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Critical Analysis of Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK)

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A political party and army that give another hope for Kurdish people. It was established in the late 1978, the man, who established the PKK and then became the most recognize leader was ((Abdullah Ocalan)). Both of the united states and EU recognize PKK as an international terrorist organization, but it’s not the same things for the Kurds. In the past until now have many issue and conflict between Turks and Kurds so why the Kurds made a political party hope this party save ethnics of the Kurd. In the past arrant in 1923 Kurdistan was scattered for four part (Iran, iraq, Syria, turkey) under Lausanne treaty, also the majority of population in their four countries are Kurds. What are the advantages of established Kurdistan worker’s party (PKK)? PKK one of the best political party and necessary for Kurds because their works for agonize both male and female, remain the Kurdish language, limited of many cruelty and iniquity.

Work and agonize both male and female. In the past until now on someone’s ideology or in somewhere not is a very easy to have a woman it means woman cannot be out her home and she has usually can cook, clear their home or child’s nurse and no more. Based on, of the one interview with leader Ocalan he said that ‘’ each times the remembered his sister, he was upset about her ‘’ because in her marriage, she just sale for amount of corn and crop with some money instead of dowry. Because of this and something like this, based on Ocalan decided all marriage that like this, it’s just become the death for women, and he decided if one day he become leader he will work for this reason, and prohibited discrimination between man and woman. So now in his political party have both genders, working together without any discrimination between them.

PKK during activity and their works can remain the Kurdish language. Because this activity and agonized, the Turkish state cannot act like the past or haven’t a big hegemony and authority, because in the previous period (Mustafa Kamal Atatürk) has been many bad influenced over the Kurds in the northern, as long as he didn’t let the Kurdish people speak for won language, also he prohibited the Kurdish language in all place. Because the attempt and ruling PKK and the other political party group inside turkey like AKP can work together and finally both of them could have a membership and parliamentarian inside the parliament, also could defense of the rights of the Kurds, now speaking of the Kurdish language is a very normal, because of the abilities the PKK that possess in the country, turkey cannot do genocide against the Kurds. Also, PKK can stop and limit the bad step’s turkey against the Kurds. it is all because this political party (PKK), because this party always try to save and remain a culture and the language of the Kurds.

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PKK can limit of many cruelty and iniquity’s turkey against the Kurds. From the established PKK, Turkey state cannot be like the past and cannot punishment the Kurds without any reason, because in each plan’s turkey, PKK preparation and do not let come the rampant over the Kurds by turkey. Also, PKK has two way for limited the cruelty and iniquity’s turkey state one of them is the physiologies, because of excited the PKK, turkey cannot hurt, prison, and cannot torture the Kurdish people like the past or before excited PKK. Another way for limit of many cruelty and iniquity’s turkey against the Kurds is about side of the Kurdish nationalism and rights of live, although until now some of these rights are not available, but it isn’t nothing for Kurds, it is better than before, because of PKK ban the turkey for cruelty of prohibition language and writing in Kurdish language.

After a confine leader Abdullah Ocalan arrant in 15/2/1999 in Greece’s consulate in Kenya, without He, same issue came in to the PKK, one of the issues is PKK fall in to critical management until 2004 for 2005, after these, some of the famous Person that having the role for improving PKK became the leader of PKK, after rolling these some person, didn’t seen another issue inside the PKK, including these famous person and also manager (Murad Qarilan, Jamil Bayk, Duran kalka, Bese Hozat ). After come out diligence’s PKK also, membership taken refuge toward Syria, their political emblem had changeable, PKK under the emblem of achieve the right of Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan started politic diligence and army, it was very important because in that period didn’t a Kurdish party and army that under these emblem and politics. After taken refuge’s PKK toward Syria (Hafiz Assad) father’s (Bashar Assad), the previous leader ship of Syria, because had same issue and conflict with the governments of turkey about some terrain, Hafiz Assad wanted to depress on turkey, for this reason let the PKK established their office in Syria, also exercised military for their soldier as well onrush against turkey. In addition, with turkey, also Iran’s government let the PKK established just some office in boundary between Iran and turkey, in specially in region (Qutur and Sallmas), Iran wanted onrush on turkey via the PKK. After this PKK established some own political party that approach the PKK, PKK wanted via this party achieved the rights of Kurds, like (PYD, PJAK, YPG).

PKK was established for return the rights for Kurds in turkey, it worked for save, pugnacity for the rights of Kurds. Works for prohibited discrimination between male and female. Also want to remain the Kurdish language in turkey. Finally, working to limit of this cruelty and iniquity in turkey. PKK is not a terrorist, PKK the hope of Kurdish people for right to national and freedom.


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