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Electoral College Essay Examples

21 samples in this category

Electoral College vs Popular Vote Essay

If you’re a United States citizen, 18 years of age or older, you probably think you have the right to vote for presidential candidates in the national election. That’s partially correct. When citizens cast their ballots for president in the popular vote, they elect a...
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Why the Electoral College Should Not be Abolished? Essay

Should the electoral college be abolished? Many people within the American electorate believe that they, themselves, vote for the president of the United States. Little do they know, the president is elected by one of the most undemocratic political institutions in this country – the...
4 Pages 1751 Words

Essay on Electoral College Pros and Cons

The Electoral College is a group of representatives derived from each state and the District of Columbia, whose major role is to elect the president and the vice president of the United States of America. The College is established by the constitution of the United...
4 Pages 1903 Words

Why Should we Keep the Electoral College? Essay

Every government has a system in place to effectively chose a leader. This system for the United States is described as the Electoral College. Composed by the Founding Fathers, the process provides a modus operandi of election. The Electoral College allows smaller states to have...
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Favor of Abolishing The Electoral College

The electoral college has been an important part of our election system for over two hundred years. This is a call to fix an antique system, that is holding us back from social progression. We must eliminate the electoral college, and further prepare our society...
2 Pages 932 Words

Is the Electoral College Outdated? Essay

It is worth noting that the presence of the Electoral College contradicts the existing belief that, in a democracy, the winner is the one who receives the most votes. This system was introduced to eliminate the possibility that a large state would impose its political...
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Is the Electoral College Fair? Essay

The 2016 election of Donald Trump put many things in motion. The 2020 election might do the same thing—especially if President Trump is re-elected in a manner similar to his 2016 victory. That’s because his election led to ongoing attacks on an invention of our...
2 Pages 947 Words

The Advantage of Electoral College in America

The Electoral College has been around since the beginning of democracy in America. The Founding Fathers set up the Electoral College in order to vote for a president every four years. The Electoral College gives each state, and D.C., a number of votes based on...
2 Pages 767 Words

The Flawed Election System Overview

There were 158 million Americans who voted in the past 2020 election but only 538 votes decided our next president. The Electoral College was established in our Constitution in 1804 and was created by the Founding Fathers. The way the system works is there are...
4 Pages 1663 Words

What is an Electoral College? Essay

An electoral college is a set of electors who are selected to elect a candidate to particular offices. Often these represent different organizations, political parties or entities, with each organization, political party or entity represented by a particular number of electors or with votes weighted...
2 Pages 1097 Words

Is the Electoral College Democratic? Essay

The Constitution of the United States (U.S) was ratified and signed on September 17th 1787. The aim of the Constitution was to establish a central government with sufficient power to act on a national level, whilst not having too much power that fundamental rights would...
3 Pages 1376 Words

Should the Electoral College Be Abolished Essay

Every four years our country participates in the most thrilling and suspenseful race of all time, the Presidential elections. One of the most anxious times that leaves all Americans anxious and eager to know who will be elected President. On the first Tuesday after the...
3 Pages 1463 Words

Electoral College Essay

In November 2020, the United States Elections were held, Joe Biden won the election with 305 Electoral College votes compared to Presidential Incumbent Donald Trump’s 232. For centuries the United States utilized the Electoral College voting system. A simple description of the system is that...
4 Pages 1741 Words

Electoral College Argumentative Essay

Is the Electoral College fair? This debate has been dividing the opinions of Americans ever since it was first established by the Founding Fathers in 1804. In all honesty, the concept does not make a great deal of sense; the US is the only democracy...
2 Pages 1004 Words
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