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My Perspective on Moral Relativism: Reflective Essay

‘Conscience Hath a Thousand Several Tongues’ ‘Morality – like velocity – is relative. The determination of it depends on what the objects around you are doing. All one can do is measure one’s position in relation to them; never can one measure one’s velocity or morality in terms of absolutes.’ This quotation by novelist David Gerrold highlights the inherent nature of morality as being relative. Moral relativism – the notion that morality persists with respect to cultural circumstances, societal paradigms...
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Importance of Development of a Moral Compass in Children: Analytical Essay

A moral compass is the ability to judge between wrong and right. Young children’s behaviours are often directed by adults through learning by consequences or observing others. This aids their ability to understand what is good and bad behaviour in a social context. However, how much of their ability to judge whether actions are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is due to their environment, or is this an innate ability? In this essay I will explore the idea of morality to see...
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Analytical Overview of Moral Philosophy and Moral Judgements

Does wickedness or amoralism (or both) pose an insurmountable challenge to internalism? In the study of moral philosophy, or rather, the metaethical study thereof, exist conflicting ideas regarding the motivation and drive towards morality. This debate can be split into the camps of internalism and externalism. The former, internalism, is more commonly accepted than its counterpart, being a foundational a priori assumption for several modes of ethical thought, but externalism is not without its own compelling counterarguments. One such possible...
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Essay about Moral Values

Nietzsche claims that “The sight of man now makes us weary”, and “We are weary of man.” He points out that in modern modes of life and social convention, moral values are “hostile to humans and their lives.” In this paper, I am going to argue that I agree with Nietzsche’s argument and his conclusion about modern modes of individual and social life, moral values, and norms. It is a justified argument, and the reason why he gets this conclusion...
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Ayn Rand's Moral Model of Objectivism in Approaching Students

Ayn Rand stated in her essay ‘Causality versus Duty’: “God said: Take what you want, and pay for it”. As a student of IE, we are all aspiring a professional career, life-enhancing moments, relationships, and happiness in general. In my opinion, Rand’s moral model of objectivism is a necessary approach for our pursuit as a student. She explained in her essay that ‘God’ is actually the reality and “Take what you want” the values we have chosen. All the goals...
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The Comparative Analysis of Moral Objectivism and Moral Relativism

Morality is the yardstick with which we judge our actions to be right or wrong. It is also the code of values to guide man’s choices and actions (Rand, 1957). There are two main views to morality; objective morality and subjective morality (Novella, 2013). Objective morality holds the belief that there are universal set laws that determine the rightness and wrongness of an action or choice while subjective morality believes that there are no set laws and that judgement of...
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Different Philosophical Views on Morality and Moral Values

Immanuel Kant has been one of the more famous and influential philosophers from the last few centuries. He has influenced the minds of other philosophers from the past or present with his ideas in philosophy. His major contributions in philosophy have been to the topics of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics to name just a few. He has been one of the most famous philosophers to debate and let his beliefs of morality be known. One of his main beliefs...
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Suicide: A Cry For Moral, Legal Or Medical Help?

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. The risk factors are numerous and the signs associated and reasons varies. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) every year there are close to 800 000 deaths by suicide which makes suicide the 10th leading cause of death in the world. As stated suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death regardless of the method that is used, however when an act is done to intentionally take...
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The Nature of Moral Judgements

In a world that is full of confusion and contradiction, it becomes a must for each individual to define the underpinnings of his/her own adopted worldview. One significant dimension of such adoption is the nature of morality and ethics, that is to say, what one is ought to do and what is not. This question of right and wrong has occupied great minds and intellects through history. Thus, an entire literature has been produced, and still being produced today, regarding...
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The Aspects of Internalist and an Externalist about Moral Motivation

Throughout philosophy, there is an ongoing debate concerning how our moral judgements effect our moral motivation. In this essay I will examine two different explanations of how our moral judgements are linked to motivation; internalism and externalism, whilst arguing and concluding the latter. I will begin by outlining the Ed Gein case and using it as the framework to identify the two theories. Throughout this essay, I will argue in favour of externalists, including criticisms mainly from Michael Smith- a...
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Moral Status of Abortion

The moral status of abortion is a highly controversial topic that has sparked complicated debates among citizens, governments, medical practitioners, and feminist groups alike. There are major contrasting views in regard to this extremely contentious issue. Some people oppose abortion because they believe fetuses always have a right to live. Some believe abortion is morally permissible in certain situations in particular, such as when carrying the fetus to term poses a significant threat to the woman’s health. Others believe it...
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Disney’s Moral Codes

When most people hear that a story involves a princess they assume right away it is just going to be about some pretentious girl who is in trouble and cannot save herself. People believe you should not look up to Disney princesses because they are not healthy role models and teach kids that they need some prince to come along and save them. However I beg to differ. I believe that Disney princesses are the best role models out there...
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The Moral Argument of Requested Euthanasia

Abstract The ongoing discussion of euthanasia has its supporters and foes. It is already somewhat legal in few places in the world, but still strictly monitored and followed where it is available. Advocates fight for the cause stating that assisted-suicide provides an peaceful end to lives hindered by old age, terminal illness, and empty meaning of life. Those against euthanasia suggest that it is unethical to assist in any type of suicide and that human life should be lived to...
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Support for the Theory of Moral Perception

Morality has and continues to play an enormous role in shaping societies. What a civilization agrees upon as right or wrong plays a clear influence in how people interact with world, be it because of their moral attitudes, social judgements or even laws. But how exactly are moral violations or just acts experienced? There is a great deal of debate in the perceptual philosophy literature on the existence of moral perception. Can moral properties be experienced at the level of...
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The Meaning of Moral Responsibility

What morality means is how we attempt to define what is wrong or right of our actions and thoughts. It also indicates what is good or bad of being who we are. There are multiple types of morality. There are moral standards, with regard to behavior. Moral identity, someone who is capable of right or wrong. The final one is moral responsibility, referring to our conscience. We ensure morality in society for fair play and helps individuals to be good...
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Is it Moral to Eat Meat?

Today the World is divided into two groups: those who eat meat and those who do not eat animal meat. There are many reasons why people become vegetarians but the main ones why people quit using animal meat as a food are some ethical, budget, environmental and health reasons. However, from the ancient times since people had no idea about vegetables, they had to hunt to animals and eat animal meat in order to survive. Therefore, people are genetically used...
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Legal, Ethical and Moral Responsibilities of Companies

Abstract No matter what an individual does in life, from the time they are born there are certain standards that become instilled in them. From the toddler years where parents are teaching them right from wrong, proceeding to the school years and on to adult life where they are become introduced to new rules, regulations and standards in which they are expected to be upheld to. This is something that is happening from the time a child is not able...
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Are Religious People Moral?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word moral as “A lesson that can be derived from a story or experience, or Standards of behaviour; principles of right and wrong” (Oxford University Press [online] 2019). When this is mixed with religion does having faith really determine if you have more morals that someone who doesn’t? A practising Christian would argue that the moral code as defined by the Christian Bible teaches them the difference between what is morally right and wrong. Whereas...
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The Aspects of Moral Education

Character education is an umbrella term loosely used to describe the teaching of children in a manner that will help them develop variously as moral, civic, good, mannered, behaved, non-bullying, healthy, critical, successful, traditional, compliant or socially acceptable beings. Character and Ethical quality The character and ethical quality educational modules is based on building up every understudy as legitimate, tolerant, flexible and continuing on people, who ponder inwards and fabricate an individual feeling of profound quality dependent on close to...
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Why to be Moral?

A society is supposed to be in harmony. Individuals within a community are expected to behave in accordance to what would be beneficial to majority of the populace. In order to achieve such harmony, individuals need to have a sense of morality. As described by Ayn Rand, morality is having the judgment to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. A variety of factors can influence our motives and actions. Some of these are religion, science, societal demands...
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Do Wealthy People Have Moral Obligation to Help the Poor?

By reading the newspapers and following the news in media, we see that the issue of wealth and poverty is ubiquitous. The divide between poor and rich is getting wider in the whole world. Tak-ing account of the social and economic situation, the climate issue and different political factors of countries, which severely restraint their development, one can see that poverty is rising. The world needs an action plan to fight poverty and to ensure the survival of millions of...
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Hindu Moral Teachings VS Aboriginal Moral Teachings

Hindus believe that while our mortal body is impermanent, our souls are eternal and after death, we are reborn again and again. This endless cycle of death, birth and rebirth is known as samsara. The ultimate goal of a Hindu is achieving moksha, which is to liberate their eternal souls from samsara by fulfilling their dharma and accumulating good karma. Aboriginals, on the other hand, believe themselves to be interconnected with their community and the nature around them. Thus, every...
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Moral VS Legal Dimensions of Business Ethics

Does a moral responsibility without a legal obligation, bind a business to an appropriate response? Business modelling seems to approach moral responsibilities from a perspective of managing their public image rather than dutiful obligation to respond to community interests. In particular, morality becomes an important part of business when business product and business conduct are directly responsible for social problems. Purdue Pharma L.P. (Purdue from this point), a private drug manufacturer in the United States, faces a legal and moral...
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Several Moral Issues that are Faced by Teenager Nowadays

The definition of drug and alcohol is the most of drugs and alcohols are very useful. Unhappily, the drugs and alcohols as a result of aging population is an increasingly serious problem and also teenagers tend to try the drug and alcohol abuse. For example, after the observation close friends they may want to try drinking or smoking and they will think alcohol and drug consumption make them calm and maintain a popular with friends. This situation parents and teachers...
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Ethics And Moral Principles

When the case was happening, it was not much of a dilemma rather personal responsibility. However, conventionally the ethical dilemma surrounds the judgment of consensus of the parents, doctors, and lawyers (Darr, 2011). The baby’s parents did not exercise independence on their willingness to raise or not to raise a child with a disability. The ethical dilemma was in the determination of parents raising a child with some mental disorder. In a utilitarian perspective, the baby was too young to...
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The Moral and Political Falling of Society in The Giver

The Giver by Lois Lowry depicts a society in which everything is regulated, including marriage and careers. The society has no freedom and choice resulting in a dystopian world where epidemics like hunger and poverty are eliminated, and freedom of expression is restrained. The people of this society mostly believe in this dystopian ideology and accept their livelihood. However, from a political science standpoint, this society has moral and political failings. The novel’s community does not care for anyone else...
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Mary Anne Warren: On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion

Warren believes that abortion is morally right because a fetus does not meet the criteria for personhood. I intend to oppose Warren’s liberal position that contains illogical and fallacious statements that splinter her argument, down to the postscript she tacked on many years later. (Work on this) Warren starts off her introduction with a barrage of questions on how everyone should define the moral community, who should have total moral rights to life, and whether a fetus fits into these...
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What is the Difference Between Natural Liberty and Moral Liberty?

Liberty is a multi-faceted concept, which has many definitions offered by lots of philosophers, each of them adopting a unique approach and thus providing a peculiar interpretation of liberty. The Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who left a significant legacy, influencing the minds of future generations and providing his own answers to the enmeshed questions of all times, also discussed the types of liberties in his treatises, describing natural liberty and moral liberty. In his “Discourse on Inequality” Jean-Jacques Rousseau depicted...
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Confucian Moral Theory, Five Constant Virtues, and Concept of Ren

Introduction Confucianism is a term that emanates from the Chinese culture that nurtured towards maintaining certain aspects of traditions. Confucianism presents a philosophy that creates its bases on kindness and mutual respect towards other people. The development of the philosophy aimed to create society’s stability and peace where people could coexist with good actions towards each other’s that included right and desirable morals. Those who reasoned in different aspects that contributed to the Confucian theory became well known as Confucian....
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The Moral Justification for Mandatory Immunization

The issue of individual rights versus social responsibilities as a citizen has long been a hotly contested issue in American philosophical and political life. The average American citizen is brought up in an environment imbued with Libertarian and Kantian notions of natural born individual rights. These natural rights often come into harsh contact with what others say are the burdens that all citizens must share as members of a just society. In modern times, this “tug-of-war” over where we draw...
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