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The Successes and Failures of Each President of the United States

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Each of the first five presidents had their successful moments and failures.

George Washington had his good moments and his bad moments. He was the commander in chief of the continental army during the American revolution. He had many roles during the war. He gave his strategy of the war along with congress. He trained and organized the army and maintained the army’s morale. In 1795, Washington had signed Jay’s Treaty with Great Britain. This forbids the United States to expand west. Washington also had his failures. He violated the law to keep slaves the fugitive slaves act. While he was president, he dealt with a lot of financial problems. Our debts needed to be repaid and some states had already done so while others did not. This plan did not go well.

Another president who had success and failure was John Adams. He successfully defended the British soldiers that were involved in the Boston Massacre. Adams signed Jay’s Treaty, which prevented Britain from attacking the U.S. As the army and navy were being built they were able to take on France in the “Quasi War” which was not official and negotiated a loan from Belgium. Adams had more failures than successes. He was never able to work with congress and unable to convince the people to support his vision for an industrial America which had a strong government.

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Another president is Thomas Jefferson. His successes was the Lewis and Clark expedition, purchasing Louisiana land from France, and increasing exports by supplies from Britain and France. Some of his failures was the Embargo Act of 1807 and also owned slaves.

Another president who had their successful moments and failures was James Madison. A success of his was that he wrote the federalist papers which was to explain the newly proposed constitution which was The Articles Of Confederation. He also refused to trade with Britain and France for American ships. A failure of his was trading ban with France and Britain. He was also not able to purchase Florida from the Spanish and was unable to take over Canada’s territory.

Lastly, James Monroe. He achieved success through his foreign policy. He issued the Monroe Doctrine which was a policy of opposing European colonialism in the Americas. One of his failures, He didn’t respond to the depression with any type of force and felt as if the United States would bound from the Depression. This was the Panic of 1819. He felt as if the government could have operated better without them.

I would grade George Washington an A. He was the first president of the U.S. and led the colonial forces to victory over the British, then became a hero. His presidency changed a lot and without him, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I would grade John Adams a C. He wasn’t the best and lost his campaign to Thomas Jefferson. Washington failure as president, that he failed and did not get reelected. He did avoid war with France and sided with Washington’s policy. I would grade Thomas Jefferson an A. He had a lot of accomplishments while being president. He banned importation of slaves, got funding for Lewis and Clark expedition, and reduced national debt. I would grade James Madison a B. He made a huge contribution to the ratification of the constitution from the federalist papers. He was also referred to as the “Father of the Constitution”. He also established the democratic republican party. Lastly I rate James Monroe a B. He served his country for 50 years and was reelected for president. He also became U.S. senator and leader of democratic party.

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