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Analytical Essay on Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practices

Study Case The reason for why an award show was selected as a case study in this paper, is because liveness is very much the central concept in a show like this. The elements that float around in the bubble of the concept of liveness, are all things that can be applied to a media event like this. An award show is a combination of a broadcast that shows pre-recorded and live performances, but also verbalized interactional moments such as...
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Principles Of Social Justice By David Miller And John Rawls In The UK

Introduction In general, Social justice is defined as the reasonable and just distribution of, resources, power and responsibilities in society to all people, irrespective of ethnicity or race, age, ability status, gender, and religious context (Van den Bos, 2003). When talking about youth social justice is very important. According to research social justice in the young population effects are damaging. Family dysfunction and Poverty serve as risk factors for a number of hindrances in youth, comprising emotional, mental and behavioral...
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Main Principles in Professional Issues of Accountability: Analytical Essay

Introduction This assignment, it will discuss what accountability is, why it is important within adult nursing, looking into capacity in an analytical aspect, whilst maintaining confidentiality within the assignment. Enabling the reader to get a better understanding of capacity whilst looking at it through legal, ethical, and professional accountability. Capacity is both decision and time specific. We cannot decide what is in a person’s best interests just because of their age, their looks, or how they behave. Capacity according to...
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Ethical Behaviour Involves Respecting Moral Principles

Ethical behaviour involves respecting moral principles such as honesty, fairness and integrity. Ethical behaviour tends to be good for business, whilst unethical behaviour has long lasting damaging effects on a company’s reputation. Employee behaviour and organisational climates are coming under increased scrutiny in the financial industry. McCormick and Kinder reported that the accounting regulator levied £43 million of fines on large accounting firms in the year 2018. It is therefore evident that ethical behaviour is a major managerial challenge facing...
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The Relation Between Discrimination And The Four Humanistic Principles

Introduction Discrimination is based on person prejudiced treatment or making a distinction towards. In the 1840s, the common discriminations are racial discrimination and sexism. Racial discrimination is any discrimination, for each person based on their racial, skin color and ethnic origin. Sexism is risen from social or cultural customs and norms. It is based on a person’s sex or gender prejudice or discrimination. And Sexism primarily affects women and girls. Nowadays, Hong Kong government in order to stop the discriminations,...
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Applying Ethical Principles Of Vaccination

In recent year the controversary surrounding vaccines have risen to the limelight, but the history surrounding this ordeal is much longer than that. Ever since the first vaccination in 1798, the impacts of vaccines have ranged from the suppression of polio to smallpox worldwide in the use to reshape the landscape of human health and medicine (Martin, 2015). In fact, vaccines have been so prominent that scientists consider them among the greatest accomplishments in the public health world. Despite the...
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The Principles of Catholic Social Thought

The consistent ethic of life provides a moral framework for principled Catholic engagement in political life and, rightly understood, neither treats all issues morally equivalent nor reduces Catholic teaching to one or two issues. It anchors the Catholic commitment to defend human life, from conception until natural death, in the fundamental moral obligation to respect the dignity of every person as a child of God. It unities us as a ‘people of life and for life’ pledged to build what...
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Application of Ethical Principles in Research: Analytical Essay

Comparing and analyzing qualitative and quantitative approaches to research with consideration of ethical issues associated with research Research can be described as a quest for new knowledge and the exploration of the unknown. A systematic process in which data is collected and analyzed in order to draw conclusions and generate new concepts (Walliman, 2011). Research within the field of nutrition is crucial and conducted daily, as nutrition is constantly changing is it vital to obtain and utilize current and up-to-date...
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Variations of Principles amongst the Philosophers Themselves: Analytical Essay

Much as philosophy and ethical beliefs differ as we ask different people, so too can we find variations amongst the philosophers themselves. This applies to ethical dilemmas and quandaries, as well. As we consider the Philippa Foot thought experiment, both Mill and Kant’s beliefs can be applied in order to glean a better understanding of the relevant morals. Utilitarianism advocates a focus not solely on individual happiness but also the consideration of all happiness, of net happiness in any outcome....
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Conflicts of Ethical Principles

Conflicts of ethical principles within the field of psychology opens opportunities for ethical dilemmas. According to the Australian Psychology Society, psychologist are guided by ethical principles that promote professional conduct by adhering to a set of specific values. When ethical principles clash or override one another, Duncan, Hall and Knowles (2015) describes, “a push–pull relationship … increasing the complexity associated with the decision-making process”. Swancy (2019) discusses the dilemmas highlighted and the impacts this has on a psychologist and patient....
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Ethics is a System of Moral Principles

In general, ethics is a system of moral principles. They affect the way people make decisions and lead their lives. Every year, as shown by the figure, fraud of corporate costs billions of dollars, which resulted in the collapse of the companies in Italy, the US and Australia. According to Dr. Rushworth Kidder, this can be stopped if code of ethics is followed by all the companies. The ethical position or obligations of Rob can be described with the following...
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Development of US Constitution through Judicial Interpretation: Comparative Analysis of Principles

Abstract This document covers the duties of an agent in a contract of agency under both Contract Act 1872 and Islamic law of contract. Limitations on authority and responsibilities of an agent in agency contract are also mentioned that are somehow similar with minor changes in terms used. Moreover, comparative analysis of principles related to agency contracts is done. Relevant case laws are mentioned in brief form to support the main points. Lastly, recommendations are given in light of Islamic...
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An Integrated Critique on Moral Principles and Corporate Social Responsibility

Moral principle is a significant idea in human life. It is a core value of what is good and bad. Without morals, life can be so testing since everybody should act how they need without pondering the interests and government assistance of others. Our activities and actions influence ourselves as well as the people we encountered. Huge numbers of our professional choices include morals. Once we lie, we can lose somebody’s trust and subvert our honesty. On the off chance...
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Role of Moral Principles and Legal Principles: Analytical Essay

There are a number of issues about the relationship between morality and law in a (pluralistic, secular) democracy like the United States. Among them are whether legislation should reflect moral principles, whether judges should interpret laws in light of moral values and principles, whether laws should enforce morality, whether laws are binding if they do not reflect moral principles, and whether it is moral or not to disobey bad laws, and what gives law its authority. Sometimes morality is confused...
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Moral Principles in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Analytical Overview

Maslow laid out. As someone who was trying to inspire people towards revolution, Karl Marx fought against the fact that religion made people more content with less basic needs. To him, humans who believed in religion acted ‘backward’. In fact, a preliminary evaluation of Maslow’s Hierarchy as applied to religion would lead the average observer to also think that religious people acted backward when compared to Maslow’s theory. It is only by doing the mental gymnastics in the previous paragraph...
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