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History is the study of past events, which can be told us through books, newspapers, artifacts, and even recordings of conversations. Having record of historical events allows us to understand past events and keep ourselves from making the same mistakes. Russell B. Long the Democratic senator of Louisiana during 1966 suggested to President Johnson that he record his conversations so that his words can be directly relayed to the people . “As it turns out, President Johnson did have their...
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The USA's involvement in Vietnam has become one of the most widely known embarrassments in the country's history. Whether USA should have even been involved in the war is a controversial opinion with many south Vietnamese peasants believing they should not have been hence the decision for many of them switching support from South Vietnam to the Vietcong. However, President Lyndon B. Johnson wanted to escalate the war by sending 100,000 ground troops into Vietnam in the July of 1965...
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Introduction Lyndon B. Johnson's Affirmative Action Speech delivered on September 24, 1965, remains one of the most influential and thought-provoking addresses in American history. In this rhetorical analysis essay, we will explore the key elements of Johnson's speech, dissecting his persuasive strategies, and examining how he effectively argued for the importance of affirmative action in addressing racial inequality in the United States. Thesis Statement Through his skillful use of rhetorical devices, including emotional appeals, logical reasoning, and a call to...
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Firstly, President Johnson can be viewed as making a significant contribution to the achievement of Black civil rights, perhaps more than any other American President in the years 1861-1973, due to the legislation he passed during his presidency. Historian George Goethals supports the argument that Johnson made a significant contribution to the achievement of Black civil rights in the years 1861-1973. He argues ‘That LBJ is ranked second only to Abraham Lincoln on the C-SPAN dimension called “pursued equal justice...
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The Great Society was the name for Johnson's domestic agenda (analogous to FDR's New Deal). It demonstrated the height of liberal policymaking in the post-World War II era. Unlike the New Deal, it occurred during a time of prosperity for most Americans. By the end of Johnson's presidency, the liberal Great Society was undergoing criticism from both the Right and the Left. In 1963, President Lyndon Johnson attended a joint meeting of Congress and vowed to ensure economic opportunities and...
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