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Why to be Moral?

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A society is supposed to be in harmony. Individuals within a community are expected to behave in accordance to what would be beneficial to majority of the populace. In order to achieve such harmony, individuals need to have a sense of morality.

As described by Ayn Rand, morality is having the judgment to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. A variety of factors can influence our motives and actions. Some of these are religion, science, societal demands and other established institutions. Pondering upon the fact that every one of us has a unique identification, our judgment may differ. My religious beliefs are not the same as to others. My cultural practices may even be offensive to some. There are those rooted to the belief of God as an almighty being and there are also those who do not worship any god at all.

These facts reiterate the concept of individuality. However, despite of variations in our personal perspectives, there are still universal principles that govern us no matter where we are in the world. One great example would be the right to life. This right is innate and is entitled to every person on earth. We need to follow certain universal standards to be able to coordinate with others and do things for the common good.

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Being moral is a representation of self-respect. When we do good to others, we also do good to ourselves. Hume stated that moral concerns were about questioning which motives are righteous and the answers will come from other human beings. It is necessary for a human to be a social individual. We interact with others on different platforms therefore we need to understand how our relationship with other people matters. For me, it somewhat a social responsibility. The first universal law states that we are one. We are connected to everything and everyone. What we decide to do on a particular situation will have its ripple effect. Basing from the 5th universal law that one’s action will correspond to a certain reaction, the actions we make will definitely affect us and the society we belong to.

Imagine a world where no one seems to care about whether an action is right or wrong or good or bad. Restrictions will not be available in place. Murder will not be considered as a crime. People will not care about speed limitations and road courtesy. Theft will be rampantly evident. We can do whatever we want. No one is going to stop us. Do you think these things will have a positive effect on the future of every individual in that kind of society? No. We are given the capacity to think critically so that we will assess our situations and provide the appropriate actions. Being blindsided by a disguised freedom will only hinder us from further growth and development; not only individually but also as a whole.

Morality is not just about the individual concepts of religion, science, societal demands, or other established institutions; it’s a melting pot of all those concepts. Doing what is right and good reflects how we are concerned about humanity.

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