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A fundamental debate in the field of medical ethics and English medical law has been finding the right balance between the principles of medical paternalism and patient autonomy. While there are commonly used definitions of medical paternalism, such as “treating of others in their best interests, regardless of their own view of what their best interests are”, as well as a wider societal consensus that it generally refers to the idea of ‘doctor knows best’, there is less agreement on...
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Written by Scott Y.H. Kim, this academic article concentrates on bioethics and the particular ethical philosophies that are prominent within the provision of healthcare. The article was written for the philosophy, psychiatry and psychology journal published by John Hopkins University Press in 2013. Through this article, Kim expands on the notion of autonomy and its application within medicine. The presence of autonomy in healthcare stems from the principlism theory, most famously advocated for by Beauchamp and Childress. This dominant approach...
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Abortion remains at the forefront of public issues, making the headlines in recent labour leadership campaigns, when Rebecca Long-Bailey appeared to suggest that she disagreed with permitting female reproductive autonomy after the standard 24-week limit on the grounds of disability. Jess Phillips hit back, arguing, ‘abortion legislation in this country should be removed from criminal justice laws and placed firmly within the Department of Health’. These arguments give a flavour of the abortion debate and provide a timely invitation to...
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The principles of human rights give a central place to the values of autonomy and dignity. Critically discuss the meaning and significance of autonomy and/or dignity with reference to a specific problem dealt with in the course. 1. Introduction Human rights “recognise the inherent value of every individual, regardless of race, geographical location or gender.” (reference) These rights are based off of concepts of dignity, respect and equality and are present in all aspects of life and society (reference). More...
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Introduction Working in a public sector requires specific characteristics and behavior to overcome the struggles of delivering services to the masses. Often times, practices that are prevalent and effective to companies doesn’t necessarily applies to the public sector. The schemes of measuring the work done, motivation applied to employees and strategies for performance enhancement are somewhat different. While there are certain instances where practices can be both implemented to both sectors, which is rare, the common scenario would be, practices...
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Introduction: Autonomy is a Greek word which autos- mean (self) and nomos means (rule of law) (Merriam-webster, 2019). The Piagetian view defines autonomy in moral is a right or wrong decision making (Raya, 2007). In general, it is means self-determination or self-rule. However, professional is related to the profession which means work with potential (Walter, and Lopez, 2008). Broadly, professional autonomy means autonomy principles application whereby professional people serve independently to make a decision by using their knowledge and experience...
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Selling sexual service is morally worse than selling massages as the prostitute (1) damages bodily integrity by treating her body as a commodity (2) damages sexual autonomy by relinquishing her body sovereignty, and (3) reinforces discriminatory beliefs of female sexuality. Selling massages, on the other hand, (1) does not involve objectification of the female body, (2) does not involve surrendering of body sovereignty, and (3) has significant less effect in reinforcing sexist beliefs. This essay will only discuss the case...
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Autonomy is an issue. Is it morally wrong for a doctor to deceive their patient about the true nature of a treatment, which the patient would otherwise refuse, even if it means improving that patient’s prognosis? Consider the case: An adult male presenting with aplastic anaemia requires a bone marrow transplant. Without the transplant he will almost certainly die, but with the transplant, he has a good chance of recovery. The patient is a long-time committed Jehovah’s Witness and will...
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Building autonomous teams is an art and thought to be the Holy Grail of an agile enterprise. With that being said, Spotify is one of the best examples of companies, which didn’t undergo a transformation, but was founded with an agile mindset from the very beginning. Over the past years the company has continuously improved its processes and organizational structures to accomplish what is has today – high performing, autonomous teams. And for a good reason. According to research in...
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