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Political Party Essays

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Democratic Party vs Whig Party

John Tyler was quite a controversial president. Since he is branded as tyrannically abusing the presidential veto, it is no wonder why political parties would get shaken up. This was especially true for the Whigs, who at first entrusted high hopes in Tyler’s presidency and allowed him into their party. Who knew that Tyler would “go against” his own political party, which caused much backlash from the Whigs? It is without a doubt that President John Tyler and the Whigs...
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Differences in Political Party Beliefs: Conservatives Versus Liberals

A political party is an organization of people with common goals and similar political practices. These behaviours are guided by sets of beliefs on how a country should be governed, political ideologies that differ from each other depending on each political party classified in different political positions in comparison to each other in what is known as the political spectrum. The Conservatives lie on the center-right of the political spectrum, the New Democratic Party, however, is on the left side...
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Analysis of Extreme Tension between Political Parties: Psychological Aspect

The distinct perspective of each faction and group lead some conflict and tension over one topic; the Democratic party and Republican party are raising a discord on immigration policy. While the aspect of the conflict seems extremely hard to understand, the psychological concept provides a reliable approach in comprehending the divided political parties. Several fields in psychology can explain some extreme tension between each political party; first to mention is that the Learning. The Associative Learning might be applied in...
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Political Party Brand Perception: A Case Study of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)

Norris (2004) argues that political campaigning during the election period has shown great transformation over the years; from pre-modern, to modern and then postmodern campaigning. In a study steered by Harris, Perrin & Simenti-Phiri (2014), it was evident that South African politics is contributing to that transformation in political marketing, as confirmed by the growth in the use of political marketing consultants and advertising on various media platforms such as billboards, television and social media by many political parties. McDaniel...
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Problem of People's Loss of Interest in Supporting Traditional Political Parties

This essay be explaining why so many electorates are losing interest in supporting traditional political parties using evidence from different sources. It will first be talking briefly about the origins and developments of political parties and their position on the political spectrum. Than go on to explain why political parties are so important within society, to understand why electorates are losing interest in political parties we need to understand what other strategies are being used to influence politics and society...
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Analysis of Main Political Parties of Canada and of Their Voting System

Executive Summary The main purpose of this assignment is to explore the main political parties of the Canada and also their voting system. This assignment will cover the topics about the right of people to vote and what information to think when voting. What are the political values to think when choosing the political leaders? Besides this, this report will also cover information about the current issues that are affecting the Canada. If we focus on Canada, there are four...
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Critical Analysis of Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK)

Introduction: A political party and army that give another hope for Kurdish people. It was established in the late 1978, the man, who established the PKK and then became the most recognize leader was ((Abdullah Ocalan)). Both of the united states and EU recognize PKK as an international terrorist organization, but it’s not the same things for the Kurds. In the past until now have many issue and conflict between Turks and Kurds so why the Kurds made a political...
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History of Political Parties in the United States: Analytical Essay

Introduction Political parties formed to accommodate opposing views, enhance the policymaking process, represent people’s interests, and provide an oversight role. The history of political parties in the United States goes back to 1783 during the time of federal constitution ratification (Bonica, 2013). Disagreements over the proposal to have a centralized government led to divisions and the formation of an anti-federal faction that sought to promote states’ rights over the centralized government. Thus, the basic reason for the formation of political...
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Essence of Political Party System in Democracies: Analytical Essay

The Political Party System is commonly found in democratic system of government. Through the political system the running politicians use this to compete for certain positions. Political party system can have positive and negative functions in our society. On the bright side of political party system we could have an organize groups of politician in competition during elections, this can help the voters to easily determine and decide what politicians to vote since political parties have their own titles and...
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Factors Which Help to Explain the Reduction in Political Party Members: Analytical Essay on Political Parties in Liberal Democracies

Outline the central functions of political parties in liberal democracies. What factors help to explain the reduction in political party members? A political party is defined as a group of people who are organized to gain and exercise political power. Political parties emerged in their modern form in the United States and Europe in the nineteenth century, which also led to the evolution of electoral and parliamentary systems. Since then the term party has been used for all those structured...
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Representation of Women in Political Parties of South Africa and Rwanda: Analytical Essay

In a society filled with dominant figures such as males and most often white males, it is hard for the minority groups such as women, other upcoming ethnic minority groups such to be represented in the politics of the country. Its different electoral systems that allow for these minority groups to either rise and have their values heard or be overpowered and silenced. The two types of electoral system will be discussed in the essay will by the proportional representation...
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