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There has been an ongoing debate on the issue concerning how prisoners should be treated in prisons, the main question being, are inmates only supposed to be punished or is it possible to engage inmates in rehabilitation programs and other means to change them and make them law-abiding and self-reliant once released? According to, (Jones, 2009), the major focus of prison rehabilitation programs should be to increase the inmate’s education or skills level and thus increasing their chances of success...
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Nearly 350,000 veterans suffer from a traumatic brain injury each year. Which is in a range of about 23%. Veterans go through a lot, when they are on the battlefield. Veterans fight for our freedom, which is why I’m writing about why Holzer Rehabilitation should create a program specifically for veterans with brain trauma because the rehab will aid in the different types of brain injuries, give vets the tools to cope with whatever they used to act out, help...
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Juvenile justice systems are getting rehabilitation wrong by indirectly telling young offenders that they are bad and criminals for life. The contents of this report will offer insight on current procedures regarding rehabilitation of juvenile offenders in the justice system. In order to understand the negative current processes, I took a look at professors and researchers findings on the effects of criminalising and coercing these young people, by limited diversionary programs and low governance. I also dove into the portrayal...
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Before we effectively deal with drug addiction, we must get a clearer picture of the problem as it stands in the current social context. The development of technology and the transformation of Malaysian society have caused the effort of the government, public institutions and parents in solving the drugs abuse among the young break off. The development of technology is allowing the increase of production of drug, the opening of new trafficking routes, and new markets. But, we still need...
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Ask children about the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear the words ‘drug addict’ and ‘rehab.’ They will likely tell you that drug addicts are bad people—deranged criminals with no hope of salvation. Their parents would have told them to avoid people who came out from rehab. So, children will have negative thoughts about those people as well. The dehumanization of drug addicts is so pervasive that it permeates the home. The way how media and...
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Based on research, there are 166,000 direct deaths caused by the drug abuse in year 2017. Besides that, there are 0.9% of the global population had a drug use disorder. On the contrary, sugary drinks are responsible for 184,000 deaths each year and research found 133,000 annual deaths happen at the hand of type 2 diabetes. More than 2 billion people worldwide regularly play video games. Studies have found anywhere from 1-10% of gamers struggle with compulsive addiction issues. Example...
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ABSTRACT Attempted suicide is a serious problem requiring mental health interventions, but it continues to be treated under criminal offense under of the Indian Penal Code. Article focuses on the legal viewpoint of an attempt to suicide and the right to die to discuss the unintentional consequences of IPC it also talks about the euthanasia and rights to life and also highlights the need for the decriminalization of attempted suicide in India with different case laws. The Mental Health Care...
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