The Meaning of Moral Responsibility

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What morality means is how we attempt to define what is wrong or right of our actions and thoughts. It also indicates what is good or bad of being who we are. There are multiple types of morality. There are moral standards, with regard to behavior. Moral identity, someone who is capable of right or wrong. The final one is moral responsibility, referring to our conscience. We ensure morality in society for fair play and helps individuals to be good for society to be good. Morality has to do with death and cause. Death in mortality is indicating the number of people died in a certain area. The cause of mortality indicates what was the reason for the impact. Mortality effects are daily decisions.

George action of killing Lennie was morally wrong. Lennie does not realize what he is capable of doing and for that, he is being dangerous to others and himself, but George killing Lennie was not acceptable because murder is still murder, and it benefits consequences. There were multiple solutions George could have saved Lennie. If George had not killed Lennie, he could of help Lennie control his strength. George should not have given up on his dream about owning land, because he was capable of achieving his goal with Lennie. If Lennie was still to live George should have taken him to authorities to plead his case and perhaps the Judge would understand the situations since Lennie has a mental disability and he would be put into a mental facility. Overall Lennie did not attentional killed anyone and George should have recognized how it was.

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A person from history that went against popular thinking and actions was Martin Luther King Jr. King wanted African Americans to have equality since society was against the idea of equality. The vision king had for the world was having the same rights and privileges no matter what you are. Today in the present, king influenced a plethora of people to speak out what is right or wrong. King ideas inspired many movements that were successful and revolutionary that did not need any violence. He influenced individuals to be in peace with others without caring for anyone ethnicity. The impact did not just affect adults it also affected children that want to be respected as any other human. Martin going against popular thinking and actions was an amazing impact on society today.

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