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Leadership Of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: Comparative Analysis

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The focus of this study is to understand the influence of leaders in decision-making of foreign policy and the subsequent impact of the choices thatthey make at the international level.

In todays time, it has become mandatory to know what is going around the world, the relationships of different countries, their politics.

The two countries that I have chosen are leading the world in many aspects. Now to talk about them, it can be done by comparing the leaderships of their respected Presidents.

Description of various consequential events in our history reside in the actions and policies of all the political leaders across the globe which necessitates the examination of their thoughts, their respected personality, their emotions, their perceptions and decision-making processes of all of them. Hardly anyone would ever mention the events of World War II without mentioning Hitler, Soviet policy in the 30s and 40s without Stalin, abolition of the apartheid system without Nelson Mandela, foreign policy of China without Mao and also the foreign policy of Russia without Vladimir Putin.

In addition to the historical and ideological strengths of leaders, practical facts and physical strength also make leaders and their role important. For example, in the post-Cold War period, there was much ambiguity about the nature of the geography, which led to many interpretations, misinterpretations and misunderstandings. In such a climate of uncertainty, decision-makers can exert tremendous influence on policies. Global barriers to foreign policy are becoming increasingly complex, which is why there is an opportunity for individual leaders to stand up. Further, attention is diverted to individual leaders who not only have an impact within their country but also have an influence beyond the borders of the country they lead. In the past, such discussions have been curtailed by academics who have suggested that they focus on global problems that limit their ability to hold leaders. In their view, the needs of the system of chaos and interdependence are so clear that leaders are left with a limited list of foreign policy strategies. However, the ambiguity of the world that is post the cold war and the ambiguity that exists in today’s world close to a multi political world with the emergence of regional and non-state actors, allow individuals to control global affairs.

Donald Trump who was once considered a long shot, the 74-year-old is now president of the United States, almost four years old. Knowing that he would run in the 2016 election was not only based on his controversial platform over the migration and outrage of campaign style but from his past celebrities. The businessman, however, had one last laugh when he disregarded all the predictions of beating up senior politicians in the Republican primary race. Mr Trump has expressed interest in running for president since 1987, and has even entered the 2000 race as a candidate for the Reform Party. After 2008, he became one of the most talked about members of the ‘breeding’ movement, which doubted whether Barack Obama was born in the US. Those claims are completely dismissed; Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii. Mr. Trump finally admitted that there was no truth in these claims even though, apparently, there was no apology. It was not until June 2015 that Mr. Trump officially announced his entry into the White House competition. ‘We need someone to take over this country and make it bigger again. We can do that,’ he said in a statement, promising that as a candidate, he did not respond to anything special and was a very forward-looking person to be drafted. Trump’s work can be divided into three categories. The first one, which ran from the early 1970s to the mid / late 1980s was like a real estate agent, with a strong focus on New York and Atlantic City. The second was in the late 1980’s. After the financial crisis, the banks turned against Trump, and his control of his business was greatly curtailed by the influence of financial institutions. Then, for the third time, from the late 1990s onwards, Trump’s fortunes were transformed by his appearance as a real TV celebrity and Trump product brand. We say that Trump supported his business ‘success’ in the pursuit of profits, tax payments, savings, deportation and risk transfer, often recognizing the importance of the economic downturn, and holding a zero-sum view or a negative view of economic transactions. The upbuilding experience of Trump’s business venture was in New York in the late 1970’s. During the Great Recession (Thabb, 1982) and in the interest of the city’s renewal, the city was ready to offer tax deals and services, which Trump exploited. The first major project at the time was the rebuilding of the now defunct Comodore Hotel, which is owned by the Penn Central Railroad. To make this happen Donald Trump needed tax breaks, money and a management company to manage the hotel. This was a brief of past of Donald Trump.

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Wodak (2015) (Mollan)In an interview with The New York Times in 2017, Bannon said everything President Trump does is all about moving forward or stopping any potential problem’. Bannon’s importance and his desire to restore what he considered to be American traditional values go hand in hand with those people in the United States Wodak explains that they may have embraced the right-wing populism of the so-called modern ‘loss’. So, while Bannon and others are considering a crisis based on long-term historical tendencies, political ideologies, and a certain sense of American destiny (all of which have been used in detail by Trump’s campaign to raise funds), there has also been a real “ rusty ” American ‘heart’ problem. in the middle, where these stories have a clear voice. While Clinton did better than Trump among low-income voters, Trump won in the poorest parts of the country. Central to this are the ways in which economic development, globalization, and market changes in co-operatives have resulted in significant socio-economic decline. Mark Blyth’s paper on ‘Global Trumpism’ makes the point that neo-liberal changes from the late 1970s onwards led to a decline in real wages and an increase in personal and family debt. In this context, the gatekeepers of neo-liberalism (the group of Davos and established Republicans and Democrats) are the beneficiaries of a regime based on anti-inflation policies that have systematically destroyed large sections of American society. As Blyth states that debtors cannot afford to pay but politically, and this is important to empower debtors because they cannot pay, cannot pay, and have the right to vote’. As Trump said ‘I am the master of debt. I love debt ‘, in terms of revisiting loan terms, and the common hair taken by lenders where he was concerned. This strenuous effort by an inhuman source, or cause, of widespread economic hardship based on Trump’s business experience is another reason why Trump appeals to those who have endured such hardships in turn, to stand up and attack impersonal forces and cause individual suffering.

Now coming to Putin. It is a largely believed belief that all the political leaders who enjoy strong local authority also have a free hand in international affairs. In other words, the idea that strong, radical and independent political cultures often give birth to many leaders. This is by no means to say that democracy does not produce prominent leaders. It only shows that democratic leaders cannot use individual power freely as leaders in power because their political traditions empower institutions and not the people. This may also contribute to their power to influence the actions of the state differently. So based on the above arguments, it can be said that leaders can only come out strong in the international arena and prove strong if they have a positive and appropriate domestic background. In order to understand Putin’s influence on international politics, it is important to consider him as the main driver of Russia’s foreign policy. In order to do so it is required to study the domestic context and procedures for making foreign policy in Russia.

The decision-making environment is the most important aspect of policy making and is characterized by the identity of those responsible for doing so. In Russia, this includes President Putin, but also other figures, namely Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov, Russian state oil company chief Rosneft Igor Sechin, and Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev. (Mollan) Putin is in the middle of this decision-making position and is considered the highest decision-making authority. Some members have limited influence as they are in Putin’s lower position and because they are all entrusted with subordinate domains and agendas. Despite the opposition, Russia’s political culture is seen as one that favors strong, independent rule. Russia’s history is marked by political power figures. Independent governmental styles have been commonplace in the Russian government since the Tsars’ ironclad capture until the Politburo-based Communist law. Russia’s separation from democracy is a recent phenomenon and continues to advance in modern and democratic government. In the current context, even if the various political parties and political leaders at the national level do not agree with Russia’s policies, especially in the field of foreign policy, ultimately in the hands of Executive-Putin. He has created what his advisers call a ‘controlled democracy’ that provide not only the likeness of popular democracy but also where the opposition parties are neutral and the Russians have lost the ability to vote in direct elections. (Mollan)

Vladimir Putin’s impact in the face of foreign affairs is most evident in his actions in Ukraine and Syria. Finally, he became a game changer by filling the void left by the US, which called for the world to be no longer a regional power. Russia’s September 2015 military intervention in the name of the Assad regime has made him a central military figure in the Syrian war. America only works collaboratively and does not participate collaboratively. This gives Russia a free hand in the Syrian crisis and how it is constructed. Putin’s policy in Crimea marks the beginning of a multipolar country. Forbes appointed him as the 55th most powerful leader in the world and could serve as a perfect example of a leader who successfully influenced and shaped international politics.

There is a criticism of Donald Trump and the idea which is called as Trump-ism for drawing ideas from critical management / organizational disciplines and related sectors such as business history and leadership studies. It is impossible to understand the American political situation of the day without thinking deeply about Trump’s business career, his leadership style, how he is marketed in American society and how his business style informs the successive political agenda his executives follow. We want to show how American politics is shaped by Trump’s approach to business and leadership on the issue of American descent combined with a public debate urging voters who feel left behind – even if the truth is, in some cases, rather different. In all of Trump’s political projects there is resonance, as well as the emphasis on discourse, on decay and decay, the imminent problem, and the zero-sum (or negative-sum) understanding of economic and social problems. Preservation ideas so far alongside major U.S. copyright law have been approved – in large part by Trump’s ‘business’ celebrities. They are used to justify Trump’s brutal and selfish business and political approach (zero / negative-sum, good credit fraud, risk exchange and refusal to allow defeat), and as a great motivator and in many cases hamper political change. The elements of Trump’s business ownership that are not thought to deter voters are the very features that entice them. Wrapped up with the phrase ‘Making America Great Again’, Trump promises ethno-nationalist economic transformation (Edwards, 2009) to those who feel in a state of decline. We argued that the root of President Trump’s appeal as a candidate for the 2016 presidential election (and his continued support within his political base) were his applications for business intelligence, his position as an outsider, his ability to disrupt established institutions and his contemporary American analysis. Most important here is that Trump provides and represents the broader view that America is unorganized and mismanaged and that the solution or solution is Trump’s business leadership in the office.

Putin ordered the formation of a State Council working group to combat the spread of coronavirus. Putin has appointed Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin as party head. On March 22, 2020, after a phone call with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Putin arranged for the Russian army to send military doctors, special antiseptics, and other medical equipment to Italy, the European country most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. On March 24, 2020, Putin visited a hospital in Kommunarka, Moscow, where patients with coronavirus were treated, where he spoke with doctors and doctors. [206] Vladimir Putin began working remotely in his office in Novo-Ogaryovo. According to Dmitry Peskov, Putin passes daily coronavirus tests, and his health is not in danger. On March 25, President Putin announced in a televised address to the nation that the April 22 constitutional referendum would be suspended due to coronavirus. He added that next week would be a nationally paid holiday and urged Russians to stay home. Putin also announced a list of social protection measures, support for small and medium enterprises, and changes in monetary policy. [212] Putin has announced the following measures for small, medium and micro enterprises: postponing tax payments (excluding Russian value added tax) over the next six months, halving the size of social security contributions, postponing social security contributions, postponing loan payments for the next six months, suspension six months of fines, debt collection, and creditors’ applications for liquidation. In addition, a new income tax from major deposits will be introduced in 2021, and industrial taxes will be increased. On 2 April, Putin re-issued an address in which he announced the extension of the unemployment term until April 30. Putin likened the Russian war to COVID-19 to the Russian wars that plagued Pecheneg and Cuman security in the 10th and 11th centuries. In Levada’s 24 to 27 April vote, 48% of Russian respondents said they did not agree with Putin’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic, and his separation from resilience and lack of leadership during a crisis was widely cited as a sign of the loss of powerful image.

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