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Nowadays, the United States has grown rapidly throughout the years; however, one of the growths that have been shown is the one in Texas. The issue that now is showing is the fear that Hispanics would become the highest number of people populated in Texas. Whatsoever, this essay is going to talk about how the growth of Hispanics has impact Texas or how it will affect in the future. An analysis shows that the growth in Hispanics will impact Texas,...
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“Honor the Texas flag. I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas. One state, under God. One and indivisible”. I was born and raised in Texas and chances are if you grew up here too these seventeen words are how you began your school day. Reciting this pledge was second nature to me, so much so that I never give much thought to the words or the meaning. Texas’s unique conservative political culture is the reason we recite a state pledge when...
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The famous activist and leader in the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr., once said: “We are not makers of history. We are made by history”. I completely agree with this idea because the truth is that not only did events in history define our society and the ways we think and live, they also shape the political culture of our nation. In the same way, when the New Deal came out from 1933 to 1936, it transformed the...
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Texas is blend of the individualistic and traditionalistic political culture. After getting independence from Mexico, the state mostly developed on effort of individual which still linger in Texas politics. Texas government has very limited power only to the extent that it creates opportunity for individual achievement. The state traditionally has been one party system. At present Texas economic and social conservatism, less voter turnout reflects the traditionalism. The belief values attitudes that make up Texas political culture and politics provide...
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Individualistic culture is a general public that is portrayed by individualism, which is the prioritization, or accentuation, of the person over the whole gathering. It has the quality of the government's job is restricted, essentially to keep the commercial center working. A traditionalistic political culture is the job of the government is the protection of convention and existing social request, the government is to keep up the current social and financial progressive system. Houston is both individualistic and traditionalistic in...
1 Page 574 Words
Characteristics of Trump's Government Is the modern democratic state turning more conservative and authoritarian? I would argue that yes its turning more conservatist but not authoritarian, there are many examples of democratic states turning conservatist but not authoritarian. Some examples of democratic states that have turned conservatist would be Trump's America. Others such North Korea are authoritarian regimes. We will be comparing these two in this assignment to establish whether the modern state is turning conservatist and authoritarian. We will...
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Regarding this thematical essay, the discussion being covered regards the ‘ideal political system’, in which I will analyze, as well as investigate, the ideal political system with the support of real-life examples from real-world political systems, in addition, to support my arguments, the use of academic debates and literature on the topic will be prominent in aiding whether, for example, a parliamentary system is more practical and efficient compared to a semi-presidential. The four key areas discussed are the following:...
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