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Discussion about History of Alien and Sedition Acts in Broadway Musical

Hamilton “Alexander Hamilton as Immigrant, Musical Mythology Meets Federalist Reality” by Phillip W. Magness, sets out to identify and illustrate the point that the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, by Lin-Manuel Miranda, has misinterpreted Hamilton’s agenda and characteristics. Magness believes that Miranda’s depiction “falls short of hagiography”, meaning it was almost as if writing about a saint, and that it was done in pursuit of art, as well as regarding Hamilton’s ongoing character rehabilitation. The musical emphasizes the immigrant status of...
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The Peculiarities Of Immigration Policy In The USA

The United States of America is often seen as a melting pot. A metaphor that describes the many different nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities that make up this country. This all started when Europeans and many others fled their countries because of crop failure, land and job shortages, rising taxes, and famine. America was seen as a land of economic opportunity and they were looking for a better life. It was the best choice for anyone seeking political asylum, jobs, or...
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The Perspectives And Government Actions Of Immigration Reforms For Muslims And Hispanic

The US, while founded by immigration, is surprisingly stringent in their outlook on the Latinx border and from Muslim countries, many times families being demonized by the president. To combat this, the policy of DACA is being enacted to recognize immigrants as potential workers and participants in American society, something that should not only be kept but expanded on. Following events like 9/11, Muslim and even Latinx immigrants to an extent have been demonized by American politics, in which democrats...
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Bipartisan Approach Of Immigration Reform In The USA

The aim of this essay is to show Barack Obama’s attempt to influence Congress to pass the immigration reform 2013-2014, in which a number of issues have to be addressed such as what the immigration reform and how the relationship between congress and the presidency affects the passing the bill, the issue of the importance of legislating the immigration reform 2013-2014 has to be addressed, which method did the presidency try to use to get the legislation passed, how the...
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Reforming American Immigration Act Of 2019: Main Ideas And Opponents

Section I. Title This Act may be cited as the “Reforming American Immigration Act of 2019” and is sponsored by Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, who represents the state of South Carolina. Senator Lindsey Graham has long supported a comprehensive immigration reform. One that increases the number of legal immigrants as well as the number of visas for skilled workers. Graham supports a system that deports any criminals currently living here illegally. Amnesty may be granted to some of the individuals...
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The Necessity Of Lawyer In Immigration Processes

When being an immigrant you must go through lots of processes to become a citizen in the US most involving lawyers. Before becoming a citizen in the US, you need to go see a lawyer to help you in court. Sometimes you can do it on your own. Should immigrants use lawyers/should we as in Americans let them stay? Yes, they should use lawyers because they know how the government works. We should most definitely let immigrants stay because they...
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