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Immigration Reform is a political attempt to change a country’s immigration laws. The Trump administration has had one goal clear from the beginning: stopping illegal immigration. Trump has made numerous questionable decisions such as vowing to his supporters that he will build a wall along the Mexican-American border and initiating ...

a “travel ban” from predominantly Muslim countries. While illegal immigration is against the law, the efforts of the Trump administration to stop illegal immigration are harmful to America. The first downfall to the actions of the Trump Administration is the cost to the American taxpayer. According to Liberty Vitrett’s article, ”Trump’s Border Wall”, a border wall would cost, “from as little as $8 billion to as much as $70 billion [to build], with anywhere from $150 million per year to $750 million per year in maintenance.” This would be an alarmingly large amount of money to spend on a wall that would not solve the problems Trump claims it would solve and would actually hurt the economy. If the wall is built, that means Americans will have to spend upwards of $750 million dollars a year in just maintenance. Trump claims building a border wall will save Americans money in the long run, but for most Americans who have not been as fortunate as Trump, $750 million per year is a lot to take out of the taxpayer’s budget. In contrast, a tweet by Donald Trump himself claims, “Illegal immigration costs the United States more than 200 Billion Dollars a year.” Trump’s tweet is completely wrong according to research done by NBC news. In Jane Timm’s article, “Fact check: How much does illegal immigration cost”, she points out that research done by the Heritage Foundation indicates that illegal immigrants cost the U.S. around 54 billion dollars per year. The true number 54 billion dollars per year is a far cry from Trump’s staggering claims of “$200 billion” per year spent by undocumented immigrants. The $70 billion dollar wall, not including the yearly maintenance, is also much more expensive than illegal immigrants. Considering the wall will not stop the majority of illegal immigration, trying to argue that “the wall” would save Americans money is simply not true. In his article, “Ramos: 40% of undocumented immigrants come by air”, Joe Greenberg discusses how undocumented immigrants enter the US and he reports that, “27 and 40 percent of all undocumented immigrants came here on planes”. Obviously, a border wall would have no effect on those who simply travel in commercial flights and overstay their visa.

This is important to consider because most illegal immigrants are not coming into America in the ways the media portrays them. It is also important to understand this because it shows just how ineffective a border wall would be on the majority of illegal immigration. In the past, American mass racist deportations have ended in catastrophe. Starting with America attacking Mexico for no reason and taking over 500,000 square miles of land just because they could (Griswold del Castillo). Ever since this the American government has made illegal immigration illegal and legal whenever convenient for them. During the ’30s and ’40s, local and state officials deported up to 2 million Mexicans (Florido). Soon after the deportations, World War II began! The United States changed their mind, and decided they do need Mexicans after all! Congress enacted the Bracero Program and welcomed Mexicans to the U.S. to fill jobs left behind by soldiers (The Bracero Program). This cycle has happened for years and does not seem to be coming to an end. Even if someone is a legal immigrant, they still face hardships brought by the Trump administration. As of 2019, there are only 58 immigration courts in the entire United States. There are almost 30 times more Radio Shacks than there are immigration courts (Brustein). This is a big problem for families who do not live near an immigration court, some even having to Skype for their case. Immigration courts currently have a very large backlog of 489,000 cases (Immigration Court Backlog Tool). This system is so underfunded, there are only 250 judges in the entire country! Each judge handles 1,500 cases a year. That’s over three times as many as regular judges. This is a terrible problem because often judges are rushed to make a decision or they face being fired for not working fast enough. Immigration courts do not provide lawyers, even to unaccompanied minors. Many illegal immigrants come to work during specific seasons for farming reasons. If the border wall is built then smuggling illegal immigrants across the border will become much more expensive. Therefore, illegal immigrants are much more likely to just stay in the United States.

Many of these illegal immigrants would love to become legal immigrants, but even with a family member who is a U.S. citizen, it is almost impossible to obtain citizenship. Many are too scared to even begin the process of becoming a citizen out of fear of deportation. “The only ways to get permanent residency in the U.S. are to have an immediate family member sponsor you, to get an employment-based visa requiring high levels of education, to have a case of the prosecution in your homeland that is recognized by the U.S. government, or to be a genius, extremely rich, or a star athlete or artist”(NFWM). If the Trump administration is so against illegal immigration, they should make the path to legal citizenship less scary and impossible. Overall, the current system of immigration provided by the Trump administration is unacceptable and the “solutions” being presented by Trump are frankly, disgusting.

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Major Issue Of Social Inequality: Illegal Immigrants On American Lands

Is it a wise idea to remove all illegal immigrants from our country? How would you feel if you were a child who is sent to a new country that you barely know of? When we, as the United States, think about illegal Immigrants, we think about the words undocumented, unauthorized, And foreigners. According to Google, an estimated half a million Illegal immigrants enter the United States annually. The way these individuals are treated is a major issue of social...
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Illegal Immigration And Drug Trafficking: Implication Of Manpower Export

Introduction It refers to people who have migrated to the country in violation of the country’s immigration laws or who do not have legal residency to continue to live. The most common pattern of illegal immigration is the development of countries with low socioeconomic levels to more developed countries. This could lead to the risk of immigration detention or deportation or other sanctions. Some movements discourage the use of the term ‘illegal immigration’, often based on the argument that day-to-day...
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Illegal Immigration: Should it be Legal?

Trump has strong opinions on illegal immigration, should Australia follow… or not? There has been a recent spark in the public interest of the subject of illegal immigration, most attribute it to the said radical views of the President of the US: Donald J. Trump. There is a lot of controversy especially on his proposal to build a giant wall along the US-Mexico border to “keep out the illegal aliens”. Who allegedly “cost the Americans upwards of $200 billion per...
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Political Issue: Illegal Immigration In America

When asked what I considered the most critical political issue in America, immediately I thought: immigration, specifically illegal immigration. It’s been a hot topic for a while, but more so recently because President Trump has been pushing for immigration reform, deportation, and the building of a wall that will divide the border between the United States and Mexico. Our Commander in Chief has ruffled quite a few feathers and is not swayed by people’s negative connotation when he mentions such...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Free and Illegal Immigration

Immigration referring to the worldwide movement of individuals into a destination nation of which they are not natives because of social, economic and political reasons. In this paper I am going to present four authors arguments that are Risse and Kukathas relatively in favor of immigration. Brock and Mills is in favor of reducing immigration. They all have different reasons for free and restricted immigration but have similar views which will be further discussed in this essay. To support my...
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Unjust Criminalization of Mexican Immigrants

Drop in opium prices cause poor poppy farmers in Mexico to migrate to the U.S., raising tensions between Mexico and the Trump administration. President Trump uses the stereotype of Mexicans being criminals, violent individuals and drug syndicates to further his anti-immigrant campaign. However, studies prove these stereotypes are false. There are better ways to solve issues surrounding illegal immigration and drug trafficking without unjustly criminalizing immigrants. A woman with her child on her back scratches poppy pods to extract opium...
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Should Illegal Immigrants Be Granted Residency Argumentative Essay

Immigrants are Welcome Here Imagine being a guest at someone’s house. How would you feel if you were asked to leave by another guest? Chances are you would probably think the other guest had no authority to ask you to leave, especially considering they are only guests themselves. The country now referred to as the United States of America is a place where people have migrated for over 400 centuries. Let’s go back to the 1600s when the first immigrants...
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The Increase Of Illegal Immigrants In Malaysia

Immigrants are divided into two categories which are immigrants who come into a country with permission by using legal and valid documents and then there are also immigrants who come into a country without permission and any valid or legal documents. These types of people are called illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants refer to people that migrate into a country illegally in search of a job or a continued residence of people without legal right to live in that country due...
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Illegal Immigration: Internal Conflict With The Idea Of Freedom And Opportunities

We come into contact with texts every day; it is everything we see and experience. A thesis is what we are attracted to and an antithesis is what we are opposed to. These texts make up the self, who we are as individuals/people. This essay will examine how the perspective of individuals attempts to comprehend the perspective of those who are opposed to illegal immigration and those who are illegal immigrants. This will inform our own outlook in life, particularly...
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Development Of People Smuggling And Illegal Immigration Over Time

This essay will look at how people smuggling and illegal immigration have evolved through time and how and what policymakers have and should do as a response. People smuggling is the act of assisting individuals to cross international borders without official authorization in return for compensation that is either financial or material (Hidalgo, 2016). This essay will look to examine why this is considered an international crime, the reasons behind the motives of both migrants and people smugglers as well...
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Illegal Immigration And Human Trafficking: It's Time To Get Serious

Centuries ago we gradually came to a halt in slave trading. Seeing human being as commodities of equal standing with other items of trade remains a repulsive thought. And it is a disheartening part of our history as humans. Sadly, the extent of this form of trade happened more in Africa, known as the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Slaves taken from the continent became the workforce in the agricultural fields of Europe and America. And today they have become the black...
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