The Impact of Hispanics on the Political Culture of Texas

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Nowadays, the United States has grown rapidly throughout the years; however, one of the growths that have been shown is the one in Texas. The issue that now is showing is the fear that Hispanics would become the highest number of people populated in Texas. Whatsoever, this essay is going to talk about how the growth of Hispanics has impact Texas or how it will affect in the future. An analysis shows that the growth in Hispanics will impact Texas, the challenge would be that this will outnumber whites creating a controversy.

Many of the issues that Texas is facing with Hispanics coming to the United States is that it has become popular for immigrants entering illegally. The problem with this is that Americans think that this could put in danger the state since there could be encounter with, “poverty, non-assimilation, drugs, crime, and exploitation”. But Americans have seen that throughout the years the number of Hispanics has increased rapidly creating assumptions that in some years Hispanics will outnumber whites. The outnumber of Hispanics will also affect the government since this will lead to a Democratic electoral majority in Texas.

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Although, the number of Hispanics has increased, also there has been new cultures encountered by the people that have developed throughout the years. The cause of these new beliefs to developed have been these immigrants that have taught their beliefs and learnings to their family and close ones in order to spread their culture. It is shown that Hispanics have influence Texas in a big number; mostly in the South part of Texas, where Hispanics try to cross the border and stay to make a new life there with new opportunities. “Government officials worry that their state was being transformed into a part-Mexican society that would prove unmanageable and ungovernable”.

By 2020, Hispanics are considered to surpass whites; however, there is a pie chart that shows the probability stated from 30 years of difference, for example, in 1980 shows that whites were in the percentage of 66%and Hispanics at 12%. Is predicted that in 2040, the percentage of whites it might be lower than the Hispanics, showing the percentage of 32% and for Hispanics a percentage of 53%. There has also been debates that favors and do not favors Hispanics, for example, a state representative has proposed a provisional to allow immigrants to get their driver’s permit with the conditions of having a job and do not have a criminal record. However, immigrants have generated a big deal of revenue through sales and income taxes that has cost the counties and local governments growth in services.

Finally, there is a big impact of growth in the number of Hispanics, but this have led to growth in the country not only in numbers, including socially and economically. Even though, there is many that disagree with the illegal entrance of immigrants, Americans do not see how this have also created benefits for the country by the growth in economy and a good outcome. However, this is an issue that is and, in the future, will also be confronted by the government.

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