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Views of Obama and Trump on Health Care: Comparative Analysis

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What were the differences and who had a greater impact of Obama and Trump’s presidential reign and how did they approach things differently?

In this essay I will be talking about America is a very large wealthy country that has been dominant for many years. The people who Run America have a substantial role in keeping the country together and keeping it strong. I am going to be talking about who has had different effects on it and how the people have handled having corrupt leaders. The main topics I will be talking will be the election, economics Laws, and education

Firstly, Donald trump. Donald Trump was the president of the Usa from 2016 until 2020. The way he did this was tactics, he was very confident in himself and what he believed in and he has many talents such as emotive speaking. This has had a massive effect on his success and how he won the election against Mrs. Clinton. When he speaks he is punctual and persuasive he does this by being

Loud and has very strong opinions that he is very passionate about. Another key thing about him is that he takes people on and is confident in himself and what he does when he speaks. He has tried to use lots of different tactics to gain the presidency and we will get on to that later but the votes were as it stands. The votes on the night that trump won where 306 on trumps side and 232 for Clinton`s side. He won by quite a big margin. Against a weak but persistent side he came out quite victorious and was very happy with his success. He celebrated on becoming America’s 45th president and after election night celebrated with his wife Melania.

Barrack Obama. Obama reigned from January 20 2009 until January 20 2017. Clearly, he reigned for a long time so he was very successful, and America like him very much. He did this by making excellent decisions but not so much and also by tactics. Barrack Obama and how he won the election in short explanation. Some of the tool Obama used were things like marketing tools, somehow he transformed himself from a tiny politician no one really knew about until 2008 when he was ruling America and had everyone`s vote. He captured the eyes of frustrated Americans with his inspirational speeches which grasped the attention of the public and also the whole nation in general. He also used social media to advertise his presidency which gave a good impression to the public that he was good in an online way and also in the eye of the public physically plus if any problems came up it also made him look well prepared to tackle problems in this 21st century. The social media aspect also meant that he could interact with millions of fans and supporters which is another great tactic to his plans for the election and the future to come.

They have things in common that have benefited them. But how do they do things differently, for example, in healthcare?

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Firstly, Obamacare. The aim of Obamacare which was called the patient protection and affordable care act was to improve the quality of the healthcare provided, along with access to everything then the affordability because that`s one of the main reasons Obamacare was started and finally health insurance. All these factors that were taken into consideration were all in all make America a better fairer healthcare system. The laws took place almost immediately, the major laws went into effect in 2014, and the rest continue and keep slowly adding to the process until 2022. The law itself is very long and was going to take a while to complete. Aimed at less than substantial things like making the quality of care at hospitals better or getting rid of waste in Medicare, curbing costs over time, and putting calorie counts on the menu at fast-food restaurants so that people could easily track how much they were eating. Some of the things that Obamacare does and has helped with are: stops insurance companies from a few different things, e.g stops them from dropping you when you sick, and they also stop them from denying your coverage costs based on pre-existing conditions, it also protects people from gender discrimination, it improves medical coverage and also expands free preventative services. So in general that idea has clearly helped a lot of things in different ways.

Trump’s version of a healthcare system was very much different to Obamacare. It was very different in the fact that he didn`t think the state should provide for everything so he thought to make healthcare very expensive. So what did he do to make it that way. Firstly he signed an order to allow health insurers to sell cheap plans and ideas away from the marketplace. Association health plans were based on the idea that small companies could come together and to get much better rates from other different companies. The second thing that he did was took away the subsidies that the government provided so that if someone had to pay a certain amount of money the government wouldn`t be able to fund for any of it like it used to be like with Obamacare where the government was involved and paid a chunk of the money so he made healthcare twice as expensive. He did this by announcing in court when the Obama administration left and he announced to make subsidies illegal. These were some of the things that he did that he changed in the presidency, he thought it was a good thing but technically it affected 12.7 million people who could have been poor, sick, older people who had to face higher costing insurance and even small companies so his strategy of how he approached healthcare was very controversial and a lot of people had lots of different opinions about it both good and bad.

Next, I`m going to be talking about laws and education like usual trump and Obama did things differently so I will look at both sides.

Firstly Obama, when he took up office in January 2009 the country was in a state they were on edge. The federal education which at the time was known as No child left behind was in need of new staff, teachers, parents, and even schools. In 2009 Obama and the education system announced that they were going to re-invest and spend some time working on the system and how to make it better with a reasonable chunk of money. As more money arrived in many states and most schools were very grateful by the great recession however some state schools didn`t want the money but they physically needed it and agreed to lots of big changes and 46 big states apply. This was Obama`s education strategy and it was called the race to the top. In his career, Obama passed on 147 bills from the space of January 2005 until November 2008 and only 2 became law which gives the impression that something has to be very smart and thought through to become law.

For Donald trumps case, he said he would change education by cutting the department of education altogether. However, he didn`t do that because it would be nearly impossible because of how much the education system compromises. 5000 employers and a 73 million annual budget which is clearly a massive income and that 73 million is responsible for the 98,000 in the country so it`s safe to say that the education system is firmly staying in place and not going anywhere in that direction. For laws, in the space of his four years trump has taken away major climate policies has altered more rules on clean air, water, wildlife and toxic chemicals which are big changes for us and the environment. Nearly 100 environmental rules were rolled back which is a big step in the wrong direction at all if we are going to have a successful future and a successful world. He has made less of Obama-era and has gone in the opposite direction from Obama`s plan to limit planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions and to also limit cars and other big pollutants has taken a turn for the worst. Trump’s plans are predicted to significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions from coal to big power plants and more.

In conclusion, I believe Obama`s plans had better outcomes on lots of different levels and had big impacts on America at the time, for example, America were heading in the right direction from an environmental point of view and when trump had taken over it all went downhill. It was clear trump was not a fan of any of Obama`s ideas that were brought into the country including healthcare which Obama had put so much work into it and tried to make it work when trump stepped in he said no and disagreed and went and made It more expensive. Overall I think that Obama was heading in a better direction than trump.

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