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Question Presented Have the first amendment rights been violated when students take a stand against gun control by selling t-shirts, even though at first their principle gave permission to sell the t-shirts to promote their protest on gun violence and then gave Kylie a suspension at the cost of a scholarship? Short Answer Yes. Under the Constitution, the First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech for Americans does not stop at the door for students if there is no disruption,...
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Statement of facts This is a case of first impression regarding the protection of Jennifer Morgan’s First Amendment rights. Defendant suspended fifteen-year old Jennifer Morgan for posting memes to Instagram with her personal cellphone from the privacy of her bedroom. (Dep. of Jennifer Ann Morgan, 4:15-32.) Typically a high achiever and an “A” student, Ms. Morgan received a “C” in Ms. O’Malley’s class. Morgan Dep. 1:18-20. Bewildered and confused, Ms. Morgan sought advice from fellow classmates and discovered that none...
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Introduction In America, School Corporation shave a Constitutional duty to uphold the law and apply it to ever student registered student in the public school system within the Free Appropriate Public Education Statute established by Public law. Statutes that are established based on public law are weighed in higher scrutiny and held to higher expectations to protect the rights of citizens. American Public Education is governing by Federal Constitution and the government is accountable to carry out all acts of...
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Part 1 A. Schenck v. United States was a case that would define the limits of the First Amendment’s right to free speech. Following the United States' entrance into the first world war, the Espionage Act was passed. The goal of the act was to prohibit interference with recruiting and military operations and also the aiding of the enemy in wartime. Charles Schenck was against the war, so he helped to distribute leaflets to draftees disencouraging them to join the...
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Facts: Heidi Blum, a student at Aloha High School attended a community health fair held in city park in May of last year. Heidi Blum attended the fair with her family which included her mother, father, and younger brother. Aloha High School held a school-sponsored booth at the fair. An Aloha High School student who was also attending the fair took a photograph of Heidi Blum holding a sign which read, “Be compassionate, legalize marijuana for medical purpose.” The picture...
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