Immigration Issue in Texas: Essay

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The way in which the population of Texas is changing is by increasing and is likely to become a predominantly Hispanic state, as it once was. This is because Anglo-Texans became few in number in the 21st century, and the 'Baby Boom', depicted mostly by Caucasians, is nearing its end. The Hispanic population is younger and commonly known to have vast families. Younger and commonly known to have a vast number of family members, which plays a large part in why Texas has more Hispanics than any other state in the U.S.

Possible political implications of the changing population in Texas could include a policy for direct family support planning, liberating abortion restrictions, and having an openness for immigration. Implementing direct family policies will enable proper care for immigrants. Liberating abortion policies may help to control rapid population growth, but will likely have a negative view from the public.

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Dan Patrick, the Houston state senator, views undocumented immigration (illegal immigration) as an 'invasion' and says immigrants usurer in 'Third-World diseases'. And though this may be true, I don’t necessarily agree with him. He uses this point as a reason to send them back to their place of origin. When in all actuality, the U.S. has the equipment and expertise to execute a cure for these diseases, the immigrants would be more than willing to do any amount of work to pay for the money to take on the task. On another note, Julian Castro sees illegal immigration as a problem that needs to be taken care of in a way that will offer opportunities and hospitality for undocumented immigrants.

But there are also benefits. Immigrants that can contribute to those of higher authority in the legal system bring an increase in revenue and job opportunities worldwide, which, according to researchers, would come out to be both $832 billion in revenue for the economy and pay $109 billion in taxes over the course of a decade. Additionally, immigrants that qualify for legal status would add roughly 121 thousand more jobs yearly. The results and estimations of the economic impact immigrants that meet the criteria for legal status are mine when compared to the impact the undocumented immigrants would have on the economy. Within a decade, the U.S. GDP would have an exponential increase of $1.4 trillion, $184 billion in taxes, and add an additional 203 thousand jobs year-round. One of the predominant drawbacks of illegal immigration is that immigrants take jobs by doing them for less pay compared to the typical employee. This is good for businesses, having hard workers who are willing to be paid less but works against those more qualified for a job. This is one of the president’s cases and points for the deportation of immigrants.

I believe that a compromise on immigration is possible. That the options for immigration are not limited just to deportation and amnesty. With thorough thought and consideration of the courses of action that can be taken to remedy immigration, another option will be up for debate. Considering Texas is the common ground in which most immigrants go, Texas should have a significant role in the immigration policy. Votes and what has to be said about immigration from Texas should be taken into more consideration as opposed to any other state in Texas.

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