Was Thomas Jefferson a Good President for People? Essay

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In discussing the Declaration of Independence and it’s effects, it is important to start at the beginning. America was under the rule of Great Britain, and up until 1776, the American colonists believed that Great Britain was doing a great job protecting them, giving them their rights, and they, the colonists in turn, offered Britain their loyalty. But, the relationship between America and Great Britain started tearing apart during the beginning of the Seven Years War. During this, “America became nearly bankrupted”(Shi/Tindall), civilians lost crops, money, their supplies etc. after the revolution. Britain began closing off and banned U.S trade. Through studying, it is clear that through these tariffs and fees on products, economic problems quickly arose. As political and economic culture changed, it was clear to Americans that there was a need for change.

Well known historical figures such as George Washington and more began voicing their opinions on what was taking place in the states. George Washington strongly was quoted to say that there was a need for “...a government by which our lives, liberty, and prosterities will be secured.” Many agreed. They believed that, “the time had come to empower the national government to bring social order and economic stability” (Shi/Tindall). During the 1780’s the colonists of America began to see that there was a crisis on hand.

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As complete chaos erupted, “Alexander Hamilton began urging for a group of chosen delegates from each state to be given full powers to revise the Articles of Confederation”(Shi/Tindall). At the Constitutional Convention, the delegates began to work. These were the founding fathers. The Declaration of Independence, written primarily by Thomas Jefferson, gave the “common sense” America needed, written down on paper, stating the unity of Amerians and their need for their rights. It declared America’s official freedom from Great Britain on July 4th of 1776, and the Constitution laid down how it would all work.

Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd American president, had the hope of creating a “new America” and helping the oppressed that came to seek a new and better life, earn their rights, through the new democracy. He also wanted to unify America for the better. We can see the importance of the constitution when Jefferson is inaugurated and “it was the first democratic election in modern history that saw the orderly transfer of power from one party to another (Shi/Tindall). He wanted to work to overturn Federalist policies while urging for unity.

But, ironically Jefferson had his own ideals and as stated in the book, “bitter anti-Federalist prejudices”. As a result of this, politically speaking, America began dividing strongly. Each party had loyal followers. After the revolution, white laborers were granted the right to vote and hold office. But, they quickly were unwanted. The book states that “many among the founding generation of political leaders, especially federalists and some republicans, became openly anti-democratic, worried that men of humble origins, some uneducated, were replacing the social and political elite in legislation.” Clearly, while these men were given their rights through the constitution, there was a poor sense of equality. While trying to unify Americans, they began to deunify themselves, through prejudices.

Unfortunately, Jefferson wrote himself in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.” When considering the arising situation of slavery, Jefferson states in the Declaration of Independence that slavery is a crime. But, he was unbelievably reliant on his own slaves and never tried to fight for their rights. Also, he didn’t allow women to be in positions of some power. He has been quoted to say that he and the public aren't ready for women to be in such positions when they needed to be filled. Jefferson’s ideals of “common sense” were widely embraced and needed. I can assume that after the revolution everyone wanted their rights, no matter what color of their skin, or gender, or what their upbringing was. But, it turns out that there wasn’t any equality, despite the incredible advances.

Although it is clear that Jefferson was a man of inconsistencies, he did have some improvements during his presidency. Through the Lousianna purchase, he doubled the size of America, but that led to controversial issues and arguments with the settlement of the natives that lived there. Through the Lewis and Clark expedition, Jefferson sought to expand and explore even more into the Pacific Ocean. Through this expedition, many scientific and geographical advances were made.

Jefferson was soon re-elected for a second term given his achievements that he made during the first term. When rumors of war in Europe began, the American people were not appreciative of the way he responded as his relationship with Great Britain was quickly on the decline.

Throughout Thomas Jefferson’s career, there were major advances and serious controversies. Despite the negatives, Jefferson attempted to bring upon freedom and independence for the American society by writing the Declaration of Independence. After all, freedom is the most important thing us Americans can have.

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