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How Can Governments Mitigate The Illegal Movement Of Vulnerable Women And Girls Across Borders?

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Human Trafficking is an inhumane transnational phenomenon that affects virtually every country within the globe; it constitutes the second major basis for illegal income. Subsequently, it is determined by socio-economic factors that reflects how people interact on a daily basis. According to The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Human Trafficking is conceptualized as “the recruitment…or receipt of persons…by forms of coercion…for the purpose of exploitation” (UNODC, 2006, p. 6). The term is generally comprehended to mean the process through which victims are moved across borders illegally and forced to work in an exploitative situation for economic pursuits. Human trafficking mainly consists of women and girls, as it is estimated that 97 % of those coerced into the act comprise of females that are used solely for sexual purposes (UNODC, 2014). Notably, several tactics of manipulations are used to coerce women and girls especially those who are socioeconomically vulnerable. For instance, they normally target the poor by ensnaring them into fabricated promises of lucrative employment contracts and educational benefits abroad. However, governments have failed to create national, regional and international measures to combat this issue. Therefore, in order to mitigate the causes that expose women and girls to trafficking, governments should improve employment opportunities, establish educational entities and eliminate gender inequality.

Developing employment opportunities at home is a dominant measure that governments can utilize to mitigate the trafficking of women across borders. It is evident that chronic unemployment normally forces women to be more inclined to exploitation. As such, human trafficking can be alleviated by the provision of effective job training where females are not limited to traditional employment areas. IOM-Kosovo Press Briefing-2002 (as cited in Jahic, 2009) posited that “…of the women trafficked…68 percent reported being recruited with a job promise…” (p.38 ). Basically, the privation of employment opportunities at home blended with the desire to seek job opportunities elsewhere drive women to be traded across borders. Subsequently, women are accustomed to traditional ‘female jobs’ of serving and nurturing such as domestic services (housekeeping) and baby-sitting, respectively; as such they readily respond to these job offers putting them at risk of being trafficked (Burke, 2013). Therefore, governments can increase these job opportunities for women at home in order to abate the number of females being lured by falsified job offerings abroad.

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I. The trafficking of women and girls can be reduced by governments’ intervention in establishing educational and vocational entities for the benefit of these vulnerable victims.

  • A. Governments can limit the illegal trading across borders by improving the accessibility to educational, and skill training institutions to females (UNODC, 2006).
  • B. Governments can create social programmes that encompass literacy and communication skills that aim to improve literacy rate among females.
  • C. By providing opportunities for educational and social upliftment, the governments can diminish the likelihood of vulnerability to trafficking among females.

II. The implementation of specific gender based measures to eliminate gender discriminations and empower women and girls in society, are key factors to combating human trafficking.

  • A. Policies may be instituted to exclude gender discrimination in employment by discontinuing the income disparity earnings between genders (Grown et al, 2006).
  • B. Eradicating the traditional societal norms of devaluing females’ roles in society is a measure governments may employ to lessen illegal movement across the globe (Bruce, 2013).
  • C. By deftly utilizing these tactics, governments are able to empower females, thereby preventing their susceptibility to traffickers.

The illegal movement of women and girls across borders is usually driven by the lack of socioeconomic opportunities such as insufficient job opportunities, access to educational gains and violence against women in society. However, the issue of trafficking can be prevented by measure(s) and policies implemented by the governments. Measures such as creating employment possibilities for women, opening access to education and training for girls to advance in life and empowering women by combating gender imbalance in the workplace; are major swords for fighting human trafficking. Subsequently, these measures can prevent women and girls from resorting to trafficking.


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