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JFK's Inaugural Address: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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In President Kennedy's inaugural address, the readers will be moved and roused by the syntax and diction he passes on. The utilization of various expository and artistic devices arranges the perusing and permits the readers to feel more associated with his words straightforwardly. The late chosen President Kennedy needed to share his overall arrangement being president and move another age of Americans to help and ascend as a country together. While Kennedy’s respect for traditions of the past is appropriate for the occasion and underpinned by artful rhetoric, his optimistic yet cautious look to the future marks him as a youthful, energetic leader. He hopes to inspire confidence and a feeling of unity, as well as patriotism. Kennedy wanted the citizens to not only support him but stand with him.

To start, President Kennedy needed the world to be entire once more. His fundamental objective in the administration was to have countries rise and stand together. He proceeded with America's conventional thoughts and responsibilities, however, he strived to set up harmony among nations and looked for homegrown solidarity. In his debut address, Kennedy utilizes logos, pathos, and ethos and adjusts his feelings in trust the crowd will do likewise. For the crowd, the enthusiastic allure comes out when Kennedy utilizes the words 'oppression', 'force', ' poverty', and 'chains', for the crowd that has experienced so much they are compelling passionate words for them at this moment. That makes a solid connection between the crowd and the speaker. Through his punctuation and style, the tone of the discourse is conscious of the nation's set of experiences, the event, and the inheritance going ahead. He gets and keeps up the crowd's consideration by straightforwardly tending to the crowd utilizing the word 'you'.

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Moreover, the conveyance of Kennedy's discourse is similarly as significant as the substance that is in the discourse. Kennedy establishes the pace of the discourse with his promise decision and how he makes his sentences. When Kennedy writes “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” (Paragraph, 26). Kennedy's discourse urged Americans to take an interest in the objectives of the country. This discourse addresses the crowd of the day, who confronted approaching dangers and worries about socialism, atomic war, monetary difficulties, and common distress before. The occasions were violent, and Kennedy looked to join Americans so that everybody would need similar objectives: opportunity and freedom. As a youthful president, Kennedy utilized his age for his potential benefit, announcing the beginning of a time with youth driving the best approach to change and improvement. Kennedy can stimulate feelings in his crowd as opposed to seeming like he is addressing them. He associates with the American individuals by causing them to think about how the hunger for power has prompted the ruin of different countries, and he needed them to not have this country commit a similar error.

Next, the tone of John F Kennedy’s speech is very optimistic and idealistic. For example, “In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hours of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility - I welcome it” (Paragraph, 25). In this statement, JFK compliments the individuals who protect and work for their opportunities, that the country needs to rise and do the equivalent since he isn't reluctant to do such. By utilizing parathesis, it points out the sentence by removing the stream. He is clarifying how he is happy to do anything conceivable to guarantee the endurance and accomplishment of freedom. His assertion decision and parallelism permit the crowd to comprehend his discourse more simpler and give the sentences an additional effect.

In conclusion, John F. Kennedy’s speech was so powerful to the audience because of his use of diction and syntax. He needed to show that regardless of how awful issues may get, if individuals are joined together, at that point they can defeat any obstruction. Giving that feeling to the individuals that they are in this together and that they are in good company. He causes the crowd to feel enthusiastic and hopeful by letting them arrive at their decision that they can do this. This is one of the numerous reasons why his discourse is so amazing to individuals.

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