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For as long as President Trump has been president, immigration to this country has absurdly increased and has become a controversy amongst many politicians and citizens. A state of emergency was placed because the United States was threatened by the invasion of illegal immigrants. The president used this threat as a way to make more tariffs on Mexico if they didn’t act out and come up with a solution to stop this border crisis. According to President Donald Trump’s statement “Statement from the President Regarding Emergency Measures to Address the Border Crisis.” Trump explains how this situation would affect the country and its citizens and the way it will affect relations with Mexico. He states, “Mexico’s passive cooperation in allowing this mass incursion constitutes an emergency and extraordinary threat to the national security and economy of the United States”. (Trump 2) Trump has seen this as a way to make Mexico guilty of such a threat and will make sure they are held responsible for whatever happens with the U.S.’s security and economy. The speech has persuasive devices to make sure that the audience receives the message and possibly takes the desired action. In this case, the speech is meant to persuade the Mexican government to stop illegal immigration, persuade the citizens, and show the horror behind illegal immigration.

Many people have concluded that such an invasion would’ve had effects in their lives and families in many ways, especially in the way that crime and drugs were involved. In reality, most of the crime and drug abuse in this country is coming from its own people but in a way find a reason to blame the immigrants. This is what Trump has told the American people about illegal immigration and tries to cover up the fact that this isn’t true. However, he indeed finds a reason to blame everything on immigration and he does so throughout his statement, continuously talking about the same topic but using different perspectives. In various parts, he mentions how people are welcomed legally but as soon as one steps foot here illegally he considers them “gang members, smugglers, human traffickers,” he then proceeds to talk about how these problems affect the economy. Trump not only wants Mexico to solve this problem but also wants it to take measures and offer shelter for those who are coming from Central America. He states, “Over the years, Mexico has made massive amounts of money in its dealings with the U.S., and this includes a tremendous number of jobs leaving our country”. (Trump 6) With such a percentage of immigration, Mexico has many jobs to offer those who are seeking to come into the U.S., meaning that both Mexico and the U.S. have the same opportunities for these people and don’t have to come into this country for a better life, bettering life conditions and hurting the economy. Justification hasn’t been made as to why Trump is making this whole situation a Mexico problem and expects them to stop the hundreds of people from coming any less far. He reasons that the U.S. has been a very helpful hand when Mexico was at its lowest point and now it’s time for Mexico to pay back the favor and the way of doing so is by preventing immigration.

For years, this country has relied on Mexico but now there seem to be numerous reasons as to why things are not being dealt with like before. The main reason that this is occurring is the border crisis on the Southern border of the U.S. This crisis is tensing relations with the Mexican and U.S. governments by Trump threatening to raise the tariffs if there is no instant action. Trump makes it clear to the American people that if there is no action, he will make sure that Mexico pays for everything that will relate to the immigration situation. Not only does he address this to his fellow Americans but the Mexican government:

Similarly, if Mexico still has not taken action to dramatically reduce or eliminate the number of illegal aliens crossing its territory into the United States, tariffs will be increased to 15 percent on August 1, 2019, to 20 percent on September 1, 2019, and 25 percent on October 1, 2019. (Trump 5)

Trump makes it clear to Mexico that tariffs will increase every time that illegal immigrants are crossing and making their way to the U.S. His words don’t make this as convincing as he tries to make it seem, instead, it makes it look like an idea Trump just threw in his statement. As well with the name-calling, he says illegal aliens as if these people aren’t people.

Thousands of dollars have been invested in this country's security and law-making but none of it seems to be effective. Trump says that this crisis is a calamity that may not have a solution any time soon, meaning the border is unsecured. However, he also makes it sound like the calamity isn’t immigration, instead, it's him with his outrageous comments making his supporters a threat to others by their violent actions. Nonetheless, he blames the Democrats too, by stating, “Democrats in Congress are fully aware of this horrible situation and yet refuse to help in any way, shape, or form”. (Trump 8) The immigration situation is causing both Democrats and Republicans to have contrary ideas as to how this can be resolved. It is making many people in Congress rethink their beliefs on illegal immigration and not have any ideas of how to come up with solutions. Countless times President Trump calls out the Democrats for not fully doing their job right and for accepting the idea that these immigrants come here illegally instead of agreeing with him.

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The outrageous death numbers are increasing every hour since these people are stuck in the Southern border. These people are risking their lives by coming here but don’t think of what they will have to deal with as soon as they reach the border. It is said that one of the main reasons that many die along the way is because of the coyotes and cartels who fool them, making them think they have easy access to the country. However, is any of this true? Trump is not quite the person to be saying facts rather he is just blurting out what he believes will make the immigration situation look threatening. For example, Trump states, “For decades, the United States has suffered the severe and dangerous consequences of illegal immigration” (3). He isn’t going based on facts that are true instead he goes at random statements which in a way many people will believe it’s true because illegal immigration hasn’t always been going on for decades. The idea is to make immigrants a dangerous object for citizens to agree with.

Logos is another undisputed persuasive device that authors use. The speaker relies on facts and data to arrive at conclusions. The speech uses logic to show how serious the matter is. For example, Trump says, “From a safety, national security, military, economic, and humanitarian standpoint, we cannot allow this grave disaster to continue.” (3) This is a fact that the audience cannot deny. The author also goes ahead and says, “Billions of dollars are made, and countless lives are ruined, by these ruthless and merciless criminal organizations.” (Trump 7)He has used logos so effectively that the audience, which is the Mexican government, in this case, can see clearly, there is a need to address the issue.

Trump also uses pathos to evoke the emotions of the citizens of the United States of America in order to seek their support. For instance, he says, “Gang members, smugglers, human traffickers, and illegal drugs and narcotics of all kinds are pouring across the Southern Border and directly into our communities.” This sentence is not only intended to convince the Mexican government but also, to inform the American citizens that they are directly and severely affected. Note how he uses ‘our’ in that sentence. This implies that every American citizen can feel the impact and probably get emotional about the situation. The speech successfully utilizes the use of pathos because the speaker aims to appeal to the emotions of both the Mexican government and the Americans, and the words that he uses achieve this goal.

Like pathos, Trump’s ethos appeal is to show concern throughout the whole statement, as if the country was in danger of something foreign and dangerous. Leaving his audience with a thought of what the country is dealing with the consequences it's suffering as of today and how it will suffer later on if there is no quick action. He doesn’t establish as many credible sources but instead, he goes based on ideas he has come up with suggestions that he is just doing this to add more fame to his name. Credibility isn’t one of Trump’s top resources since most of his comments aren’t ideological and are just based on beliefs. Trump also demonstrates his ignorance when he mentions that this country has always been the “piggy bank” and countries are constantly asking for money when in reality the U.S. is the only country with the most debt. However, he intends to objectify immigrants and their effect on this economy, how it will affect relations amongst all citizens, and moreover, ruin his reputation as a president.

Diction is different from the use of language in that while language refers to all the words used, diction is the use of words in a specific way. The essay uses denotative words in that every word used is used to mean exactly that. It is also important to note that the speech contains tough words like alien, illegal disaster, overwhelmingly et cetera. These words affect how the audience receives the message. On that note, Trump has used diction effectively in this speech to make sure that the message is delivered, precisely, and clearly and that it facilitates a particular reaction once the audience receives the message. Trump, for example, uses simple and straightforward language to make sure that the common American citizens understand his message clearly. In other words, trump uses concrete language with no colloquialism or hard jargon. Moreover, he uses formal language since it is a universally accepted language.

Illegal immigration affects the United States in many ways. It is for this reason that Trump gives this statement and declares that he will do anything under his power to make sure that illegal immigration through the Mexican-American border has stopped. As seen above, trump uses various rhetoric and persuasive devices to make sure that he presents his argument clearly and persuasively.

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