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Neo-pluralism rejects the idea of a totalitarian society. This means it does not only tolerate many ideas however it accepts other opinions, religions, and cultures. It is not the concept of a pure democracy where the majority gets what they want and the minority remains at a disadvantage (Dryzek & Dunleavy, 2009). This is exactly what happened during the mid-term elections. The important factor that stood out in this mid-term election is the culture wars.

The mid-term elections are divided into two categories. The House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives holds four hundred and thirty-five seats and serves for two years. The Senate is valid for six-year terms and holds thirty-five seats (Kilbride & Howard, 1100). The mid-term elections take place every four years. This will help determine Donald Trump's success as a president. The Results show that Donald Trump is, in fact, failing as a president. America is clearly divided into pro-trump voters and those who want Trump to resign (Leslie Vinjamuri)

Neo-pluralism clearly did not take place during the elections when Trump was elected. In actuality, the ideas that Donald Trump had and still abides by them, were against multi-culturalism, in fact, he still wants to build a wall around the U.S. border between North America and Mexico. This was also evident when Trump introduced the pushback of mainly Syrian refugees and rejected visas that were coming from mainly Latin America and Africa. Some Americans were happy as they understood how Donald Trump is keeping his promises to reject the idea of multiculturalism.

The Elite theory is believed to have been founded by Weber as he came up with the domination and power theory. (Matias López, 2013). Pareto (1935) compared the elites to lions and foxes. “The lions were domination by force and the foxes were domination by skill and persuasion” (Matias López, 2013; pg. 2) the elite theory states that only a small group of people will have power. This results in no power to the people, therefore, the authority will be given to the same small amount of people, the elites (Matias López, 2013). Today elites can practically come from anywhere, however, they should possess the right resources to rise to power (Matias López, 2013). The elites will come together so as they become untouchable (Matias López, 2013). This was happening when Donald Trump and his administration were elected. It also happened when Trump proposed the idea of immigration visas and the Mexican wall, many protested but at the end of the day, this was down to Donald Trump and his elites.

What happened next, is how the result was shaped during the mid-term elections. Celebrities started to tweet how wrong this is. Many of them reminded Americans how most Americans are not native and their ancestors were refugees to find a better life just like today`s refugees. Many people were pointing out how ironic Donald Trump is as his wife is an immigrant. People started to raise questions and accuse the president of being racist.

Apart from this, the former president of the United States of America; Barack Obama, took the opportunity to warn all citizens how dangerous the situation has gotten (Amanda Vinicky, 2018). He spoke about how Trump and his elite party are brainwashing people and as a result, people are not seeing the whole truth which will give more power to the elites (Amanda Vinicky, 2018)

“Demagogues promise simple fixes to complex problems they’ll promise to fight for the little guy, even as they cater to the wealthiest and most powerful. They’ll promise to clean up corruption and then plunder away. They start undermining norms that ensure accountability and try to change the rules to entrench their power further. And they appeal to racial nationalism that’s barely veiled if veiled at all” (Barack Obama as in Amanda Vinicky, 2018)

Educating American citizens is the best way to shape a fair vote and accept diversity rather than a totalitarian mentality. This means that Americans will be more in touch with reality when discussing issues such as immigration. Research would boost up the system as Americans would stand up to racist and discriminatory statements made by the president. For instance, in Sweden, the education system gives importance to politics and for this reason, Swedish people have the best democratic system as the people have mostly all the power in their hands to vote off someone from the political party that they feel is doing wrong. (Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Sven Oskarsson, & Christopher T. Dawes, 2017)

Looking at Neo-Pluralism is ideal for Americans as this will help them to improve conflicts (Annual Lectures from the Global Centre for Pluralism, 2017). In the sense that, Americans are not educated enough about the system and world politics, this affects them in the way they vote and shape their minds about certain issues. Donald Trump was successful in brainwashing Americans through media and speeches into believing that America is at stake and he promised to make America great again. As a result, some citizens put their trust in him and therefore this started a controversy as people started to favor racism over peace.

Neo-Pluralism will build peace between people as it is a way of broadening boundaries to allow more diversity in a country and in people`s mentality (Annual Lectures from the Global Centre for Pluralism, 2017). A good example of a country in which Neo-Pluralism worked out perfectly is Canada. In Canada, many citizens who come from different classes, and sub-cultures, speak different languages, and practice different religions are happy to live together (Richmond, 1969).

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When one analyses the result of the mid-term elections in America, the first thing that is evident is that Donald Trump is not doing well as a president and this might be the case because of his lack of empathy and understanding with immigrants. This shows that Democrats won the most seats in the House of Representatives. This means that Trump’s ideas are now being challenged by the Democrats and they are ready to go after him and take control meanwhile the Republicans will do their utmost to protect the president. The Democrats want to be as different as possible by having young fresh faces. They will now have the power to block all domestic agenda. This includes restricting him from building the wall between the Mexican and the U.S. border and many more discriminatory actions from Trump`s side. (Amy Pope, 2018). Robert Dahl published Pluralist Democracy in the United States in 1967 (Manley, 1983). Dahl spoke about the assets of a pluralist democracy. He emphasized the fact that it would highly represent the citizens. He also stated that issues will be dealt with; with more realistic views.

The 2018 mid-yearly elections welcomed many first Muslim, black, Native American, and Gay elected candidates. This shows that America is moving towards progression and is open to diversity. This means that they are accepting the ideology of Neo-Pluralism. One can observe how in the mid-yearly elections citizens wanted people who could actually represent them in Congress. Another factor is that women wanted to vote against Donald Trump as he created a family separation crisis mainly because of the border and visa issues. This reflects that Americans had enough of elites representing them, therefore their sudden realization of change had a huge impact on the results.

More women and minorities were elected to the House and in Congress (Houck, 2018). Democrat Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland are the first Native Americans to make it to power (Houck, 2018). Sharice Davids and Jared Polis (Colorado) are the first openly gay persons to be elected. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the first Muslim women to be serving for the first time. South Dakota has elected Kristi Noemi as the first ever black woman to govern (Houck, 2018). As terror attacks took place in 2001 the opportunities for Muslims to participate in elections declined. Americans were furious and wanted nothing to do with them, they were opting to ban all Muslims from coming to the country, and therefore, discrimination between Muslims and Americans has increased. This changed during the mid-term elections in 2018 as Florida elected the first Iranian-American lawmakers to the legislation. Ilhan Omar is a thirty-year-old woman who was a refugee and immigrated to America in her teenage years (Houck, 2018). Ilhan Omar will also be the first woman who wear a hijab in Congress (Bostock, 2019)

The first Latina women; Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia were elected in Texas. In Houston, Sylvia Garcia a Democratic state senator one 75% of the vote, and Escobar won 68% of the vote in Texas (Bostock, 2019).

This is creating more role models for youngsters today, as many people from different backgrounds have risen to power. Young people coming from minority backgrounds can now look up to them and as a result, America will see different people rising in politics. “America wants to elect candidates who actually look like the people they’re representing” (Nelson, 2018). Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids will be fighting for native Americans to be heard more and involve themselves in politics as they promise to represent them and defend crucial issues such as the environment and health care (Houck, 2018). They also emphasize giving importance to the tribes and they look forward to seeing people from the tribes winning seats in parliament (Houck, 2018). This will automatically include diversity and the idea of neo-pluralism in the parliament.

Change is visible as “two hundred and seventy-two of nine hundred sixty-four candidates are women. Two hundred and sixteen are Hispanic, Native American, Multi-racial, and black. Twenty-six of the candidates identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender” (Lai, Lu, Lerer, & Griggs, 2018). The mid-term 2018 had the least white male candidates in the past four elections with only 58% (Lai, Lu, Lerer, & Griggs, 2018). This confirms Dahl`s statement on how people will not want elite people only in parliament and politics.

This means the power to the people. In the sense that this will give the people a huge advantage as the people that they elected are going to fight Trump`s elite ideologies. These include protection for LGBTIQ, legalization of medical marijuana, broadened voting rights, and fighting for equal pay and free health care (Francisco, Jessica Glenza Julia Carrie Wong in San, 2018).

Liberals are most likely to take control of the whole Congress by 2020. Trump and his administration will most probably face investigation by the Democrats following many accusations which never been dealt with (Anthony Zurcher, 2018). It might affect Trump as a president as the Democrats have the power to vote off Donald Trump as the president of the United States (Anthony Zurcher, 2018).

Neo-Pluralism also deals with the economy of the country. As the Democrats won the majority of the house, this means that there is a higher risk of the government shutting down (John Schoen, 2018). This might happen if President Donald Trump chooses not to negotiate with Democrats during his decisions in the economy (John Schoen, 2018). This will create a huge imbalance in the government. Therefore, this leads to the government shutdown (John Schoen, 2018). The Economy of the United States will not be entirely in control of Donald Trump (John Schoen, 2018). Democrats oppose big time the idea of building a wall around the borders of the United States and Mexico, therefore this might be a factor that would save the economy. This is due to the fact that this wall is going to cost America a fortune and many people are opposing this ideology (John Schoen, 2018). If the Democrats take control of the trades they might also put a balance on the economy (John Schoen, 2018). However, if Donald Trump continues with high trade then the economy will decrease. Democrats want to aim for affordable deals with Donald Trump to help boost the economy (John Schoen, 2018). Donald Trump was going to introduce tax cuts to the middle class. This is highly disagreed with, as this will be extremely difficult to pass as this was only beneficial for wealthy and elite people. “China, Europe, Canada, and Mexico will be watching to see how this defeat will affect the trade dispute he has fuelled” (Dominic Rushe, 2018).

Trump will also be opposed to his migration, healthcare, and climate change views. As mentioned before, the Democrats will do anything possible to prevent Trump from building the wall between Mexico and the U.S. border. They would like to restore the protections and rights for undocumented immigrants, especially those coming from Latin America and Africa. Restoring protections and fighting for their rights will result in a pluralist government and society. Therefore, peace and conflicts will be dealt with.

To sum up, this mid-term election of 2018 made some history in the United States of America. That being said, it also confirms the Neo-pluralist theory in many ways. First of all, Donald Trump is seen as an elite through the American`s eyes and also foreigners. This idea of elitism was getting people`s attention that something was wrong. When good use of social media outbreak from the news and celebrities reported what was the actual truth about Trump`s suggestion, people started to stand up. Many protests were carried out in the streets. However, the most effective way people have shown their rebellious side and also stood up to their president is by voting against him. In addition to this, they did not only vote against their president, but they also voted for diversity, they voted for a difference, they voted for people who represent diversity, and they stood up for the elite. People are fed up with the corruption and elites benefiting from this. People started to realize how treating other people who were in need was affecting the citizens too. Democrats will hopefully take a stand to Trump`s allegations on the economy, immigration, visas, and healthcare. The former president of the United States, Barack Obama did not hold back from criticizing Donald Trump`s elite party and warning people against the system. Finally, People like Barack Obama are extremely influential, this is because people will stop and listen to what he has to say as of course former President Obama is a powerful and influential person and people look up to him.

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