still need...
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Key Ways to Combat the Opioid Epidemic in the Roanoke Valley

In today’s society, most nightly news involves gun laws and politics, but one thing it does not traditionally include is opioid-related deaths. This could be because these deaths are so frequent that the media would be flooded with them. As a child, this problem was unfortunately very prominent in my family, and I struggled with watching my brother fall victim to these horrible drugs. One thing is for sure, nobody deserves to see a member of their family struggle through...
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The Need for a Rehabilitation Program for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury

Nearly 350,000 veterans suffer from a traumatic brain injury each year. Which is in a range of about 23%. Veterans go through a lot, when they are on the battlefield. Veterans fight for our freedom, which is why I’m writing about why Holzer Rehabilitation should create a program specifically for veterans with brain trauma because the rehab will aid in the different types of brain injuries, give vets the tools to cope with whatever they used to act out, help...
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