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Assessing Texas Government in the Context of Maintaining the State's Socio-Economic Balance: An Essay

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Texas being the second largest state of the United States of America in terms of area and population was once considered as a mediocre, agricultural state after it was granted freedom from Mexico. Fortunes changed for Texas in the 20th century, and a massive increase was recorded in the economy of the state. Firstly, there was a massive increase in the oil industry then and afterward by its broadening into petrochemicals, aerospace, computers, and many other industries. Thus, making it a major destination for business and forcing people to migrate for a good living. We cannot deny the sincerity of the government which made sure the state gets not only economically strong but also socially. One of the significant achievements of the Texas government this century has been to keep the tax rate low. At the same time, we cannot deny the fact that low tax rate can cause difficulties to face the future challenges. Keeping the next generation in mind the government needs to create a favorable business plan that does not hurt the economy. The unbalanced policies of the government can boost the economy but hinder the health, welfare, environment and education rate of the state. Thus, keeping the economy, taxes and services in mind, in this essay I will discuss the role of government that can help in keeping the state socially and economically balanced.

Role of Government

The government of Texas has played a vital part in boosting the country’s economy. It has the ninth largest economy in the world. The favorable business plans introduced by the government are acceptable for small business or short-term future plans. The low tax rate and weak labor can create a non-flexible economy. Government has been quite lenient when it comes to tax rate. The tax rate is extremely low which results in less revenue collection. The policy makers need to increase the tax rate specifically on products like oil and cigarettes. New taxes should be introduced on unhealthy food or drinks and even on objects that cause rapid climate change. This would not only increase the revenues but also improve the lifestyle of the nation.

The policies introduced by the government can be healthy for the economy but when it comes to state services Texas has always been on the lower side of the chart. Public policy is termed as ‘unequal’ because the government spends a low amount of money on health, education, welfare, environment and the arts. This has a major effect on the poor citizens who can barely afford bread and butter. Due to ‘unequal’ policy the poverty rate has remained consistent throughout the period. One of the reasons why the government has not spent much on education, health and other services is due to less revenue collection. If we compare Texas with other states in terms of state services Texas has been on the lower side, that will also be discussed later in detail. But we cannot deny the fact that the quality of life in Texas is way much better than other states, thanks to their great policies and decisions. This can be seen through the rise of population since the start of the 20th century.

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Texas Rank Among States in Expenditure and Taxation

Texas has ranked among the lowest in terms of state services. Due to poor policies while developing strategies to improve the economy the state has suffered in other departments. Because of low tax rates less revenue is collected from the nation, thus the amount spent by the government is quiet low as compared to other states earning the fourth lowest spot in ‘state government per-capita spending’. Education sector has not seen wonders since a long time. Teachers have earned of low income as compared to other sectors like oil, pharmaceuticals, information technology etc. The education rate in Texas is quiet low, thanks to less support from the government. Same goes for the health department. The rich can afford medical expenses while the poor has no choice but to suffer. The society has to take care of itself while no support from the government. Infants, children, women have to work themselves to earn their living that creates serious issues in the society. As the children have no support from the government, they are forced to do child labor. The infants require vaccines for protection from various diseases, unfortunately no such facility is provided by the government which ultimately leads to nutritional issues. Not a single penny is spent by the government to improve the nutritional problems hence Texas earns the lowest (50th) rank in the country. The government has given zero importance on climate issues which is resulting in serious weather changes. The burning of carbon from vehicles, industry pollutes the environment that results in serious medical issues. Below average tax policies introduced by the government has left no choice but to rank worst among other states in terms of services.

Texas Rank in Measures of Quality of Life

We cannot deny the fact that the quality of life in Texas is far better than other states. The average income per person is much higher as compared to other states. With large number of industries functioning there are numerous job opportunities for individuals that reduces the overall crime rate and murder rates in the state. No doubt there is low-cost living due to low tax rate but at the same time the state experiences pollution in terms of water and air (burning of fossil fuels). Many liberals believe that these problems are caused due to poor expenditure and taxation policies. The standard of living is highly satisfying. The land is cheaper as compared to other states in the US but quality of living sheds a bad impression on the state. With on-going burning of fossil fuels, the rate of hurricanes is getting disastrous each year, floods are increasing and the sea level is rising every year. Texas is considered as one of the most uneducated states in the country. The government is doing efforts by introducing plans to save the environment and make this state a better place to live. The policies shared by the government may boost up the economy but the government needs to invest more in infrastructure, environment, education and reforms. Poorly designed policies look impressive in the start but as the time goes on their effects are disastrous.


The policies of government for tax, economy and services needs to be changed or should be revised at least to make this state a better place for living. While the state having a strong economy, multiple new taxes or ongoing taxes need to be increased in order to generate a high revenue. The services offered by the state are extremely poor and they can only be improved if government spends more revenue while making sure the air and water pollution is under control creating a low probability for weather storms and other health issues. Thus, a proper check and balance policy needs to be introduced.


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