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The Formation Of Singapore Girl

Pierre Balmain inadvertently created a national icon when he designed a kebaya in batik print to accompany a snug wrap skirt meant to be the sarong. The sartorial splendour of the sarong kebaya uniform, further accentuated by its hourglass shape and three-quarter sleeves, was an instant hit with the public, thanks to its femininity and fulfilment for the previous lack of ‘national identity’. My paper will explore the discursive construction of the Singapore girl in the light of a changing...
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The Effects Of Advertisement On Girls

There are many factors that contribute to the overall influence that an advertisement can have on an audience. In 2011 the Girl Scout organization placed an advertisement to spread the message and increase the awareness of this program, which was created to appeal to parents and a variety of girls with different personalities. This ad’s effectiveness relies on the choice of text, its arrangement, and rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos to appeal to the young girls as well...
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Visual Analysis Of The Afghan Girl

The notorious photo of the ‘obscure’ Afghan Girl was shot by columnist Steve McCurry in mid 1980s. It turned into a notable photo after it was included in the June 1985 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Formally distinguished as Sharbat Gula in 2002, the Afghan young lady was around 12 years of age when the photo was taken by McCurry in an evacuee camp in Pakistan. Having lost her folks amid the military control of Afghanistan by recent Soviet Union...
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Essay on Sports Development Initiatives for Girls and Boys

Big World Impact is an international charity that aims to create safe sustainable futures for the youth of the world. Their mission is to educate, empower and sustain. They also aim to keep the youth out of trouble and instead get them interested and involved in different sports and areas within sports. An example of their work would be the progress that they have made in Leigh Park since 2014. After just 3 months of delivering activities at Leigh Park,...
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Girl Effect In Nike's Campaign

Media campaigns, especially those by a well – known brand, generate a lot of interest. Campaigns which are a part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) attract viewers and investors with their branding strategies. Nike’s ‘girl effect’ campaign does just that. It has received widespread support from multinational organisations and their programmes run in many countries. However, as a researcher in the field of cross cultural studies, it is important to look beyond the attractive advertisements to understand what is truly...
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Doing Things Like A Girl Concept

What would you do if I asked you to run like a girl? Would you run differently to how you normally would, or the same? There are many misconceptions of what it means to do things as a girl, and these ideologies cause boundaries and expectations for girls to face. These limits set by society can be very harmful to a girl’s self-worth and self-confidence, especially during puberty and adolescence as they are growing and learning more about the world...
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Essay on Girls Abuse: Female Genital Mutilation Cutting (FGMC) in Dodoma Region

Female genital mutilation cutting (FGMC) in Dodoma Region Research titles. Assessment of prevalence of female genital mutilation cutting in Dodoma Region. Assessment of factors influencing female genital mutilation cutting in Dodoma Region. Assessment of the impact of female genital mutilation cutting in the Dodoma Region. Title objectives. Assessment of the factors influencing female genital mutilation cutting in the Dodoma Region The broad objective of the study. To assess the factors that influence the female genital mutilation practice in the Dodoma...
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Determination of Factors Influencing High Dropout Rate of Primary School Girl Student among Maasai Community

The main purpose of the study is to examine the factor that influences high dropout rate of primary girl pupils among the Maasai community which seem to be high specifically at Arusha in Tanzania. The study will involve only three districts which are Longido, Meru and Ngorongoro found in the Arusha region, in which the Stratified probability sampling method will be used and data will be collected by using questionnaires and interviews. The study will look on different factors such...
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Research Project on Challenges for Girl Children

1.1 Introduction The problem and its setting. Child abuse has taken different forms and manifests it’s ugly head in sexual, physical, substance, kidnapping, verbal and neglect among other common various forms. Rituals that involve the disappearance and killings of young and adolescents and killings of young and adolescents children are rife in Zimbabwe and as such parents and to a larger extent, communication are on the alert regarding the perpetrators of the various forms of abuse, either by strangers or...
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Analytical Essay on Gender and Identity in Children’s Literature: Boys Versus Girls

Research Task This essay will be addressing Gender and Identity in children’s literature. These books are children’s first glimpse into education and it is partially what helps to shape their minds and opinions of the world around them, this includes how they view their own identity and how they view each gender. When referring to “Gender Identity” I will be addressing how people view what they should act like, what they should like, and what interests them based off their...
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The Influence of a Binary Understanding of Gender on Children's Experiences

In this essay I will be discussing the different ways of how an understanding of gender as a binary, has an impact on the experiences of childhood and/or youth. I will be discussing several ideas/understandings of gender as a binary and review the influences on childhood and youth experiences. I will split this essay into three parts, starting with how binarism affects boys and young males, how binarism affects girls and young females, and the part will be how society,...
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Little Girls or Little Women: Analysis of Disney Princess Effect

Parents should write a petition to Disney to make their princesses fit the mold of young girls across the world and protest the amount of sexualization that is being presented to girls through TV and the Internet. Stephanie Hanes (2011), author of ‘Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect’, claims that Disney stated: “The Disney princesses teach girls valuable life lessons like kindness and the love for animals”. Several parents have found themselves mixed up in the controversy...
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Gender-competent Experience of Education and Learning for Girls and Women

Introduction As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” (UN General Assembly. Article 1) Gender inequalities between women and men are embedded throughout society and can be defined as unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. As a typical feature of school culture, gender stereotypes are reinforced through everyday actions, the education system is no exception. As such, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural...
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