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Procrastination, Stress And Peer Influence Interrelation

The phrase “Time and tide wait for none” is very well known, and the future of an individual depends on the correct use of time, hence time should always be valued. But there are a few people who like to do things on its latest possible time and like to indulge in more pleasurable things than to complete the intended task in a scheduled manner, such people are known to be “Procrastinators”. Procrastinators are those people who like to procrastinate...
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Dealing With The Peer Pressure

What is peer pressure? Peer pressure simply means the influence of your peers on you. This influence could be of positive or negative effect, but in most cases the later prevails. As humans we want to be accepted and recognize especially by our friends and peers: that sense of belonging is just so tempting and as such we tend to compromise and do all it takes just so we fit in and be accepted by them. This could be dreadful...
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The Correlation Between Peer Group Pressure And A Student's Academic Performance

Abstract Adolescence is a transitional period, where an individual transition from a child to an adult. During this period, adolescent teenagers are highly prone to experience peer pressure in them schools. The types of peer pressure individuals face in society today are vastly different when compared to records a few years ago. Peer pressure is a powerful social construct as it has the ability to influence an individual from what to wear, say, do or wheatear or not to engage...
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Peer Pressure As A Factor Of Online Buying Behavior

Peer pressure can be said as a social phenomenon where a pressure is exerted by members of a society and a social group which influence on a person’s behaviour though not always negative but majorly towards socially undesirable behaviour such as the ones where people are resistant or not much inclined to do. Younger lot such as teenagers and adolescents are more vulnerable to peer pressure because of the age where being gullible is more than expected because the mind...
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The Difference Between Peer Pressure And Peer Influence

Growing up as a teenager in the 21st century holds a unique set of perks and drawbacks. Highly exposed to technology and social media, children and young students are getting fonder of socialization. Preferring friends of the same age group for any kind of solutions, suggestions, and advice, the current generation is finding more comfort in peers rather than family members. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, the friend circle of today’s kid is comprised of children with distinctive preferences in...
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Factors Contributing to Underage Drinking

The studies used for this systematic review primarily captivated the negative aspects of alcohol use and sought to either diminish or inhibit adolescent alcohol use. The methods for this research involved a combination of longitudinal studies, quantitative studies, qualitative studies, systematic reviews, and cross-sectional studies. Profound data from articles gathered through NUSS, ECBO host, and various other databases were utilized. Among numerous articles, 25 were chosen and consistently exhibited underage drinking is a true public health concern. The population of...
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Peer Pressure In High School

How would you feel if you were controlled by people or a certain group? Would you do something that you don’t want, like smoking, drugs, and drinking alcohol? Let me inform you that you are damaging yourself as an individual, and making others control you as if you are a game or a puppet by causing you to do things that can damage or mischief you on the long-term. As high school student, I am presented to such things consistently....
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Influence of Parents Vs Peers: Essay

Adolescents look for a way of identity or a way of personal identity through a search and interrogation of personal values and beliefs and goals. Adolescent identity plays a vital role because it’s the primary time when physical development, cognitive skills, and social expectations coincide that enable adolescents to know childhood identifications so as to construct a viable pathway toward their adulthood. Adolescence is the period that observes the feeling of personality or identity. Erikson believes that every individual experiences...
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Effect Of Emotional Maturity On Academic Stress, Peer Pressure And Social Competence

The Study was conducted to find the effect of Emotional Maturity on Academic stress, Peer Pressure and Social Competence. The sample included 209 students studying in II PU. Emotional Maturity Scale by Singh and Bhargava (1991), Peer Pressure Scale by Singh and Saini (2010), Student’s Stress Scale by Akhtar (2011) and Social Competence Scale by Sharma and Rani (2013) was used to collect the data. The results of the study indicates that the sample of the study was found to...
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Peer Pressure: Reasons And Consequences

‘’Peer pressure is stress of strain you feel from friends and school mates to act , behave , think and look a certain way. This kind of pressure can cover anything from fashion through sex and dating,’’ (Goldsmith) Changes are the significant part of our lifes .Everyone in this world wants a change in something .A life without a change becomes boring and mainstream which ultimately makes one’s life dull and pathetic .Sometimes the changes we make in our lifes...
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How To Handle Online Peer Pressure

Introduction There can be instances when you feel you’re being pressured to do things you’re uncomfortable with. For such instances, you should be stern and know what is right and what is not. Some teens and adults are desperate to fit in the group even if it includes unfair practices, but you should 2/11/2020 reading time: 6minutes know the difference between fitting in and spoiling yourself and you are smart enough to know what you should do in such cases....
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