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Why Should Donald Trump Be President? Essay

Is there a reason as to why I should vote for President Trump? President Trump is the current and the 45th president of the United States of America. Being born in the year 1946, he is currently at the age of 74 years. He has been married to Melania Trump, the current First Lady of the United States, since 2005. Before joining politics, Trump was a businessman and also a television personality. In this essay, I will come upon many...
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How Donald Trump Became Successful

Donald John Trump is the United States’ 45th President, in office as of January 2017. He is also a wealthy business magnate and television host, in addition to being a politician. Trump, the son of a wealthy real estate developer, attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, before taking over the business of his family. A crafty and charismatic businessman during his business career, he designed and restored several hotels, casinos and office buildings, racking up a net worth of...
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Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump: Compare and Contrast

Populist, abrasive and defensive were among the names the general public called Andrew Jackson. Now, two centuries later, those words might sound familiar. Our current President, Donald Trump, has also been given those nicknames. Although, they did have some major differences because Trump unlike Jackson never served in the military and was never involved in the White House until once elected. However, they mirror each other in a way that makes it hard to believe they’re not twins. President Donald...
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Difference Between Barack Obama and Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been compared to Barack Obama at certain points since the day he took office in US foreign policy. According to the conjuncture, policies, foreign policies, general changes and trends aside, the foreign policy of the two presidents of the big cities so early to evaluate, not very easy and healthy, but in particular I can make this assessment clearly together. Overview of the US in the Middle East. When we say the Middle East, especially nowadays, the...
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Evidence-Based Comparison of the Two Leaders Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump

Political leadership has been studied since antiquity of human existence; prevalent through the distinct characteristics of certain leaders their actions, and rise to power and how they conduct their leadership. The question of leadership remains important due to the connection between those in power and the society in which they govern. This essay will critically evaluate the leaders Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump, in a comparative standpoint. The central premise of this essay is to examine their traits as political...
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Essay on Idolization of Andrew Jackson by Donald J. Trump

The context of the article ‘How I Feel as a Native Woman When Trump Idolizes Andrew Jackson’ is of compelling seriousness and importance of the misleading idolization of Andrew Jackson. The overwhelming anger felt through the writing in this article is directed towards Andrew Jackson’s atrocious actions towards all American Indians. It is understandable why the actions of the past evoke anger and disgust, especially for Adrienne Keene, a Cherokee Nation citizen, scholar, and writer of the article. It is...
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President Donald J. Trump and Richard Nixon: Comparative Analysis

President Donald J. Trump and Richard Nixon are known for setting famous “firsts” in history. Nixon devoted his entire life to the world of politics, whereas Trump has never held a single political office before becoming president. Then we have Trump who has been impeached twice by the House of Representatives and contrastingly, there is Nixon who resigned before the impeachment process began during the Watergate Scandal. Towards the end of the Trump presidency, after the insurrection of the United...
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Rhetorical Analysis of the 3rd Presidential Debate

My goal for this essay is to provide a rhetorical analysis of the 2016 presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In doing so I wish to convey how politicians are world-class public speakers who use their knowledge of the field of rhetoric to manipulate and persuade their audience. These debates were without a question of doubt a testament to the power of persuasion. While Trump was not the most qualified and experienced candidate, he still managed to win...
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Compare and Contrast Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Introduction This study’s main goal is to analyze how both Trump and Clinton conform to gendered speech styles and sociolinguistic interactional approaches to language and gender. This includes ‘the four D’s’, which is an approach to gendered language that contains the deficit, dominance, difference, and dynamic models. However, this study will not look into how the dynamic model can be applied due to its lack of relevance to this debate. During the 2016 election, both Trump and Clinton comply with...
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President Trump's Key Proposals on the United States Mexico Canada Agreement and His Vision for Health Care Reform: Analytical Essay

On February 4,2020 the State of the Union Address was given by Donald Trump, to the 116th U.S. Congress. The address covered a number of topics that President Trump plans to implement into the American Society for this upcoming year and to show people his vision for the United States. Since our president has been in office he has made a lot of considerable promises. During his address he talked about our economy, national security, and asked Congress to pass...
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Leadership Of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: Comparative Analysis

The focus of this study is to understand the influence of leaders in decision-making of foreign policy and the subsequent impact of the choices thatthey make at the international level. In todays time, it has become mandatory to know what is going around the world, the relationships of different countries, their politics. The two countries that I have chosen are leading the world in many aspects. Now to talk about them, it can be done by comparing the leaderships of...
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Comparative Analysis of Tulsi Gabbard's, Joe Biden's, and Donald Trump's Views on Health Care, Education and Criminal Justice Reform Policies

Health Care Policy: Tulsi Gabbard: Tulsi Gabbard has many viewpoints on health care. She believes in revising the ACA and Coverage Expansion, believing that there should be universal coverage “public option.” She believes in finding international drug prices and matching, and reducing the cost of Medicare. She is pro-choice, stating women should have the full choice over their own bodies. She believes in Medicare for all without eliminating private insurance and opposes repealing Obamacare. She states: ‘In my home state...
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Essay about Inauguration

I know very well that you can’t touch Trump with a ten-foot pole without getting into some kind of controversy. Whether with his supporters or his opponents, I’m going to try. I’m going to critique Trump’s inauguration speech. I am going to try to go as non-political as possible and talk not about the content or the veracity of the claims in his speech but rather to talk about his delivery overall and his message. Donald Trump’s inauguration speech is...
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Trump's Tax Cut Analysis

At the end of 2017, President Trump signed into law one of the largest tax code overhauls since the 1980s. The President assured taxpayers that this bill included a simpler and more reformed tax code, protection for lower- and middle-income Americans and cuts for corporations that would in theory spur investment and economic growth. Once implemented, however, this bill disproportionately benefited higher earners, created loopholes for profitable corporations, increased the federal deficit and did not deliver the high economic growth...
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Donald Trump's Strengths and Weaknesses

Donald Trump is one of the most famous and prominent US Presidents. As a person, he has both strengths and weaknesses. In this essay, it is to them that I intend to turn my attention. Strengths of Donald Trump Riches. Donald Trump has entered the Forbes world positioning of extremely rich person and has been relied upon to claim resources and have a total asset over $3.1 billion. Point of fact regardless of whether he wasn’t the leader of the...
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Trump Administration's Withdrawal from the United Nations: Reasons and Implications for International Law

The between relationship the United States and the United Nations has been bittersweet since the appointment of President Donald Trump into office. This essay is will advocate against the Trump administration withdrawal from the UN several bodies, specifically: the Human Rights Council and the World Health Organization by discussing the reasons and implications of such decision. Firstly, it will begin by defining key terms, secondly delve into the reasons why the Trump administration withdrew from the UN. Thirdly, his essay...
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Donald Trump as a Successful Business Leader

According to the latest Forbes’ world ranking of billionaires, Trump has an estimated fortune of $3.1 billion, mostly earned on the back of property, making him the 766th richest person in the world. He also had a successful carrier in the reality TV, the show is called ‘The Apprentice’, and he surprised the world when he won the U.S. presidential election in 2016. When we think about it, Trump is the only man having such a specific and successful carrier....
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Essay on the Presidential Election of 2016

The election of 2016 was between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This was the 58th American presidential election, and it took place on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Both candidates were having conventions, trying to persuade the Americans, by telling them what they will do to make the United States great. In the end, Republican Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump won with his electoral votes at 304 and popular votes at 62,980,160. While, Hillary got 227 on electoral votes...
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Clinton Vs Trump: The Power of Opinion Polls

The 2016 presidential election showcased the ever-growing and increasingly hostile partisan divide within The United States of America. The highly publicized battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton catapulted controversial issues like immigration, healthcare and gun reform into the forefront. Aided by the recent explosion of social media, Donald Trump infiltrated an untouched population of lower- and middle-class white Americans who were feeling the brunt of an increasingly globalized environment and a democratic government that were not pertaining to their...
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Views of Obama and Trump on Health Care: Comparative Analysis

What were the differences and who had a greater impact of Obama and Trump’s presidential reign and how did they approach things differently? In this essay I will be talking about America is a very large wealthy country that has been dominant for many years. The people who Run America have a substantial role in keeping the country together and keeping it strong. I am going to be talking about who has had different effects on it and how the...
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Donald Trump's Aberrant Presidency in Post-1945 US History

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign certainly displays an aberration in post-1945 American history to a great extent. This is clearly demonstrated through Trump’s deviation in handling racial, gender, and social issues incorporated into shaping US policies. Trump’s nonconformities are clearly prominent through his handling of key issues in comparison to other influential prior presidents of the United States, such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. Gender is a highly prevalent issue that clearly displays the differing approaches and perspectives...
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