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We discussed reapportionment and congressional redistricting in class. Patterson discusses them, as well. Why are reapportionment among the states and redistricting within states a problem for U.S. as a whole? What about their impact on individual House members? Discuss and explain. Reapportionment among states and redistricting is an issue given there is an urgent issue with gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is inherently bad because it is unethical and it harms voters because of how it reduces the value of votes in an...
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Mark Twain once said, “if voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” The United States was conceived under the democratic ideology that the American people should have the authority and duty to elect their leader. Through the enactment of Article II Section 1, of the U.S constitution, the Executive Branch of the American government was established, which led to the first presidential election in 1789. Today, presidential elections are held every four years, where presidential candidates from...
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Gerrymandering is the practice of “dividing an area” into “political units” which ultimately helps one political party (Merriam-Webster). However, these divisions are typically unfair and leave one political party at a disadvantage. The philosophy behind gerrymandering is to not give an overwhelming amount of safe seats to the person who is probable to win, but to give the opponent a number of safe seats. While the person who is probable to win will still likely win, the playing field is...
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Single Member District Representation follows a set of rules that differentiates itself from multi-member districts and creates some advantages for being represented by one official. The first rule is that for every legislative district, there will be one representative. The second rule follows up on the first by stating that each district must be contiguous; they cannot be distant from one another. The third rule came later in 1962 from a court case called Baker v. Carr, it resulted in...
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In both houses members of congress are elected by a measure known as the direct popular vote, the process breaks down as follows, members of the senate are voted in through a statewide election, and house representatives are elected in the congressional district. The rule of how senators are elected is laid out in the constitution under Article 1, Section 3 of our constitution wherein each state will pick its two senators, the idea behind this is to create a...
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