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The Successes and Failures of Each President of the United States

Each of the first five presidents had their successful moments and failures. George Washington had his good moments and his bad moments. He was the commander in chief of the continental army during the American revolution. He had many roles during the war. He gave his strategy of the war along with congress. He trained and organized the army and maintained the army’s morale. In 1795, Washington had signed Jay’s Treaty with Great Britain. This forbids the United States to...
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Why Is Abraham Lincoln the Best President: Argumentative Essay

The first president to do several things was Abraham Lincoln: he was the first president to have a mustache, the first to kill the firstborn outside of the original 13 states, the first and only one to have a pet cat eat with him at the White House dinner table, and he was the first president to have something patented. The most remembered President of the United States of America is Lincoln. As the 16th president, he is also considered...
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Was Lincoln a Democratic or Autocratic President: Argumentative Essay

The great 16th President’s beginnings are rather humble. Lincoln is a unique national precious treasure, a legend that best depicts the democratic ideal. The great Lincoln wanted to gain skills to proceed with his position in society. Lincoln had bright ideas to change America for the better. Abraham Lincoln came from a necessitous family in Kentucky. Lincoln was considered a powerful president for making many equality changes in America. Lincoln had bright ideas for America Lincoln wanted to share them...
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Was Andrew Jackson Really the ‘Common Man’ President: Discursive Essay

While writing the Constitution, neither James Madison nor Alexander Hamilton envisioned the emergence of political parties. However, it only took a couple years of Washington being in office before they formed. After Hamilton created his financial plan for the country, there was a big divide in how people felt toward it. The two parties that initially formed were the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. The federalists were the ones that agreed with Hamilton’s plan and the national bank. They favored the...
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Public Influence on the President Remains Insignificant: Analytical Essay

When we attempt to imitate what the framers envisioned in the design of the United States, they would never have expected the substantial power given to the presidency. The abuse of power has been a lurking fear in the growth of the presidential figure and seems to only escalate with every election. Despite the people’s attempts to check the president’s actions, its efforts remain a minimal impact on the decisions made by such a dominant figure. The presidential power has...
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Necessity of Establishing Age Limit for the Position of President: Argumentative Essay

In the United States there is no age limit on running for president however there is a minimum age which is 35. There should be an age limit on running for presidency because as humans get older our bodies begin to weaken. If someone is over the age of sixty, they should not be able to run for president. Between the ages 28 to 55 our body is generally in an optimal state of health. More closely monitoring the ages...
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President Outline: Analysis of Ronald Reagan Presidency

Politic Iran releases American Hostages (January 20, 1981) 52 Americans were taken hostage from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on November 1979 and were finally released on the day of Reagan’s inauguration. (See Prominent Issues of the Election C for more) British House of Commons (July 2, 1982) Reagan spoke about how there is hope for the future and how we can be optimistic. He said democracy can work and is working. Hence the quote: (we are at the) “end...
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If I Was President: Essay

If I were president I would aim to achieve three major things in our society. First, I would change our educational system, the second I would make drastic changes so that everyone has fair and equal treatment in the U.S., third would give ex-cons a fresh start after they served their time, and lastly I want to help clean our oceans and rivers of pollution The educational system in America is a mess honestly it really is. America does have...
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If I Were President: Essay

Being the president of a country is a big responsibility for one person. If I were president, I would change the government, overthrowing corrupt politicians and those with a criminal record in the field of government. I would listen to the grievance of my fellow citizens on their daily problems in our society like traffics, flooding, and many more. I would try to solve the problem of flooding by continuing the project of the past President Marcos. Based on the...
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Who Has More Power, Congress or the President, and Why the Office of the US President Is Now Under Threat

In this essay, I’m going to discuss who has more power now, Congress or the president, and why the office of the president of the United States is now under threat to a limited extent. It is argued that the office of the US president is now imperiled as the use of checks and balances outlined in the Constitution remain. Regular congressional bills being overridden and due to democracy in the US Congress, presidents may find it difficult to advance...
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Presidency: How a Candidate Becomes the President

Every four years a new president is elected, but what does a candidate do behind the scenes to become president? Running for presidency takes a lot of time, money, and work. The first step to becoming president is qualifying and meeting regulations. A president qualifies if he is 35 years old, lived in the country for 14 years, and either been born in America or one of his or her parents been born in America. Once someone meets those requirements,...
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Example Essay Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President, I believe that the civic and political participation is way more than important to the United States government and even the society we live in. Therefore, the country can function or stay function properly. I think if most of the people stop ignoring the civics and participate as human beens and not make poor choice. I think just a few persons are hired to work for the government rather than other political jobs in that position. It’s...
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My Favorite President Essay

Throughout history, the United States has had many great leaders who have helped the country grow into what it is today. Each president is unique and each of them directly or indirectly has a huge impact on the American people, thereby shaping the vision of Americans of different generations about themselves. Every American has a favorite and unloved president, they consider someone the best, someone the worst. Speaking of me, my favorite president is Abraham Lincoln. As president of the...
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Is America Ready for a Female President? Essay

Introduction to Gender and Presidency When candidates are running for the position of the president of the United States, in addition to their central ideas they present, citizens who are voting also focus on the things that candidates can’t change about themselves, such as gender, race, or sexual orientation. One of the most controversial topics of the United States today, and always throughout history, is the argument on if the United States should have a female president. Is today’s America...
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Abraham Lincoln is the Best President Essay

Abraham Lincoln is one of those individuals whose stature is so large that he has become engulfed in myth—myth that often replaces reality. In poll after poll, the man who died on April 15, 1865, has consistently been ranked by historians and the American people as our greatest president. Both political parties claim to represent his values and never hesitate to invoke his name to bolster their image. Over 145 statues of Lincoln stand, more than two dozen of them...
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Harding's Impact: Critical Analysis Essay

With nearly 250 years since its foundation, the United States currently has had 45 presidents, but not every president is exemplary and left legacies for America. Some presidents even had a negative reputation. Due to a presidential appearance, Warren G. Harding was actively encouraged by his relatives and helped by them to become the 29th President of the United States (Pecquet). However, during two years of his tenure, he did almost nothing remarkable. Mentioning this president, people only remember his...
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Essay about Inauguration

I know very well that you can’t touch Trump with a ten-foot pole without getting into some kind of controversy. Whether with his supporters or his opponents, I’m going to try. I’m going to critique Trump’s inauguration speech. I am going to try to go as non-political as possible and talk not about the content or the veracity of the claims in his speech but rather to talk about his delivery overall and his message. Donald Trump’s inauguration speech is...
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Advantages of the Presidential System

As world is coming up together and great changes are taking places in their governing systems. There are different systems of governance each country is following. There are various democracies in the world having presidential system. Under presidential system there is a separation of powers between all three chambers of the government that is legislature executive and the judiciary none of them are dependent on each other for their working. The United States of America is the biggest example of...
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Why Was Hoover Blamed for the Great Depression?

Hoover was the president of the United States at the time of the stock market crash. Months after the stock market crash Hoover believed that the best way to recover from the crash was to have confidence. Hoover said that the Great Depression was because of “world-wide economic conditions beyond our control”. He blamed it on that instead of problems that were occurring in the United States economy. He thought that voluntary controls within businesses would be the most effective...
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Why Did George Washington Oppose Political Parties: Argumentative Essay

The government is weaker now than it was as a democracy at the end of George Washington’s final term as president. Over the years, the government has parted ways with some of George Washington’s views, such as his views on international relations, partisanship, and constitutionalism. George Washington believed that the United States of America should not rely on foreign powers. The goal was to keep the U.S. as neutral as possible when it came to warfare because Washington feared that...
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George Washington Research Paper

By the late 1760s, Washington had experienced firsthand the effects of rising taxes imposed on American colonists by the British and came to believe that it was in the best interests of the colonists to declare independence from England. Washington served as a delegate to the First Continental Congress in 1774 in Philadelphia. By the time the Second Continental Congress convened a year later, the American Revolution had begun in earnest, and Washington was named commander in chief of the...
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Biography Essay on George Washington

Analysis of Washington’s Foreign Policy Principles In 1796 after Washington decided not to seek reelection for the United States presidency, he delivered a valedictory address to his ‘Friends and Citizens’. In the address, Washington articulated the principles he hoped would guide the United States as he retired. By examining Washington’s Farewell Address (co-authored by Alexander Hamilton), it can be argued that Washington advocated for the United States foreign policy principles to be rooted in moderation, peace, and avoidance of foreign...
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The Leadership of George Washington Essay

This is a question that inevitably arises in the mind of anyone who studies, even on a casual basis, the founding of our nation. Washington lived and worked with brilliant philosophers, thinkers, writers, orators and organizers, such as Franklin, Mason, John and Sam Adams, Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Hamilton, Madison, Dickinson, the Randolphs and the Lees, almost all of whom were far better educated than he. Yet at the three major junctions in the founding of the nation, the Revolution, the...
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The Final George Washington's Request

After his second term, George Washington formally resigned from his role as President of the United Sates. Washington took advantage of his resignation by preaching his political views of how our country should be run. He wrote what is called the Farewell Address as his final statement, or warning, to the American people. Washington’s public adieu embodied his fundamental values and what he believed was the right path for the US. However, Washington was not the sole author of this...
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Essay about Woodrow Wilson's Eight-Year Presidency

During President Wilson’s eight-year tenure, the United States saw unprecedented domestic development, thanks mostly to technological and infrastructure advancements. The 28th president amended his views on isolationism and the role of the United States in the conflict. The Fourteen Points of President Woodrow Wilson were a model of American ideology and a blueprint for the rest of the world to follow. They argued for national equality and pushed Germany to join the postwar world order in exchange for liberalizing its...
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Rhetorical Analysis of Bill Clinton's Speech

In this speech, ‘If Martin Luther King Were to Appear’, Bill Clinton is using a rhetorical question aimed at the American people to create the message that Americans in general have done a better job in treating people with equality, but if MLK were to return he’d overall still be disappointed with the current state America is in and how America still needs to change for the better. This speech was given to a group of 5,000 ministers but was...
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Bill Clinton Impeachment Essay

The United States of America is the world’s most powerful and biggest economy. When President Trump replaced Barrack Obama as president of the world’s most powerful nation, there was a lot of skepticism. However, one that Trump constantly preached during the campaign period was the American Agenda of putting America and Americans first. This agenda has truly worked for the treaty. The economy of the United States has been at its strongest point in recent years due to the Trump...
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Analytical Essay on George W. Bush: Life Before Presidency

George Walker Bush was born on July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. George W. Bush was the first born of 5 children. George had 4 siblings, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. His sister Pauline battled Leukemia Cancer. At the age of 4, she passed away. He was unaware of his sisters death until 2 days after she died. Bush struggled with living without his sister. He started getting an education at primary schools in Midland, Texas. In Texas they...
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Important Changes in American Politics During the Presidency of Andrew Jackson

On March 4th, 1829, Andrew Jackson was elected the 7th president of the United States. Jackson rose to his military heroism and to the fact that he was a man who started his life from scratch to reach the top. After being elected to power, President Jackson believed that all white men had a dire need to extend the right to vote. This move by Andrew Jackson was meant to remove the image that a classist society was the United...
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Characteristics of Jacksonian Period

Between 1824 and 1848, commonly referred to as the Jacksonian Period, American rights and ideals of the common man were implemented. This idea was pioneered by Andrew Jackson, the self-proclaimed ‘champion of the common man’. Jackson, unlike the candidates preceding the election of 1828, had come from humble beginnings. Jackson grew up in relative poverty with his widowed mother. As a young man, he moved to Tennessee to become a prominent self-taught lawyer and congressman, eventually becoming a renowned military...
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