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The Necessity Of Lawyer In Immigration Processes

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When being an immigrant you must go through lots of processes to become a citizen in the US most involving lawyers. Before becoming a citizen in the US, you need to go see a lawyer to help you in court. Sometimes you can do it on your own. Should immigrants use lawyers/should we as in Americans let them stay? Yes, they should use lawyers because they know how the government works. We should most definitely let immigrants stay because they build a culture in America.

I think that when you’re an immigrant you should get help from anyone trying to help. A lawyer is sometimes the best to look to when you're becoming a citizen. In the book ‘’ immigration: policies, challenges, and impacts’ talks about how there are 1,607 bills related to immigration and refugees alone. In going through all that you would want help going through all the bills related because as someone who doesn’t know laws. You would need help explaining. On the article on ‘’ more than a dreamer less than a promise’’ talks about an act that could help temporary citizens. Not everyone knows the aspects in which this act helps. When becoming a DREAMER or trying to learn about you need a lawyer/ someone who knows their way around the government. In conclusion, if you’re trying to become a citizen the best way is to have a lawyer. Also, it's your choice if u want one or not.

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When having and growing in a country I find as though having immigrants are and make up the culture. In the magazine titled ‘’ immigration issues in America,’’ it says that there are 43 million immigrants in America. This shows that most Americans are or know someone who is an immigrant. They make up our country. In the same magazine title, it talks about how most come here and are willing to work. They served the economy for the best. If they’re coming here and are willing to work at jobs no one else is willing to work let them. In conclusion, we should allow people of all backgrounds willing to help stay. They add culture to the world.

Although, I do get why they make the process harder for immigrants to become citizens. Cause, they could also bring chaos, warfare, and hatred to America. At the same time, I find that having and helping immigrants makes the world evolve into something greater. Immigrants change the way we look at things and adds a new thing to explore to your country.

So, back to my question should immigrants have lawyers and are allowed to stay? Yes, they should be allowed and want to. All evidence shows and points to every reason why immigrants aren’t bad and should be able to have lawyers help them. They deserve the same help as the US citizens get. My final statement is that we should allow immigrants to come in live freely and have the rights as all citizens do.

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