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Donald Trump's Aberrant Presidency in Post-1945 US History

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Donald Trump’s presidential campaign certainly displays an aberration in post-1945 American history to a great extent. This is clearly demonstrated through Trump’s deviation in handling racial, gender, and social issues incorporated into shaping US policies. Trump’s nonconformities are clearly prominent through his handling of key issues in comparison to other influential prior presidents of the United States, such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.

Gender is a highly prevalent issue that clearly displays the differing approaches and perspectives of politicians. Politicians have recognized the significance of gender in the organization of the American polity. The perception of women in the United States was highly transformative. Gender exclusion was widespread in American political culture. However, during the post-1945 era, American women discovered themselves at the opening of a renewed century. Significant changes were enforced to diminish the traditional role of male labor and perceiving female labor as an aberration. The abolishment of the family wage was underway, the progression of women incorporated into the workforce doubled, and black women also were entitled to better jobs. With the development of new jobs being opened to African American women from the civil rights movement, the period of the 1960’s and 70’s proved to be an influential time for Black communities, specifically black women. Richard Nixon who served as the US president from 1969-1974, advocated for women and their involvement in the high-level positions. In a response to the unjust treatment of women in the US, Nixon was keen to make a change in shifting the ideology of how women were perceived to a more inclusive approach. Nixon appointed several women in key political roles and prohibited discriminatory ideologies in competitive service regarding race, religion, gender, and color. Nixon directed head chiefs of executive departments to launch action programs to certify equal opportunities in employment were established. Nixon also appointed Virginia Knauer as an executive of the consumer affairs office in the White House.

In contrast to this, President Trump showcased a significantly different approach to gender roles in politics. Trump’s continuous misogynistic nature is clearly representing his presidency as an aberration. Trump’s sexualized comments, reflect his sexist attitude and disrespect to women. Trump consistently promotes women as sex objects and continuously makes inappropriate comments about the physical appearance of female presidential candidates and celebrities, rather than focusing on their intelligence and political abilities. Trump stated to a reporter, “like you wouldn’t have your job, if you weren’t beautiful”. Trump certainly displays his traditionalistic views regarding women in the workforce, he did not approve in appointing women in crucial political roles. Trump’s philosophy is that women should be quiet, submissive, and attractive. This deviancy presented through his ideals of women are clearly dissimilar to Nixon’s approach to gender in American history.

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Race is undoubtedly another prevalent topic that was significant in unveiling Trump’s deviation in handling political issues regarding race. Conflicts over class and race birthed a political philosophies and power. The majority of metropolitan areas in the US were highly categorized by profound racial segregation in the post-war era. African Americans were critical activists in their quest to gain economic opportunity and equal rights in America. However, figures in the political system used race to aid their decisions concerning opportunity and metropolitan entry. Ronald Reagan was a controversial figure in his attempts to fight racism in the US. Reagan appeared to use his platform to assist in the abolishment of African American slavery. This was demonstrated through his involvement in organizations that confronted racial discrimination and his contributions in ‘operation terror’ signified his will to challenge racism in the United States. However, Reagan eventually pulled back in aiding anti-racist organizations due to the allegations of America protecting communists. On the other hand, Donald Trump displayed a dramatic confrontational approach to issues regarding race in America, representing an aberration in post-1945 history. Trump openly engages in racial segregation and discrimination, specifically towards African Americans. Trump’s bigotry towards these minority groups shaped the way in which he handled issues involving these groups. Trump advocated for racial prejudice through his racist comments towards black Americans. Trump refused to hire black Americans as he regarded them as “bad for business” and “lazy”. Trump refused them from renting apartments under the Trump organization. Trump enforced racial policies throughout his organization which limited black Americans chances for employment. Trump has also proven to promote violence against African Americans in the recent events concerning George Floyd’s death. Blacks have resorted to looting in a response to their anger surrounding racial discrimination in the US, Trump stated that, “looting leads to shooting”, strengthening his aberration in handling racial matters and justifying police brutality. Thus, Reagan and Trump display instances of promoting the dismissal of blacks, however, Reagan did not resort to discriminatory racial slurs like Trump did to exclude black Americans in areas such as employment.

Trump’s handling of issues regarding class certainly portrays his aberration in post-1945 US history. The social construct of the middle class is a concept that is highly prevalent throughout the US, it has gained great significance of the rhetoric of constitutional parties. Numerous Americans considered themselves as middle-class citizens, post 1945 due to the economic growth experienced by the country. Trump has enforced his will to retract undocumented immigrants, Muslims, and refugees in order to restore the working class. Clearly, reinforcing his racial discrimination through excluding immigrants to gain economic growth for the white workers. Trump declared that “the US will not be a migrant camp”. Thus, Trump capitalized on restrictive boundaries to enforce his appeal to the working class. Contrastingly, president Clinton aimed for the same outcome Trump did, to strengthen the economic growth of America. However, Clinton did not resort to derogatory efforts to benefit the American working class. Instead, Clinton implemented welfare reforms to place Americans into workforces, improved housing support for families with a low-income, and aided in expanding federal support to improve access into higher educational facilities. Thus, displaying Trump’s approach in handling the growth of the middle class as an aberration in contrast to Clinton’s approach to this matter.

Ultimately, Donald Trump’s presidency represents an aberration in post 1945 US history to a great extent. This is evident through his handling of crucial events in relation to gender, race, and class. Trump’s sexist attitudes and comments towards women, his discriminatory attitude towards African Americans in the workforce, and his dismissal of minority groups to benefit the white working class undoubtedly portray his deviance through his presidential campaign.

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