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Essay on John F Kennedy: Analysis of Presidency Elections

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John F Kennedy, born May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. From the start Kennedy was born into a wealthy family with his father, Joseph Kennedy Sr. being one of the richest men in America at the time and his mother Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald coming from a wealthy family herself. They was no doubt that John F Kennedy was going to be a well known figure in the future. The Kennedys were a big family with a total of 9 kids, four males and five females. Many of which went on to be very successful as well. One of Kennedy’s older brothers passed away while fighting in WWII, he was enlisted in the Navy, this would be a driving point for Kennedy and his new goals, he would now be seen as “the new political figure in the family”.

Year 1947 Kennedy is elected to the house of Representatives for the state of Massachusetts. He would think this would be the best thing for his life until things start to look up for him in every way possible. Kennedy met his soon to be wife in May of 1952 at a dinner in Washington DC. A mutual friend introduced one to another “I’ve never met anyone like her” stated Kennedy to The Washington Post. Jackie and Kennedy get along and after 2 years of dating Kennedy pops the big question and proposes to her. At this time they were both very well known and they relationship would be publicized everywhere as nearly perfect as can be. Kennedy would also win the title of US Senator in Massachusetts. Before announcing for candidacy for presidency they tried to grow their family. Their first daughter would be named Arabella, she was a stillborn. Their second daughter, Caroline would be Kennedys and Jackie's only surviving child who to this day still lives and is an author herself.

Presidency election of 1960, democrat John F Kennedy against republican Richard Nixon. All odds were in favor of Nixon and everyone believed he would win. Most American saw Nixon as more appropriate and “well polished” candidate, especially over Kennedy. Kennedy was seen more as a popular “Hollywood” persona who knew nothing about being president, also because he was so young people we skeptical of what he wanted to do. (Hippies we starting to rise and older people didn't believe in what they would protest for) Kennedy was elected for president with majority vote on November 8, 1960. For his first presidential term his life would change drastically, so would Jackies, but they were not complaining for Kennedy would run for a second term, but to regain all the votes again he would have to try harder than ever to convince people he was a great president.

Early fall of 1963 President John F. Kennedy and a few of his political advisers had goals for their next presidential campaign, at this point he was very confident of getting re-elected. His goal was to get as many states on his side as possible, therefore traveling to different states and sharing his ideas. A big stress and concerned for Kennedy was to win over Florida and Texas, his plan was to go visit both states in the next two weeks.

Kennedy and Jackie along with other governmental figueres arrived to Dallas at around 12:30 pm, crowds of people were gathering just to see their president. And just as the car turned off Main street as it passed by the Texas School Book Depository the sound of a gun went off. Bullets had hit the President one in the head and one in the neck, as he leaned towards Mrs. Kennedy they rushed him to the nearest hospital. At 1:00 pm John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead. Less than an hour later Lee Harvey Oswald, who had recently been hired to work at the Book Depository, had been arrested for the assassination of the President. November 24th, the day Oswald was scheduled to transfer to the country jail, on live television is seen a man aim a pistol and fire towards Oswald, this man goes by Jack Ruby- a local nightclub owner. (Oswald died later in the hospital)

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It was said to believe that Lee Harvey oswald committed this crime but it is nearly impossible to believe due to the fact that his shots are basically impossible to recreate and here's why, the original shot was done using ammunition, ammunition had not been used since 1947, also the exact gun the Oswald used cost him less than $25, the telescopic sight which was said to be misaligned cost him $1.50, for being hundreds of feet away it almost seems as a miracle that Oswald got him twice, in a moving car! Oswald was in the Marine but he was just a “beginner shooter” meaning he couldn’t have been very good. Even more bizarre Oswald believed that he was not going to get caught right away, he had no escape plan at the time with no train ticket nor plane ticket to escape, or maybe this could’ve been part of his plan to create less suspicion to his name. It was said that Oswald shot Kennedy from the back but in video it clearly seems as if he got shot from the front and the right meaning that the shots should’ve came from 2 different sides. Marina Oswald Porter, confirmed her husband killing Kennedy back when it happened and trials were going on. Now in a recent interview she clearly says “You cannot honestly say this man and only one man did it and he is guilty.” A theory that every American has now.

Oliver Stone, director of the movie JFK was uncovering many theories. As producing the movie he was realizing that many journalist were reviewing the movie on set, that had never been done before in history and if it had been than this movie was attracting more than any other. “Protecting something, they’re protecting an old crime” said Stone over the assassination of Kennedy. But yet other would claim “They’re distorting history by confusing fact and fiction” or “Its propaganda” It seems as if the government is trying to hide something, and many American believed that at the time. They couldn’t believe that a very liked president by all citizens could have been killed nearing the end of his first presidential term.

This was so crazy that it could have just happened out of nowhere like that that other countries can’t even begin to wrap their heads around what happened. “People in europe, france and italy they're still amazed at the naivete of the american people that they bought this one single lone nut assassin with his magic bullet that Lee Oswald did it” said Walter Cronkite from CBS news “too machiavellian for our people frankly” This has been one of the many assassinations that has created many conspiracies.

Others seem to believe its a curse, The curse of the Kennedys as many refer to it. They seem to have very bad luck. For example, Rosemary Kennedy had struggled with some mental health issues, had a very low IQ, almost one of a 8 or 12 year old as well with a lot of behavioral problems. She had a “surgery” done that went very bad that lowered her capacity to a year olds and she would now be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Joseph Kennedy, the oldest son was killed during WWII, the plane he was flying had a bomb and plans went wrong leading the bomb to explode with him in the plane. 1948, Kathleen Kennedy died in a plane crash over France. Even crazier right before going out for his campaign Kennedy and Jackie had a miscarriage and a year later she gave birth to a stillborn baby, after giving birth to their daughter Caroline they tried again, they had a boy who sadly died 2 days after he was born. Kennedy's father suffered a terrible stroke that gave him very limited movement and later died. Shortly after Kennedy’s death Bobby Kennedy was assassinated and so was Robert Kennedy as he was shot in LA.

It is bizarre to think that so many things could have happened and were all planned out with years in advance. Could it have been planned by the government? No one knows exactly but we all seem to have out ideas and thoughts. I believe that no one makes as big of a deal out of this devastating event due to the Kennedy curse that just seemed to be “bad luck” to the whole Kennedy family.

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